This group of filters serves no utilitarian purpose but is nonetheless quite amusing and hence should be maintained for posterity.
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/* GNU Talkfilters
Copyright (C) 1998-2003 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of GNU Talkfilters
GNU Talkfilters is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at
your option) any later version.
This software is distributed in the hope that it will be amusing, but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this software; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the
Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
** jethro v. 1.00 06/10/93
** Duane Paulson <> "dap"
** Hillbilly text filter. Compile with lex, then C.
** syntax will be:
** jethro <input_file >output_file.
** Public domain. Use at your own risk. Y'all come back now, heah?
when ver who change
-------- ---- --- -----------------------------------------------------
06/10/93 1.00 dap Initial release.
8.May.94 1.10 beg Fixed for HP-UX
%option prefix="jethro_yy"
%option outfile="lex.yy.c"
%option noyywrap
%option nowarn
%e 7000
%k 5000
%p 9000
%n 2000
%a 9000
%o 7000
#include "common.h"
#include "talkfilters.h"
#define YY_DECL int yylex(gtf_databuf_t *buf)
WB [\n\t ]
WC [A-Za-z'0-9]
NW [^A-Za-z'0-9]
EOT \4
\<(\/)?[A-Za-z][^\>]*\> gtf_echo(); // don't damage HTML tags
[Gg]reetings/{NW} |
[Hh]i/{NW} |
[Hh]ello/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Howdy");
[Bb]ye/{NW} |
[Gg]oodbye/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Y'all come back now, heah?");
[Hh]ear/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Heah");
[Cc]ar/{NW} |
[Aa]uto/{NW} |
[Aa]utomobile/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Gasoline buggy");
[Rr]elax/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Set a spell -- put yore feet up");
[Ss]wimming{WB}pool/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Cement pond");
[Pp]ool{WB}table gtf_puts_case("Fancy eatin table"); BEGIN(INW);
[Pp]ool{WB}cue |
[Cc]ue{WB}stick gtf_puts_case("Fancy pot passer"); BEGIN(INW);
(r)?oil/{NW} |
[Bb]ake/{NW} |
[Ff]ry/{NW} |
[Ss]aute/{NW} |
[Cc]ook/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Whomp up");
[Bb][r]?oiling/{NW} |
[Bb]akeing/{NW} |
[Ff]rying/{NW} |
[Ss]auteing/{NW} |
[Cc]ooking/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Whompin up");
[Bb][r]?oiled/{NW} |
[Bb]aked/{NW} |
[Ff]ryed/{NW} |
[Ss]auted/{NW} |
[Cc]ooked/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Done whomped up");
[Bb][r]?oils/{NW} |
[Bb]akes/{NW} |
[Ff]rys/{NW} |
[Ss]autes/{NW} |
[Cc]ooks/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Whomps up");
[Gg]roceries/{NW} |
[Ff]ood/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Vittles");
[Ss]alad gtf_puts_case("Slaw"); BEGIN(INW);
[Vv]egetable gtf_puts_case("Green"); BEGIN(INW);
[Pp]otato/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Tater");
[Pp]otatoes/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Taters");
[Tt]omato/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Tuhmater");
[Tt]omatoes/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Tuhmaters");
[Rr]hubarb/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Pie plant");
[Ll]iquor/{NW} |
[Ww]hisk[e]?y/{NW} |
[Ss]cotch/{NW} |
[Bb]ourbon/{NW} |
[Gg]in/{NW} |
[Vv]odka/{NW} |
[Tt]equila/{NW} |
[Ll]iqueur/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Rheumatiz medcin");
[Bb]ooze/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Corn likker");
[Cc]ocktail/{NW} |
