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Ryan Fox (flewkey) aa6d9170ac
Added /head command 3 years ago
Ryan Fox (flewkey) 0bed50f81e
Disable output logging on /hat 3 years ago
Ryan Fox (flewkey) 11126c2d47
Fix double newline 3 years ago
Ryan Fox (flewkey) 99369dc8f3
Add /hat command 3 years ago
flewkey ac81dc1e18
Disable TNT explosions 3 years ago
flewkey ff60795d2b
1.15 3 years ago
Ryan Fox 3c6ef632ea
Update README 3 years ago
Ryan Fox 344940417e
Load new config if one does not already exist 3 years ago
Ryan Fox b7fd1fe3ef
Insignificant tweak 3 years ago
Ryan Fox 75249a6a42
Move parsePosition method to PlayerPosition constructor. 3 years ago
Ryan Fox 8bb516465d
Verify spawn exists before teleporting 3 years ago
Ryan Fox 4533e486dc
1.14.4 3 years ago
Ryan Fox f3c31945eb
This doesn't work, removing it. 3 years ago
flewkey 959ecf0dd3
1.14.3 4 years ago
flewkey cc1f7a0512
Add PlayerData object to ServerPlayerEntity 4 years ago
flewkey ba951a7edf
Spawn players at config location 4 years ago
flewkey c27ab55501
Allow spawn to be set from in-game 4 years ago
flewkey dde5676e17
Change package name 4 years ago
flewkey 29f6c16bcd
Forgot to remove this 4 years ago
flewkey 89f42f6d2c
Allow cross-dimension teleportation 4 years ago
flewkey 92ad68af24
Remove useless whitespace 4 years ago
flewkey fb3d6e9a01
1.14.2 Update 4 years ago
flewkey 72c2d8ba26
Don't tell users to ask a moderator if they can set their home themselves 4 years ago
flewkey 43b81556bf
Let users set their own homes, disabled logging on something 4 years ago
flewkey 31a8027157
Disable logging on things I don't care about 4 years ago
flewkey 9ad05e85eb
Strip timestamp from diffs 4 years ago
flewkey 8b9dbeabd8
Initial commit 4 years ago