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Quang Thang dde3cc5bfd Thay đổi đường dẫn Github 2020-12-30 21:50:56 +07:00
Quang Thang ea57c7a788 Hỗ trợ Katex, dịch một số thuật ngữ và một số cái khác :v 2020-12-30 16:38:01 +07:00
Quang Thang cc6f6ce909 Merge branch 'master' of 2020-12-16 13:30:26 +07:00
Quang Thang d74b8edda1 Some small changes and translated some text into Vietnamese 2020-12-16 13:30:11 +07:00
Quang Thắng 7b121af72e
Update _config.yml 2020-12-15 20:29:18 +07:00
Quang Thang 20213e4da7 Initial Draft 2020-12-14 12:38:40 +07:00
Patrick Marsceill 0513c1930a
Tweak search to make it less bulky 2020-09-14 13:33:29 -04:00
Patrick Marsceill 5cc5ae5edf
Merge pull request #418 from mrfleap/master
Add site.gh_edit_source to "Edit this page on GitHub" link
2020-09-11 17:00:29 -04:00
PLanCompS fea9ae2b07 Update _config.yml
url corrected
2020-09-11 19:41:55 +02:00
PLanCompS 02763e69d9 Merge branch 'master' into nav-sorting 2020-09-11 18:49:44 +02:00
PLanCompS d07589a9ee Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/v0.3.2' 2020-09-11 18:21:18 +02:00
Phillip Cutter cdfad69c5b Migrated from site.source to site.gh_edit_source 2020-08-25 18:08:31 -07:00
PLanCompS ca367e09d5 Added regression tests for navigation
See the change to `_config.yml` for how to activate the tests.
2020-08-13 16:52:30 +02:00
PLanCompS 4fc59a578f Separate sorting of numbers and strings for navigation order
The values of `title` and `nav_order` can be numbers or strings.
Jekyll gives build failures when sorting on mixtures of different types,
so numbers and strings need to be sorted separately.

Here, numbers are sorted by their values, and come before all strings.
An omitted `nav_order` value is equivalent to the page's `title` value
(except that a numerical `title` value is treated as a string).

The case-sensitivity of string sorting is determined by `site.nav_sort`.
2020-08-11 18:25:58 +02:00
PLanCompS 83ec553348 Ensure pages with nav_exclude are ignored by navigation
Pages with `nav_exclude: true` were included when sorting on `title` or `nav_order`. That could cause build failures when the type of value of the field differs from that on other pages, as reported in

Pages with `nav_exclude: true` or no `title` are never displayed in the navigation, so removing them from `pages_list` cannot break existing sites. This change also allows the removal of some tests in the code. (The indentation of the code should now be adjusted, but that has been deferred, to restrict the size of the diff for review.)

For testing, the title of `404.html` has been changed to the number `404`,  the page `docs/`  has been added, and `nav_sort_order` has been set to `case_sensitive`. Those updates give build failures with the current version of `_includes/nav.html`, but not after the suggested changes.

It will still be possible for build failures to occur due to sorting fields of *non-excluded* pages with differing types of values (e.g., `nav_order`a mixture of numbers and strings). To make the code completely safe will require relatively complicated changes,.
2020-08-10 15:58:42 +02:00
PLanCompS 2c4304c125 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 2020-07-27 14:11:42 +02:00
PLanCompS 61053f677b Major refactoring
The additions to `_config.yml` go together with the changes to `code.scss`,
to facilitate adjusttments by users. See `docs/linenos-test` for the details.
The CSS code has been significantly refactored and simplified,
and seems to produce sensible results (at least on Safari and Firefox).
2020-07-07 19:34:35 +02:00
Silvio Giebl 3f0b7254a2 Update _config.yml with default values 2020-06-25 23:19:24 +02:00
Silvio Giebl 1cf7d5aba9 Restored search.rake 2020-06-18 22:39:58 +02:00
Silvio Giebl 51f15965f2 Merge branch 'feature/search-sections' into improvement/navigation-new
# Conflicts:
#	_includes/nav.html
#	_layouts/default.html
#	assets/js/search-data.json
#	docs/
#	lib/tasks/search.rake
2020-06-15 22:06:16 +02:00
Patrick Marsceill f664d410d7
Add back to top link and format footer 2020-05-01 17:31:44 -04:00
Matt Wang 6d487845a4
Merge branch 'v0.2.9' into aux-links-new-tab 2020-04-27 13:00:42 -07:00
Patrick Marsceill 70c36d8aad
Update _config.yml 2020-04-27 13:14:42 -04:00
Patrick Marsceill 6066d22c82
Update _config.yml 2020-04-27 12:52:07 -04:00
Patrick Marsceill 176ffc8e60
Update _config.yml 2020-04-27 12:51:48 -04:00
Patrick Marsceill fad434bc74
Merge branch 'v0.2.9' into default-nav-order 2020-04-27 11:05:46 -04:00
PLanCompS c46ccd3484 Made case-insenstive sorting the default
Added a configuration option to determine whether the sort order is case-sensitive.
The default is case-insensitive.

