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You can see the complete list of recent changes, bugfixes and new features
2019-12-27 11:33:27 -05:00
in the https://github.com/rkd77/felinks.git[gitweb interface]. See the ChangeLog
file for details.
2020-05-31 09:13:18 -04:00
ELinks 0.13.2:
Released on 2020-05-31.
* command line option -remote search(...) (thanks sgerwk)
* command line option -bind-address
* config option ui.mouse_disable (sgerwk)
* config option ui.tostop
* config option ui.sessions.fork_on_start
* compatibility (compilability) with lua-5.2 and 5.3
* modified cookies code (not well tested)
2020-01-31 11:48:44 -05:00
ELinks 0.13.1:
Released on 2020-01-31.
* Fixed issue with uploading files to local cgi.
* Python scripts in contrib converted to python3.
2019-12-27 11:33:27 -05:00
ELinks 0.13.0:
2019-12-27 11:33:27 -05:00
Released on 2019-12-27.
2008-01-19 13:45:49 -05:00
* The protocol.fsp.sort option has been removed. ELinks always sorts.
2011-05-02 21:18:13 -04:00
* bug 1024: Verify the host name or IP address in the server certificate
if connection.ssl.cert_verify is not 0.
2008-01-19 13:45:49 -05:00
2019-12-27 11:33:27 -05:00
* The configure script is no longer part of tarball, you must generate it.
For example running ./autogen.sh
2008-04-28 15:09:39 -04:00
* major bug 181: Slave ELinks processes can now run an external editor.
This used to work in the master process only.
* major bug 722: Filter CSS according to media types. New option
* bug 638: Propagate the existence of $DISPLAY from slave terminals to
mailcap test commands.
* bugs 762, 1082: Small memory leak in goto_current_link/goto_imgmap
2008-04-28 15:09:39 -04:00
* bug 963: New option document.css.ignore_display_none.
* bug 977: Fixed crash when opening in new tab a non link with onclick
2008-06-06 02:43:51 -04:00
* bug 1008: File upload fields in HTML forms now stream the files to
the server, instead of reading them to memory in advance. This lets
you upload larger files. The downsides are that ELinks may use a
cached response even if you have modified a file between requests,
and that ELinks can send inconsistent data if you modify a file
while it is being uploaded.
* bug 1054: Don't abort downloads when closing the terminal from which
they were started. When such a download ends, display the message
in the most recently used terminal. If the user chooses
``Background and Notify'' via the download manager in some terminal,
reassociate the download with that terminal. These changes do not
apply to downloads to external handlers.
2008-04-28 15:09:39 -04:00
* Really retry forever when connection.retries = 0.
* enhancement: Session-specific options. Any options changed with
toggle-* actions no longer affect other tabs or other terminals.
* Do not crash when document.browse.minimum_refresh_time = 0 and
a document has a meta refresh with a delay of 0.
* Properly update link highlighting and status bar information when the
repeat prefix is changed.
2018-08-28 22:01:32 -04:00
* Handle SSL rehandshakes
* Fix compatibility with Ruby >= 1.9
* enhancement 15: Domain-specific options. Use set_domain in
elinks.conf to e.g. disable cookies for google.com. The option
manager window does not yet support this.
* enhancement 867: Use bracketed paste mode on xterm. This requires
xterm patch #228 or later configured with --enable-readline-mouse.
* enhancement 824: Experimental support for combining characters.
See features.conf for details.
2008-04-28 15:09:39 -04:00
* enhancement: Add a new entry Link Info under Link main menu.
* enhancement: Indicate backgrounded downloads using an unused led.
* enhancement: Display the number of ECMAScript interpreters that have
been allocated for documents in the Resources dialog.
* Fedora enhancement 346861: Add support for nss_compat_ossl library
(OpenSSL replacement).
* enhancement: ``elinks --dump'' uses box-drawing characters if supported
by the charset.
* enhancement 1070: Support 256 colors on fbterm-1.4.
* enhancement 1075: Scrolling the entire contents of dialog boxes.
2008-10-12 07:05:08 -04:00
Especially useful for multi-file BitTorrent downloads.
* Report if the Lua function edit_bookmark_dialog receives the wrong
number or types of arguments instead of silently failing.