[Mm]ixed{WB}drink/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Waste of good likker");
[Bb]ar/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Dance hall");
[Bb]ars/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Dance halls");
[Ss]aloon |
[Cc]ocktail{WB}lounge gtf_puts_case("Dance hall"); BEGIN(INW);
[Ww]hore |
[Pp]rostitute |
[Ss]lut gtf_puts_case("Dance hall girl"); BEGIN(INW);
[Ss]ecret{WB}agent/{NW} |
[Ss]py/{NW} |
007/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Double nought spy");
[Zz]ero/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Nought");
[Pp]ants/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Trousers");
[Jj]eans/{NW} |
[Dd]ungarees/{NW} |
[Ll]evi[']?s/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Overhalls");
[Ss]hoe gtf_puts_case("High-button shoe"); BEGIN(INW);
[Jj]acket gtf_puts_case("Coat"); BEGIN(INW);
[Ss]hotgun gtf_puts_case("Fowlin piece"); BEGIN(INW);
[Rr]evolver |
[Gg]un gtf_puts_case("Shootin iron"); BEGIN(INW);
[Rr]ifle gtf_puts_case("Ozark longrifle"); BEGIN(INW);
[Ll]ibrar[yi] gtf_puts_case("Liberry"); BEGIN(INW);
[Ww]ash gtf_puts_case("Warsh"); BEGIN(INW);
[Ff]amily/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Fambly");
[Ff]ry(ing)?{WB}pan |
[Ss]aute{WB}pan gtf_puts_case("Skillet"); BEGIN(INW);
[Aa]nimal gtf_puts_case("Critter"); BEGIN(INW);
FBI/{NW} |
F.B.I./{NW} |
CIA/{NW} |
C.I.A./{NW} |
ATF/{NW} |
A.T.F./{NW} |
IRS/{NW} |
I.R.S./{NW} |
SS/{NW} |
S.S./{NW} |
[Ss]elective{WB}[Ss]ervice/{NW} |
[Ss]elective{WB}[Ss]ervice{WB}[Ss]ystem/{NW} |
[Ss]ecret{WB}[Ss]ervice/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Revanooers");
[Pp]olice/{NW} |
[Pp]oliceman/{NW} |
[Ss]heriff/{NW} |
[Dd]eputy/{NW} |
[Dd]eputy{WB}[Ss]heriff/{NW} |
[Mm]arshall/{NW} |
[Dd]eputy{WB}[Mm]arshall/{NW} |
[Pp]ark{WB}[Rr]anger/{NW} |
[Tt]exas{WB}[Rr]anger/{NW} |
[Hh]ighway{WB}[Pp]atrol/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Constable");
[Mm]other/{NW} |
[Mm][ao]mm[ay]?/{NW} |
[Mm]ommie/{NW} |
[Mm]a/{NW} |
[Mm]om/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Maw");
[Ff]ather/{NW} |
[Dd]ad/{NW} |
[Dd]addy/{NW} |
[Pp]a/{NW} |
[Pp][ao]p/{NW} |
[Pp][ao]pp[ay]?/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Paw");
[Gg]randmother/{NW} |
[Gg]randma[w]?/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Granny");
[Gg]randfather/{NW} |
[Gg]ran[d]{1,2}ad[d]?[y]?/{NW} |
[Gg]randpop/{NW} |
[Gg]randpa[w]?/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Grampy");
[Mm]y/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Mah");
them/{NW} gtf_puts_case("'em");
[Dd]og gtf_puts_case("Dawg"); BEGIN(INW);
[Ll]awyer |
[Ll]egal{WB}counc[ei]l |
[Ll]egal{WB}councellor |
[Aa]ttorney |
[Aa]ttorney{WB}[Aa]t{WB}[Ll]aw gtf_puts_case("City slicker"); BEGIN(INW);
[Tt]han/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Then");
[Cc]haracterize gtf_puts_case("Show"); BEGIN(INW);
[Vv]ery/{NW} |
[Ee]xtremely/{NW} |
[Rr]eally/{NW} |
[Rr]eal/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Right");
[Hh]aven't/{NW} |
[Ii]sn't/{NW} |
[Aa]ren't/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Aint");
[Ss]aid/{NW} |
[Ss]ays/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Sez");
[Aa]re/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Is");
[Ss]hould/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Ortta");
[Pp]erhaps/{NW} |
[Mm]aybe/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Mebbe");
[Ss]ick/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Ailin'");
I({WB}a|')m{WB}not/{NW} gtf_puts_case("I ain't");
[Ss]cared/{NW} gtf_puts_case("A-skeert");
