This group of filters serves no utilitarian purpose but is nonetheless quite amusing and hence should be maintained for posterity.
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To the best of my knowledge, here are the known authors for these
filters. If you have additions/corrections to this information, please
submit them.
The filters were collected into a single package, optimized, and
converted to work as a library by Mark Lindner.
austro - Tom van Nes
b1ff - Matt Welsh, David Whitten
brooklyn - Daniel V. Klein [originally named "nyc"]
chef - John Hagerman
cockney - "ken" by Stephen K Mulrine, Edward Betts; merged
with "cockney" by (unknown) which was expanded significantly by
Samuel Stoddard
drawl - Adam Hudd
dubya - (anonymous submission)
fudd - (unknown)
funetak - "Eclipse Enterprises" (unknown)
jethro - Duane Paulson
jive - Daniel V. Klein, Clement Cole, Samuel Stoddard
kraut - John Sparks
pansy - (unknown)
pirate - Dougal Campbell (originally Perl code); conversion and additions
by Mark Lindner
postmodern - (unknown) [this filter is also known as "feminazi"]
redneck - Brand Hilton
valspeak - (unknown)
warez - Ian Johnston
wrap - Mark Lindner