* enhancement: Add ``Invalidate'' button to the cache manager.
* enhancement: Add ``Search contents'' button to the cache manager with
which one can search through the cache items' data rather than their
* enhancement: Add rudimentary support for the HTML5 media elements,
<video> and <audio>.
* enhancement: Add move-half-page-up and move-half-page-down actions.
* enhancement: Add option to change overlap for vertical scrolling.
* enhancement: HTML meta refresh allows semicolons in URLs, and the
syntax is more like in Firefox.
2010-07-21 13:07:49 -04:00
* link against lua51 not lua50
2019-12-27 11:33:27 -05:00
* SpiderMonkey must be mozjs-17.0. This version is latest with C API.
Find it with pkg-config.
2010-07-24 07:46:15 -04:00
* using iconv for some multibyte charsets. It works if the terminal codepage
is UTF-8. More charsets will be added on demand.
2018-08-28 22:01:32 -04:00
* enhancement: support SSL client certificate
2019-12-27 11:33:27 -05:00
* python scripting is Python3 only
* brotli and zstd encodings
* possibility to make use of libevent instead of select for event loop
* terminfo queries for output (not input) as compilation option
2012-11-03 15:45:32 -04:00
ELinks 0.12pre6
2012-11-03 15:45:32 -04:00
Released on 2012-10-30.
2012-11-03 15:45:32 -04:00
Security fix:
bug 764: Initialize the right member of union option_value INIT_OPTION used to initialize union option_value at compile time by casting the default value to LIST_OF(struct option) *, which is the type of the first member. On sparc64 and other big-endian systems where sizeof(int) < sizeof(struct list_head *), this tended to leave option->value.number as zero, thus messing up OPT_INT and OPT_BOOL at least. OPT_LONG however tended to work right. This would be easy to fix with C99 designated initializers, but doc/hacking.txt says ELinks must be kept C89 compatible. Another solution would be to make register_options() read the value from option->value.tree (the first member), cast it back to the right type, and write it to the appropriate member; but that would still require somewhat dubious conversions between integers, data pointers, and function pointers. So here's a rather more invasive solution. Add struct option_init, which is somewhat similar to struct option but has non-overlapping members for different types of values, to ensure nothing is lost in compile-time conversions. Move unsigned char *path from struct option_info to struct option_init, and replace struct option_info with a union that contains struct option_init and struct option. Now, this union can be initialized with no portability problems, and register_options() then moves the values from struct option_init to their final places in struct option. In my x86 ELinks build with plenty of options configured in, this change bloated the text section by 340 bytes but compressed the data section by 2784 bytes, presumably because union option_info is a pointer smaller than struct option_info was. (cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit e5f6592ee20780a61f70feeb1f9e17631b9c5835) Conflicts: src/protocol/fsp/fsp.c: All options had been removed in 0.13.GIT. src/protocol/smb/smb2.c: Ditto.
2009-08-15 15:39:07 -04:00
2012-11-03 15:45:32 -04:00
* bug 1124, CVE-2012-4545: Do not delegate GSSAPI credentials in HTTP
Negotiate or GSS-Negotiate authentication. Reported by Marko Myllynen.
(ELinks 0.12pre1 was the first release that supported GSSAPI; earlier
releases are not vulnerable.)
Fixed crashes and hangs:
* critical bug 943: Don't let user JavaScripts call any methods of
``elinks.action'' in tabs that do not have the focus. If a tab was
closed with ``elinks.action.tab_close'' while it had pop-up windows,
ELinks could crash; as a precaution, don't allow other actions
2012-11-03 15:45:32 -04:00
either. (ELinks 0.12pre1 was the first release that supported
* critical bug 1083: Avoid an infinite loop when trying to decompress
malformed data. Caused by the bug 1068 fix in ELinks 0.12pre3.
* Fix a possible crash or information disclosure on big-endian 64-bit
systems using HTTP Negotiate or GSS-Negotiate authentication.
* Dropped support for SEE. (ELinks 0.12pre1 was the first release
that supported SEE.)
* Guile 2.0.0 (released on 2011-02-16) changed its license to
LGPLv3-or-later, which is not compatible with the GPLv2 that covers
ELinks. Also, Guile has deprecated many of the functions that
ELinks calls.