[Ss]care gtf_puts_case("Skeer"); BEGIN(INW);
[Hh]ave/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Got");
[Pp]ossess/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Have");
[Hh]elp gtf_puts_case("Hep"); BEGIN(INW);
[Tt]ired/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Tuckered out");
[Cc]ompletely/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Plumb");
[Dd]runk/{NW} gtf_puts_case("A mite woozy");
[Yy]es/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Yep");
[Nn]o/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Nope");
[Ii]t{WB}is/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Tis");
[Aa]t{WB}all/{NW} gtf_puts_case("A tall");
[Aa]m/{NW} |
[Aa]re/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Is");
[Ww]as/{NW} |
[Ww]ere/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Wuz");
[Ww]asn't/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Wasunt");
[Ee]very gtf_puts_case("Ever"); BEGIN(INW);
[Ww]ants/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Is after");
[Ww]anted/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Was after");
[Ww]anting/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Hankering after");
[Dd]oesn't/{NW} |
[Dd]on't/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Dasent");
[Yy]ou'll/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Y'all will");
[Yy]our gtf_puts_case("Yore");
[Mm]ore/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Mo");
[Cc]an/{NW} gtf_puts_case("C'n");
[Yy]ou/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Y'all");
[Ff]or/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Fer");
[Tt]he/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Duh");
[Tt]oo/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Besides");
[Tt]o/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Tuh");
[Aa](n)?/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Ah");
[Aa]re/{NW} |
[Oo]ur/{NW} |
[Oo]r/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Ore");
[Oo]f/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Uv");
I/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Ah");
I'm/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Ahm");
I'll/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Ahl");
I'd/{NW} gtf_puts_case("Ah wood");
[Oo]wn/{NW} |
[Tt]own/{NW} |
[Dd]own/{NW} |
[Gg]own/{NW} |
[Bb]rown/{NW} |
[Bb]elow/{NW} |
[Kk]now/{NW} |
[Tt]hrow/{NW} |
[Gg]row/{NW} |
[Hh]ow/{NW} |
[Nn]ow/{NW} |
[Bb]row/{NW} |
[Ss]how/{NW} |
[Cc]an't/{NW} |
[Hh]er/{NW} gtf_echo();
{WC} { BEGIN(INW); gtf_echo(); }
! gtf_puts(". Ye Dawgies!!!"); BEGIN(NIW);
ing/{NW} gtf_puts("in'"); BEGIN(NIW);
tial/{NW} gtf_puts("shul"); BEGIN(NIW);
cious/{NW} gtf_puts("shus"); BEGIN(NIW);
ious/{NW} gtf_puts("yus"); BEGIN(NIW);
tion/{NW} gtf_puts("shun"); BEGIN(NIW);
ow/{NW} gtf_puts("er"); BEGIN(NIW);
re/{NW} |
er/{NW} gtf_puts("uh"); BEGIN(NIW);
'nt/{NW} *(yytext) = 'u'; gtf_echo(); BEGIN(NIW);
're/{NW} gtf_puts(" is"); BEGIN(NIW);
've/{NW} gtf_puts(" done"); BEGIN(NIW);
eed/{NW} gtf_echo(); BEGIN(NIW);
ed/{NW} gtf_puts("d"); BEGIN(NIW);
wn/{NW} gtf_puts("ed"); BEGIN(NIW);
{NW} BEGIN(NIW); unput(yytext[0]);
{EOT} /* ignore trailing EOT character */
. gtf_echo();
int gtf_filter_jethro(const char *input, char *buf, size_t bufsz)
gtf_databuf_t buffer;
gtf_strbuf_init(&buffer, buf, bufsz);
_yybuf = yy_scan_string(input);
int __gtf_filter_jethro(const char *input, char *buf, size_t bufsz)
return(gtf_filter_jethro(input, buf, bufsz));
#else /* LIBRARY_MODE */
int main(int argc, char **argv)
#endif /* LIBRARY_MODE */
/* end of source file */