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Many people have contributed to Cuberite, and this list attempts to broadcast at least some of them.
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BasedDoge (Donated AlchemistVillage prefabs)
2013-12-10 14:17:24 +00:00
bearbin (Alexander Harkness)
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birkett (Anthony Birkett)
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FakeTruth (founder)
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kevinr (Kevin Riggle)
linnemannr (Reid Linnemann)
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NiLSPACE (formerly STR_Warrior)
2014-12-04 09:14:38 +00:00
1.9 / 1.9.2 / 1.9.3 / 1.9.4 protocol support (#3135) * Semistable update to 15w31a I'm going through snapshots in a sequential order since it should make things easier, and since protocol version history is written. * Update to 15w34b protocol Also, fix an issue with the Entity Equipment packet from the past version. Clients are able to connect and do stuff! * Partially update to 15w35e Chunk data doesn't work, but the client joins. I'm waiting to do chunk data because chunk data has an incomplete format until 15w36d. * Add '/blk' debug command This command lets one see what block they are looking at, and makes figuring out what's supposed to be where in a highly broken chunk possible. * Fix CRLF normalization in CheckBasicStyle.lua Normally, this doesn't cause an issue, but when running from cygwin, it detects the CR as whitespace and creates thousands of violations for every single line. Lua, when run on windows, will normalize automatically, but when run via cygwin, it won't. The bug was simply that gsub was returning a replaced version, but not changing the parameter, so the replaced version was ignored. * Update to 15w40b This includes chunk serialization. Fully functional chunk serialization for 1.9. I'm not completely happy with the chunk serialization as-is (correct use of palettes would be great), but cuberite also doesn't skip sending empty chunks so this performance optimization should probably come later. The creation of a full buffer is suboptimal, but it's the easiest way to implement this code. * Write long-by-long rather than creating a buffer This is a bit faster and should be equivalent. However, the code still doesn't look too good. * Update to 15w41a protocol This includes the new set passengers packet, which works off of the ridden entity, not the rider. That means, among other things, that information about the previously ridden vehicle is needed when detaching. So a new method with that info was added. * Update to 15w45a * 15w51b protocol * Update to 1.9.0 protocol Closes #3067. There are still a few things that need to be worked out (picking up items, effects, particles, and most importantly inventory), but in general this should work. I'll make a few more changes tomorrow to get the rest of the protocol set up, along with 1.9.1/1.9.2 (which did make a few changes). Chunks, however, _are_ working, along with most other parts of the game (placing/breaking blocks). * Fix item pickup packet not working That was a silly mistake, but at least it was an easy one. * 1.9.2 protocol support * Fix version info found in server list ping Thus, the client reports that it can connect rather than saying that the server is out of date. This required creating separate classes for 1.9.1 and 1.9.2, unfortunately. * Fix build errors generated by clang These didn't happen in MSVC. * Add protocol19x.cpp and protocol19x.h to CMakeLists * Ignore warnings in protocol19x that are ignored in protocol18x * Document BLOCK_FACE and DIG_STATUS constants * Fix BLOCK_FACE links and add separate section for DIG_STATUS * Fix bat animation and object spawning The causes of both of these are explained in #3135, but the gist is that both were typos. * Implement Use Item packet This means that buckets, bows, fishing rods, and several other similar items now work when not looking at a block. * Handle DIG_STATUS_SWAP_ITEM_IN_HAND * Add support for spawn eggs and potions The items are transformed from the 1.9 version to the 1.8 version when reading and transformed back when sending. * Remove spammy potion debug logging * Fix wolf collar color metadata The wrong type was being used, causing several clientside issues (including the screen going black). * Fix 1.9 chunk sending in the nether The nether and the end don't send skylight. * Fix clang build errors * Fix water bottles becoming mundane potions This happened because the can become splash potion bit got set incorrectly. Water bottles and mundane potions are only differentiated by the fact that water bottles have a metadata of 0, so setting that bit made it a mundane potion. Also add missing break statements to the read item NBT switch, which would otherwise break items with custom names and also cause incorrect "Unimplemented NBT data when parsing!" logging. * Copy Protocol18x as Protocol19x Aditionally, method and class names have been swapped to clean up other diffs. This commit is only added to make the following diffs more readable; it doesn't make any other changes (beyond class names). * Make thrown potions use the correct appearence This was caused by potions now using metadata. * Add missing api doc for cSplashPotionEntity::GetItem * Fix compile error in SplashPotionEntity.cpp * Fix fix of cSplashPotionEntity API doc * Temporarilly disable fall damage particles These were causing issues in 1.9 due to the changed effect ID. * Properly send a kick packet when connecting with an invalid version This means that the client no longer waits on the server screen with no indication whatsoever. However, right now the server list ping isn't implemented for unknown versions, so it'll only load "Old" on the ping. I also added a GetVarIntSize method to cByteBuffer. This helps clean up part of the code here (and I think it could clean up other parts), but it may make sense for it to be moved elsewhere (or declared in a different way). * Handle server list pings from unrecognized versions This isn't the cleanest way of writing it (it feels odd to use ProtocolRecognizer to send packets, and the addition of m_InPingForUnrecognizedVersion feels like the wrong technique), but it works and I can't think of a better way (apart from creating a full separate protocol class to handle only the ping... which would be worse). * Use cPacketizer for the disconnect packet This also should fix clang build errors. * Add 1.9.3 / 1.9.4 support * Fix incorrect indentation in APIDesc
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Seadragon91 (Lukas Pioch)
2014-10-19 13:01:01 +00:00
structinf (xdot)
2013-12-24 17:50:54 +00:00
tigerw (Tiger Wang)
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xoft (Mattes Dolak/madmaxoft on GH)
2014-06-21 20:07:31 +00:00
Yeeeeezus (Donated AlchemistVillage prefabs)
2015-11-15 16:27:59 +00:00
Please add yourself to this list if you contribute to the official Cuberite project
and license your work under the Apache License 2.0