Other changes:
* major bug 764: Correctly initialize options on big-endian 64-bit
* bug 983: Give preference to the Content-Type specified in the HTTP
header over that specified via the HTML meta tag.
* bug 1084: Allow option names containing '+' and '*' in the option
* bug 1112: Map most numeric character references &#x80; ... &#x9F;
to graphical characters also when the output charset is UTF-8.
(ELinks 0.12pre1 was the first release that supported UTF-8 as the
terminal charset, and ELinks 0.12pre5 was the first release that
supported UTF-8 as the dump charset.)
* minor bug 1113: Fix a small memory leak if a mailcap file is malformed.
* minor bug 1114: Decode SGML entities and NCRs only once in link/@title
and other attributes.
* build: Fix several warnings reported by GCC 4.7.1. Harmless at
runtime but could break the build if configured --enable-debug.
(This version does not fix all such warnings.)
2009-07-07 07:45:33 -04:00
ELinks 0.12pre5:
2009-07-08 06:31:00 -04:00
Released on 2009-07-08.
* Debian bug 534835: Check the return values of some SpiderMonkey
functions, to avoid crashes if out of memory.
* minor bug 1017: To work around HTTP server bugs, disable
protocol.http.compression by default, until ELinks can report
decompression errors or automatically retry the connection.
* enhancement: The French translation was updated.
Bugs that should be removed from NEWS before the 0.12.0 release:
* critical bug 1081: To fix crashes caused by different definitions of
regfree() in TRE and in the system libc, link with TRE before any
other libraries. ELinks 0.12pre4 was the first release that had
this bug.
* Searching for more than one fullwidth (e.g. Japanese) character now
* bug 1080: Support ``--dump-color-mode'' with ``--dump-charset UTF-8''.
Neither of those worked before ELinks 0.12pre1.
2009-05-31 04:23:46 -04:00
ELinks 0.12pre4:
2009-04-05 14:00:10 -04:00
2012-11-03 15:45:32 -04:00
Released on 2009-05-31.
2009-04-05 14:00:10 -04:00
* Debian build bug 529821: Use ``pkg-config gnutls'' instead of
``libgnutls-config'', which is not included in GNUTLS 2.7.x.
You can no longer specify the location of GNUTLS using
``configure --with-gnutls=DIR''.
Other changes:
* critical bug 1077: Fix crash opening a ``javascript:'' link in a new
* Debian bug 528661: If using GNUTLS 2.1.7 or later, disable various
TLS extensions (including CERT and SERVERNAME) to help handshaking
with the SSLv3-only bugzilla.novell.com.
* Debian build bug 526349: Include asciidoc.py from AsciiDoc 7.1.2,
to remove all dependencies on the installed version.
2009-05-21 12:48:35 -04:00
* build enhancement: Recognize ``configure --without-tre''.
2009-04-05 14:00:10 -04:00
2009-05-30 08:27:18 -04:00
Bugs that should be removed from NEWS before the 0.12.0 release:
* critical bug 1071: Fix crash in get_dom_node_child. ELinks 0.12pre1
was the first release that had this bug.
2009-05-30 08:27:18 -04:00
* bug 765: Opening a new tab no longer asks about the document of the
previous tab. ELinks 0.12pre1 was the first release that had this
2009-03-28 17:46:28 -04:00
ELinks 0.12pre3:
Released on 2009-03-29. This release also included the changes listed
under ``ELinks 0.11.6'' below.
2009-02-08 11:55:15 -05:00
* bug 1060: Regexp searching now requires the TRE library.
2009-02-22 11:33:48 -05:00
* lzma disabled by default. It's rarely used and doesn't build with new xz.
2009-02-08 11:55:15 -05:00
Other changes:
* critical: Fix assertion failure if IMG/@usemap refers to a different
* Preserve newlines in hidden input fields, and submit them as CRLF.
Previously, they could turn into spaces or disappear entirely.
* Perl scripts can use modules that dynamically load C libraries, like
XML::LibXML::SAX does.
* bug 153: Preserve Unicode characters in XBEL bookmark files.
However, Unicode in URIs (really IRIs) does not work reliably yet;
this is being tracked as bug 1066.
