This group of filters serves no utilitarian purpose but is nonetheless quite amusing and hence should be maintained for posterity.
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2007-12-29 Mark Lindner <markl@neuromancer>
* talkfilters.c, talkfilters.h,,, config.h,
- MinGW & VC++ build fixes
* config.guess, config.sub,, aclocal.m4, libtool
- updated to newest
2006-11-21 Mark Lindner <markl@neuromancer>
* pirate.l - minor improvements
* dubya.l - minor improvements
* common.h - use VERSION instead of hardcoded version number
2006-10-27 Mark Lindner <markl@neuromancer>
* common.c - fix compiler warning
* *.sln, *.vcproj, win32/unistd.h - add Visual C++ Express 2005
build files
* talkfilters.c - update version number
* common.h - use C99 varargs macro notation; added some #defines for
* pirate.l - added rule
* talkfilters.h - added extern "C" guard
2006-09-18 Mark Lindner <markl@neuromancer>
* common.c - fix compiler warnings
* talkfilters.h, talkfilters.c,,
- changes for DLL creation
2006-04-17 Mark Lindner <markl@neuromancer>
* funetak.l - replaced random() with gtf_random(); eliminates build
error in mingw
2006-04-15 Mark Lindner <markl@neuromancer>
* <multiple> - added support for pkg-config
2005-11-21 Mark Lindner <markl@neuromancer>
* gaim_plugin/talkfilters.c, - Removed the GAIM plugin,
as it's now being maintained elsewhere.
* common.c, talkfilters.c, common.h, - Build fixes.
* talkfilters.spec - added new file
The above all contributed by Peter Lawler
2005-01-10 Mark Lindner <markl@neuromancer>
* gaim_plugin/talkfilters.c - Updated to work with GAIM 1.1.0.
2004-06-28 Mark Lindner <markl@neuromancer>
* gaim_plugin/talkfilters.c - Incorporated bug fix submitted by a user.
The bug caused the IM to only be filtered locally (not sent in
filtered form to the other end). This must be a regression when
moving to GAIM 0.78/0.79.
2004-06-26 Mark Lindner <markl@neuromancer>
* gaim_plugin/* - Updated plugin to work with GAIM 0.79, and clarified
installation instructions.
2004-01-06 Mark Lindner <markl@neuromancer>
* funetak.l - Fixed a capitalization problem.
* austro.l - Added missing rules, whose absence caused garbled output
from filter function.
* gaim_plugin/* - New plugin for GAIM.
2003-12-02 Mark Lindner <markl@neuromancer>
* *.l, *.c, *.h - Added contributed austro and dubya filters.
2003-07-22 Mark Lindner <markl@neuromancer>
* *.l - Added rules to leave HTML tags intact. Do you see where
I'm going with this? ;-)
* kraut.l - Minor fixes and corrections (submitted by Thomas M. Ott)
* - Documentation updates.
* - Rewrote `flex' check.
2003-04-29 Mark Lindner <markl@neuromancer>
* jive.l - Added a few more rules.
2003-02-13 Mark Lindner <>
* *.l - Made a fix so that compilation doesn't fail with older
versions of gcc: moved declaration of _yybuf so that it's before the
first statement in the filter function.
2003-02-11 Mark Lindner <>
* <multiple> - Complete overhaul of package; added automake/libtool
support, and produce not only executables but also a library.
Tue Jul 4 21:33:08 2000 Mark A. Lindner <>
* Modified `dist' target and added `info' target.
* talkfilters.texi: Texinfo documentation added.
Thu Dec 31 17:09:45 1998 Joel N. Weber II <>
* Rewrote the check for lex to just check for flex
and bail if it isn't found.
* src/talkfilters-1.0/ (LIBS): Hardcode -lfl, since we
always use flex.