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D. Joe 695bbe2785 Add Foswiki fork from Twiki ca. 2008 1 year ago
D. Joe a087ee4864 Add Icinga's fork from Nagios 1 year ago
D. Joe 0f85ae8b02 Typo correction 1 year ago
D. Joe 0fe28adb8a Add archive.org link for original version of pull quote, and indicate it was from an earlier version. Remove the link to some old commit not sure why that was in there. 1 year ago
D. Joe 05c4ff8c32 Minetest fork of Irrlicht to Irrlicht-MT 1 year ago
D. Joe a9bf33a0f3 Replace duplicate reference to the rockylinux wikipedia article with reference to direct project link 1 year ago
D. Joe 54e63a0033 Rocky Linux continues with CentOS original mission 2 years ago
D. Joe 224ed91822 OFTC forms out of dissatisfaction with OPN 2 years ago
D. Joe 2a0861fd93 Libera formed after a Freenode management change 2 years ago
D. Joe 141a188794 Woodpecker CI forked from Drone circa 2018 2 years ago
D. Joe 447c26d8cd Xapian forked from Open Muscat circa 2001 2 years ago
D. Joe c96ba6531d Add the EGCS fork and succession of gcc 2 years ago
D. Joe ac727561ff Add Debian to Ubuntu 2 years ago
D. Joe 2698d2dfd9 Add quickly DragonFly BSD origins in FreeBSD 3 years ago
D. Joe 460ec4c905 Add quickly NetBSD origins in 386BSD 3 years ago
D. Joe 1398d2d8a8 Add quickly OpenBSD origins in NetBSD 3 years ago
D. Joe 005243fb4c Quick add radare2 to rizin 3 years ago
D. Joe f1749c0e86 Note some of the relationships amongst HedgeDoc, CodiMD, and HackMD
I have had enough trouble remembering the *CodiMD* name and might have lost thre thread on this entirely.
3 years ago
D. Joe af29fd2ad3 io.js forks from node.js and then merges in again under foundational managment 3 years ago
D. Joe 1cc68019df Merge remote-tracking branch 'morus-home/main' 3 years ago
D. Joe 5e57e3b925 Attic backup to borg backup 3 years ago
D. Joe f2545ed204 Add htop-dev from htop 3 years ago
D. Joe bb2599dfe9 Three utility packages were combined to form coreutils 3 years ago
D. Joe a952546112 Add jellyfin fork from emby 3 years ago
D. Joe 57d15011c3 Add Amara subtitling program's fork to proprietary license 3 years ago
D. Joe d60b16b1d3 Note the Airtime to LibreTime fork 3 years ago
D. Joe 097607fa08 Creation of the Glimpse Image Editor fork 3 years ago
D. Joe 5ea5664bf0 open source developer labs (osdl) an free standards group (fsg) merge to form linux foundation 4 years ago
D. Joe 6392d53182 js foundation and node.js foundation merge to form openjs foundation 4 years ago
D. Joe 020c7f7e30 Inkscape from Sodipodi
h/t to Gary Grady for his 2019 Ohio Linux Fest talk:

4 years ago
D. Joe 297e1c4898 Add the xmbc -> kodi renaming 4 years ago
D. Joe 6a70188531 LizardFS forked from MooseFS in 2013.
Use Markdown's reference-style links this time:


4 years ago
D. Joe ed1a2ea51a Add Oracle Linux as an ongoing fork of RHEL 4 years ago
D. Joe e88bde0aad Replaced the second dead link with a current version, can't find a counterpart to the first dead link so just striking that out. 4 years ago
D. Joe 7dfb5e682f Update license year 4 years ago
D. Joe 355a76818d Adding links to vmb's fork/clone clarifcation, and to our incredible journey to disambiguate type of merges considered 4 years ago
Joe 84d27b32e1 * Allow commercial use, remove NC license restriction. 5 years ago
Joe 56730586a3 * Underscores to delimit hyphen/dash-containing project names.
* Oops. I'm sure I always meant to do CC-BY-SA and not to include NC restrictions
5 years ago
Joe b82d513008 * xcp-ng added, h/t to CTM 5 years ago
Joe a0bc714288 * font-awesome to fork-awesome
* inspired by my noticing fossr.it has fa- icons
5 years ago
Joe 599695a668 Backdrop CMS is a fork of Drupal 5 years ago
Joe cb007afbda * LibreELEC from OpenELEC cf Kodi MythTV et al 5 years ago
Joe 558ca3a0e3 * found this one looking at various SSO packages 5 years ago
Joe be9f763e14 stub with some links for sugar vs suite crm fork 6 years ago
Joe 012bfb823b Some Go git hosting, Gogs forks
* new file:   gogs-gitea.md
  * new file:   gogs-notabug.md
6 years ago
Joe 0b0d513246 openwrt and lede via The Reg 6 years ago
Joe 13b2b625f7 .com not .org, oops 6 years ago
Joe 3438c7b6d9 SPDX link 6 years ago
Joe cfb74d9c81 licensing and contributing, some guidance 6 years ago
Joe 4427630bb5 getting this curl-gnurl thing in there while it's fresh to me 6 years ago