To test:
- open `/just-the-docs/docs/utilities/` in the browser,
  and check that the navigation links in `Utilities` are sorted alphabetically;
- in `docs/utilities/', change the preamble to `title: layout`,
  and check that the  links in `Utilities` are still sorted alphabetically;
- add `nav_sort: case_sensitive` in the configuration file,
  and check that the link to `layout` is now listed last under `Utilities`.
2020-04-25 14:53:45 +02:00
Patrick Marsceill 37fe8ca412
Update _config.yml 2020-04-24 15:52:19 -04:00
Patrick Marsceill 59d4802ce3
Merge branch 'improvement/custom-themes' of git:// into SgtSilvio-improvement/custom-themes 2020-04-24 15:39:44 -04:00
Patrick Marsceill 0716ea77d6
Merge pull request #250 from Labs64/pr-anonymize_ip
Enable IP anonymization in Google Analytics (GDPR)
2020-04-24 14:47:21 -04:00
R.Brown c06eae8fa3
Update _config.yml
Co-Authored-By: Patrick Marsceill <>
2020-04-24 19:44:42 +02:00
Patrick Marsceill 0507f77f4e
Update _config.yml 2020-04-23 22:43:27 -04:00
Patrick Marsceill 3b2a55fd10
Update _config.yml 2020-04-23 22:42:59 -04:00
Patrick Marsceill 5d3b88a1e1
Update _config.yml 2020-04-23 22:38:45 -04:00
Patrick Marsceill 17153f001f
Update _config.yml 2020-04-23 22:32:46 -04:00
Silvio Giebl f5e6573e16 Removed unnecessary rake command and files
Improved search documentation
2020-03-25 00:23:17 +01:00
Matthew Wang 9b86e292fa implements requested branch and edit mode configs 2020-01-12 13:47:05 -08:00
Silvio Giebl f1c306c814 Multi search match highlight
Added multiple previews, configurable by
Improved search-data.json
2020-01-02 11:55:38 +01:00
Silvio Giebl 82b3f15443 Added search.button configuration
Improved documentation for search configurations
2019-12-29 21:30:44 +01:00
Silvio Giebl 2ef0029068 Add documentation for search configurations 2019-12-29 21:08:15 +01:00
Silvio Giebl ff30552748 Moved config search_tokenizer_separator -> search.tokenizer_separator 2019-12-29 20:08:34 +01:00
Silvio Giebl 7f5b1f14f1 Search for sections (configurable via search.heading_level)
Added more search configurations
Display "no results found"
2019-12-29 19:19:00 +01:00
Silvio Giebl bb0e5222ca Merge branch 'master2' into improvement-custom-themes-merged 2019-11-26 23:27:33 +01:00
Peter Mosses 33d1e0f8d7 Update _config.yml
Trying to get the navigation to remain in the forked site
2019-11-16 15:23:29 +01:00
Matthew Wang 2c94928917 oops, adds edit_link_text to layout 2019-11-13 23:06:23 -08:00
Alexey Averikhin 25331a5ffa Enable IP anonymization in Google Analytics (GDPR)
- Introduced "ga_tracking_anonymize_ip" parameter to enable/disable Google Analytics IP anonymization (to comply with GDPR).

(cherry picked from commit ce530f36fa0549c78ffe53ea6077f44f6f0b330f) (+1 squashed commit)
Squashed commits:
[69b7718] - enable GA anonymize_ip

(cherry picked from commit f2b67c632af72b61dd634b9a337200781519691e)
2019-11-12 10:27:01 +01:00
Matthew Wang 5549a15df9 adds option to make aux links open in new tab 2019-10-01 22:22:34 -07:00
Matthew Wang e917ea1f10
Merge branch 'master' into master 2019-09-11 15:40:51 -07:00
Matthew Wang 97efc81fa9 implements configuration for footer data and "edit this page" functionality 2019-09-11 15:31:47 -07:00
Patrick Marsceill b44ebe6cb3
Merge branch 'v0.2.7-release' into mathjax 2019-09-09 16:30:59 -04:00