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one-page app that turns wordle shares into standard file format used in the Conway's Game of Life community and sets it up for running in embedded Lifeviewer on the same page
## Project Branches
There are 3 branches to this project. There is just one CGI file and a version of the README.md in each one. Use the one that works for you. If at SDF, use the sdf branch. Otherwise master or mojo branches will work:
* *sdf* is the original branch, a CGI set up to run on SDF.org. I had to abandon using Mojolicious Lite, but found a nice way to do it using CGI:Tiny and the Mojo Templates. This version also uses a path_info URL parameter to manage routing, and mocks path_info, since is doesn't work on SDF's nginx web server setup.
* *master* is a branch made to be mostly the same as the SDF branch, using CGI::Tiny, but with more normal paths and not trying to pick out a separate user-level perl library. It still uses the path_info parameter, which actuall works pretty well for the simple case, I put it to, at least.
* *mojo* is a rewrite of the CGI part of the script using Mojolicious Lite and expecting that path_info is honored for CGI scripts. It uses routing based off the path_info (it's like *magic*) instead of a url parameter. I got this to run very nice with a handmade Mojolicous Daemon web server script, using the Mojolicous CGI plugin. It would have been so much less sweat to do this from the get-go, but I learned a lot banging my head against the wall, I guess.
## Dependencies
This app is not at all packaged. You'll have to make sure all the perl modules you need are installed. If you are on a community unix server with just user rights (like, say SDF), you may need to ask an admin to install for you, or alternately, you can make a personal perl library in your user space.