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This dusty diskette from ages past was sitting in my closet. "Danger," it says, with a skull. Clearly I put effort into ensuring that I wouldn't erase it. I go to the library and read it, since they have some 3-1/2" drives on their desktops. It's my Qbasic programmes from when I was in grade 7.

3dland.bas (15 KB)3D Landscape - ADSWEC Controls; a good example of what a 3D engine looks like without important stuff like clipping and rotation.
3dobject.bas (9 KB)3D Wireframe Box - ADSWEC Controls; can you figure out the fastest way to cause an interger overflow?
asciitur.bas (9 KB)ASCII Turtle - awful ASCII art.
feuru.bas (20 KB)Annoying Adventure Game - set on the tropical island of Feuru.
noschool.bas (10 KB)Battleship-Style UFO Game - dish out some DFA.
pop.bas (2 KB)Balloon Animation - why laser pointers and land mines should be banned from public parks.
scrworms.bas (1 KB)Wormish Animation - a screen-saver wanna-be.
ufovisit.bas (6 KB)UFO Attack - senseless, wanton animated destruction.