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- This helps prevent mistakes such as `if (a & 1 == 0)`
* White space is free, so use it freely
- "freely" as in "plentifully", not "arbitrarily"
* All `case` statements inside a `switch` need an extra indent.
* Each and every control statement deserves its braces. This helps maintainability later on when the file is edited, lines added or removed - the control logic doesn't break so easily.
- The only exception: a `switch` statement with all `case` statements being a single short statement is allowed to use the short brace-less form.
- These two rules really mean that indent is governed by braces
* Add an empty last line in all source files (GCC and GIT can complain otherwise)
* Use doxy-comments for functions in the header file, format as `/** Description */`
* Use spaces after the comment markers: `// Comment` instead of `//Comment`