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Code Stuff
* We use C++03 with some C++11 extensions (ask if you think that something would be useful)
2013-12-19 06:30:24 -05:00
* Use the provided wrappers for OS stuff:
- Threading is done by inheriting from `cIsThread`, thread synchronization through `cCriticalSection`, `cSemaphore` and `cEvent`, file access and filesystem operations through the `cFile` class, high-precision timers through `cTimer`, high-precision sleep through `cSleep`
* No magic numbers, use named constants:
- `E_ITEM_XXX`, `E_BLOCK_XXX` and `E_META_XXX` for items and blocks
- `cEntity::etXXX` for entity types, `cMonster::mtXXX` for mob types
- `dimNether`, `dimOverworld` and `dimEnd` for world dimension
- `gmSurvival`, `gmCreative`, `gmAdventure` for game modes
- `wSunny`, `wRain`, `wThunderstorm` for weather
- `cChunkDef::Width`, `cChunkDef::Height` for chunk dimensions (C++)
- etc.
* Instead of checking for a specific value, use an `IsXXX` function, if available:
- `cPlayer:IsGameModeCreative()` instead of` (cPlayer:GetGameMode() == gmCreative)` (the player can also inherit the gamemode from the world, which the value-d condition doesn't catch)
* Please use **tabs for indentation and spaces for alignment**. This means that if it's at line start, it's a tab; if it's in the middle of a line, it's a space
* Alpha-sort stuff that makes sense alpha-sorting - long lists of similar items etc.
* Keep individual functions spaced out by 5 empty lines, this enhances readability and makes navigation in the source file easier.
* Add those extra parentheses to conditions, especially in C++
- `if ((a == 1) && ((b == 2) || (c == 3)))` instead of ambiguous `if (a == 1 && b == 2 || c == 3)`
- This helps prevent mistakes such as `if (a & 1 == 0)`
* White space is free, so use it freely
- "freely" as in "plentifully", not "arbitrarily"
2014-03-08 15:14:59 -05:00
* All `case` statements inside a `switch` need an extra indent.
* Each and every control statement deserves its braces. This helps maintainability later on when the file is edited, lines added or removed - the control logic doesn't break so easily.
- The only exception: a `switch` statement with all `case` statements being a single short statement is allowed to use the short brace-less form.
2014-03-08 15:14:59 -05:00
- These two rules really mean that indent is governed by braces
* Add an empty last line in all source files (GCC and GIT can complain otherwise)
2014-05-13 02:48:33 -04:00
* All new public functions in all classes need documenting comments on what they do and what behavior they follow, use doxy-comments formatted as `/** Description */`. Do not use asterisks on additional lines in multi-line comments.
* Use spaces after the comment markers: `// Comment` instead of `//Comment`
Your work must be licensed at least under the Apache license.
You can add yourself to the CONTRIBUTORS file if you wish.
**PLUGINS ONLY**: If your plugin is not licensed under the Apache license, then it must be compatible and marked as such. This is only valid for the plugins included within the MCServer source; plugins developed on separate repositories can use whatever license they want.