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Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
0f49fe1c38 configure: Find SpiderMonkey with pkg-config only
Don't search for SpiderMonkey in hardcoded directories
(/usr /usr/local /opt/spidermonkey /opt/js), and don't support
--with-spidermonkey=DIR (which I think was documented in elinks-users
only).  Instead, ask pkg-config for mozjs185 or mozilla-js.
Everyone who installed SpiderMonkey in an unusual place must set
PKG_CONFIG_PATH appropriately.

This commit also includes a few minor changes in the SpiderMonkey
section of the configure script:
* Update the SpiderMonkey version number in "checking" messages
  from 1.5 RC3a to 1.8.5, which matches the actual checks.
* Wrap the option documentation with AS_HELP_STRING.
* Use the Autoconf-generated $with_spidermonkey variable directly,
  instead of copying $withval.
* Quote the arguments of macros more consistently.
* Warn if SpiderMonkey was requested but not found.
2011-05-01 21:21:49 +03:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
2648123e8f doc: TRE 0.8.0 required 2009-12-17 10:13:28 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
5def50bed9 Merge branch 'elinks-0.12' into elinks-0.13
2009-05-23 12:40:52 +03:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
bd87e0915e Mention pkg-config dependency in doc/installation.txt 2009-05-22 22:53:06 +03:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
3581e2848e Merge branch 'elinks-0.12' into elinks-0.13
2009-02-28 18:22:54 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
9a186a45e8 NEWS about decompression 2009-02-22 20:55:06 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
d2854dca8d Merge branch 'elinks-0.12' into elinks-0.13
2009-02-08 22:02:57 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
7941c7097a Bug 1060: Document the need for TRE. 2009-02-08 18:55:15 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
4f9ed3e76b doc/installation: Mention nss_compat_ossl 2008-09-27 16:33:03 +03:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
4e973e4875 doc/installation: libsmbclient, not smbclient 2008-09-27 15:52:47 +03:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
b5cf81d8be doc/installation: convert dependency table to dsv format
The dependency table was originally in "fixed" format, so that
AsciiDoc took a fixed number of characters to the first column
and the rest to the second column.  However, "OpenSSL or GNU TLS
or nss_compat_ossl" will not fit in that number of characters,
and backslash line continuation will not help because AsciiDoc
apparently parses that before it counts the characters.
I could widen the column in the AsciiDoc source but switching
to "dsv" format seems prettier.
2008-09-27 15:52:29 +03:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
79b69e0bf9 encoding: documentation 2008-02-24 20:45:33 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
02ffed2fff Document that GNU Make >= 3.78 is needed, and check it.
(cherry picked from commit 4ffbf1faed)
2007-12-09 08:16:29 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
f0119e1944 Check for gzclearerr in configure. Document needing zlib >=
It was reported at elinks-dev on 2007-06-03 that Solaris 10 comes with
zlib 1.1.4, which does not include gzclearerr(), which ELinks nowadays
requires.  It would be possible to rewrite the decompression support
to use deflate() directly and avoid stdio, in which case gzclearerr()
would not be needed.  That will take some time however, so I'm not
attempting it for ELinks 0.12.0.  Instead, I'm just disabling gzip
decompression entirely if zlib is too old.
2007-06-11 10:15:43 +03:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
cd608eb03e Revive #lua-scripting and #ecmascript links in installation.html.
installation.html built from installation.txt does not include the
sections about LUA scripting and ECMAScript, but installation.txt
tries to link to them via fragment identifiers.  Point those links to
manual.html instead; not manual.html-chunked because the file names
there might not remain stable.

Alternatively, installation.txt could be changed to include
lua-scripting.txt and ecmascript.txt into installation.html.
2007-02-11 01:35:34 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
a892c84601 Make it possible to build all-docs when $(builddir) != $(srcdir) 2006-01-16 00:21:05 +01:00
Jonas Fonseca
75bf42bfe0 Simplify further; only list generated files; move things around; comment 2006-01-13 12:17:03 +01:00
Jonas Fonseca
32bd0f6cd3 A few fixes 2006-01-12 05:44:16 +01:00
Jonas Fonseca
ba6221c6f6 Redo the whole doc/ build thing
You can now use: make {all-docs,pdf,html,man,api,update-man}
     instead of: make {all-docs,pdf-docs,html-docs,man-docs}

Away is building into separate dirs. This makes make able to actually get
dependencies right, since there are now a collection of 'common' build
rules, some of which have even been moved to use the cmd infrastructure.

To update the man pages there is a new update-man rule. It builds the
manual pages and copies them to their proper place under man/ while doing
the final preformatting.

As good thing is that the (two) man pages are moved to .txt files and
include the generated content.

The API building thing is also refined. It builds into api/ and builds it's
list of files dynamically by searching throught the .h files in the src/
directory. Documented header files must contain a comment like this:

	/* API Doc :: <api-name> */

where <api-name> is the name used for the file under api/, for example
2006-01-11 11:02:43 +01:00
Jonas Fonseca
0a844e6534 Drop useless comment block now that CVS Id tags are gone
... also drop comment about hacking.txt being extended gradually. AsciiDoc
burps on it and it really is kind of a boot message.
2006-01-03 14:28:26 +01:00
Laurent MONIN
df065ead80 Remove now useless $Id: lines. 2005-10-21 09:14:07 +02:00
Jonas Fonseca
baadeebab1 More CVS -> GIT conversions
Update INSTALL to both 'cover' GIT checkouts and requirements for the new
build system. Hacking info no more advices to add CVS Id lines.
2005-09-18 18:47:20 +02:00
Petr Baudis
0f6d4310ad Initial commit of the HEAD branch of the ELinks CVS repository, as of
Thu Sep 15 15:57:07 CEST 2005. The previous history can be added to this
by grafting.
2005-09-15 15:58:31 +02:00