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@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ heading_anchors: true
# Aux links for the upper right navigation
- "//github.com/thangisme/wiki"
- "//github.com/thangisme/notes"
# Makes Aux links open in a new tab. Default is false
aux_links_new_tab: false
@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ last_edit_time_format: "%b %e %Y at %I:%M %p" # uses ruby's time format: https:/
# Footer "Edit this page on GitHub" link text
gh_edit_link: true # show or hide edit this page link
gh_edit_link_text: "Chỉnh sửa trên Github"
gh_edit_repository: "https://github.com/thangisme/wiki" # the github URL for your repo
gh_edit_repository: "https://github.com/thangisme/notes" # the github URL for your repo
gh_edit_branch: "master" # the branch that your docs is served from
# gh_edit_source: docs # the source that your files originate from
gh_edit_view_mode: "tree" # "tree" or "edit" if you want the user to jump into the editor immediately