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peteyboy 52f9d258d4 Update master README to contain info on the different branches
Signed-off-by: peteyboy <peteyboy@noreply.localhost>
2022-04-20 07:16:43 +00:00
peteyboy a38abfdf7e Updated master branch to contain the CGI::Tiny version with mocked
PATH_INFO, but supporting a 'neutral' environment (not SDF), and playing
out of /cgi-bin.
2022-04-20 06:20:34 +00:00
peteyboy 0151070b58 Somehow lost the carriage return after the [[ in the RLE example, which makes the settings not take when you copy/paste into the worlde score
Changes to be committed:
	modified:   wordle-life.cgi
2022-02-24 01:44:25 +00:00
peteyboy 9c9fe73d54 After adding share functionality just now, cleaned up some comments and updated README with new packages needed.
Changes to be committed:
	modified:   wordle-life.cgi
2022-02-23 21:29:03 +00:00
peteyboy 0dee763f5f Added the sharing functionality and did a bunch of tweaks to the template to add conditional HTML bits for sharing.
TODO: trigger the POST functionality on a share instead of just occupying wordle-share box.
 Changes to be committed:
	modified:   wordle-life.cgi
2022-02-23 21:21:21 +00:00
peteyboy 44d88a02a3 Fixed the unless, the die, and the HTML template for layout fixes (it was adding a newline every time refreshed) 2022-02-22 19:11:41 +00:00
peteyboy a249bb48d5 Revert "-remove copypasta die error, it doesn't work here"
This didn't work, aggressivedly cleared legit worlde scores!

This reverts commit 0911066c20.
2022-02-17 03:26:45 +00:00
peteyboy 0911066c20 -remove copypasta die error, it doesn't work here
-if user blanks the textarea, put the default text back, thus handling bug where form 500s if the world-result is blank. Just in case, if the wordle-result is blank, fill it with the default text
2022-02-17 02:24:40 +00:00
peteyboy b4c1734d98 Updated to remove next steps, which I did. 2022-02-16 08:43:02 +00:00
peteyboy 8fe95c88b6 -Added regexs for High Contrast
-Fixed regext for black & white text squares (so it actually works out of Discord, _ not -)

-Updated html template, fixing textareas so 2nd one didn't get squished for unknown reason.

-Updated text in Template, still too wordy!

-Fixed RLE to end on ! instead of $ which is why the next item wasn't working

-Added a [[..]] section to end of generated RLE file to set generations per second, zoom, and colors to
custom values to generally be better defaults.
2022-02-16 08:35:53 +00:00
peteyboy eb6b8d0887 Updated README to show the LiveViewer plugin dependency. 2022-02-14 18:58:35 +00:00
peteyboy 4457c8c77b Merge branch 'master' of 2022-02-14 07:28:40 +00:00
peteyboy 44470a03db Update 2022-02-14 07:27:14 +00:00
peteyboy ef42cd452e Added javascript Life Viewer to template, adjusted the HTML template to work with it and the ordered lists and
using the existing textareas (thank goodness it already used textarea!)

Cleaned the one-page conditional logic to use UNLESS and work right,
 and also to let RLE put into input box just slip through into the RLE output box and thus get plugged into the Life Viewer

Added more comments
2022-02-14 07:04:32 +00:00
peteyboy 1ad7295b1f updated readme with dependencies info 2022-02-10 07:27:48 +00:00
peteyboy b59827746e Added the main perl cgi file 2022-02-10 07:17:11 +00:00
peteyboy eb0fb24be6 Initial commit 2022-02-10 07:13:51 +00:00