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This group of filters serves no utilitarian purpose but is nonetheless
quite amusing and hence should be maintained for posterity.
These programs are maintained by Mark Lindner
( The original authors of these programs are
listed in the file `AUTHORS'.
If you are the author of one of these programs and do not wish to have
it distributed in this package, contact the maintainer immediately.
These filters are provided for amusement only. No racial or societal
slurs are intended.
Some of these filters contain vulgarity, and thus are inappropriate
for some audiences. If you find something offensive in one or more of
these filters, please do not flame me or ask me to censor or remove
the filter(s) in question. Requests of this type will be silently
ignored. Note that I am only the package maintainer; I am NOT the
author of the translation rules in the filters (with the exception of
the `wrap' filter).
These filters are not guaranteed to be idempotent across all inputs;
that is, repeated applications of a given filter on an input may cause
the output to differ each time. Moreover, some of the filters use
randomization techniques so a given input is not guaranteed to produce
the same output across invocations.
You no longer need to have `flex' (or any other lexer program, for
that matter) to build and use this package. However, you *will* need a
lexer (specifically, `flex') to recompile if you change any `.l'
The GAIM plugin is no longer distributed with TalkFilters, as it's now
part of a separate project, "Gaim Plugin Pack", which can be found
The package may be built on Windows using either the MinGW
environment, or Visual Studio C++ 2005, Visual Studio.NET 2005, or
Mark Lindner
November 1, 2006.