Bug 885: Proper charset support in xterm window title When ELinks runs in an X11 terminal emulator (e.g. xterm), or in GNU Screen, it tries to update the title of the window to match the title of the current document. To do this, ELinks sends an "OSC 1 ; Pt BEL" sequence to the terminal. Unfortunately, xterm expects the Pt string to be in the ISO-8859-1 charset, making it impossible to display e.g. Cyrillic characters. In xterm patch #210 (2006-03-12) however, there is a menu item and a resource that can make xterm take the Pt string in UTF-8 instead, allowing characters from all around the world. The downside is that ELinks apparently cannot ask xterm whether the setting is on or off; so add a terminal._template_.latin1_title option to ELinks and let the user edit that instead. Complete list of changes: - Add the terminal._template_.latin1_title option. But do not add that to the terminal options window because it's already rather crowded there. - In set_window_title(), take a new codepage argument. Use it to decode the title into Unicode characters, and remove only actual control characters. For example, CP437 has graphical characters in the 0x80...0x9F range, so don't remove those, even though ISO-8859-1 has control characters in the same range. Likewise, don't misinterpret single bytes of UTF-8 characters as control characters. - In set_window_title(), do not truncate the title to the width of the window. The font is likely to be different and proportional anyway. But do truncate before 1024 bytes, an xterm limit. - In struct itrm, add a title_codepage member to remember which charset the master said it was going to use in the terminal window title. Initialize title_codepage in handle_trm(), update it in dispatch_special() if the master sends the new request TERM_FN_TITLE_CODEPAGE, and use it in most set_window_title() calls; but not in the one that sets $TERM as the title, because that string was not received from the master and should consist of ASCII characters only. - In set_terminal_title(), convert the caller-provided title to ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8 if appropriate, and report the codepage to the slave with the new TERM_FN_TITLE_CODEPAGE request. The conversion can run out of memory, so return a success/error flag, rather than void. In display_window_title(), check this result and don't update caches on error. - Add a NEWS entry for all of this.
2008-12-28 20:09:53 -05:00
* bug 885: Convert xterm titles to ISO-8859-1 by default, but add an
option to disable this. When removing control characters from a
title, note the charset. Don't truncate titles to the width of the
* bug 1061: Correctly truncate UTF-8 titles in the tab bar.
2009-02-22 11:33:48 -05:00
* bug 1068: ELinks used to display a blank or truncated page if an
HTTP/1.1 server sent a compressed body with incorrect Content-Length.
That has now been fixed, and a new option (protocol.http.compression)
has been added.
* Don't crash when the search-toggle-regex action is used and no regular
expression support is compiled in.
2009-02-08 17:24:13 -05:00
* minor bug 761: When reading bookmarks from an XBEL file, distinguish
attribute names from attribute values.
* enhancement: Updated ISO 8859-7, ISO 8859-16, KOI8-R, and MacRoman.
2009-02-14 22:02:43 -05:00
Bugs that should be removed from NEWS before the 0.12.0 release:
* critical bug 1067: Fixed a crash in the RSS parser that ``configure
--enable-html-highlight'' enables. ELinks 0.12pre1 was the first
release that had this bug.
2009-02-28 09:30:38 -05:00
* bug 1069: ELinks didn't report ECMAScript errors, even if the
ecmascript.error_reporting option was turned on. ELinks 0.12pre2
was the first release that had this bug.
2008-09-21 03:41:23 -04:00
ELinks 0.12pre2:
Released on 2008-09-21. This release also included the changes listed
under ``ELinks 0.11.5'' below.
2008-07-18 13:54:05 -04:00
* bug 954, enhancement 952: Keep track of ECMAScript form and input
objects instead of constructing new ones on every access. When the
corresponding ELinks internal objects are destroyed, detach the
ECMAScript objects from them, to prevent crashes. (Bug 954 was
first added in ELinks 0.11.4, and the bug 620 fix in ELinks 0.12pre1
made crashes more likely.)
2008-07-11 18:59:18 -04:00
* critical bug 1029 in user SMJS: Prefer JS_CallFunctionValue over
JS_CallFunction, which can crash if given a closure.
2008-07-16 07:55:31 -04:00
* critical bug 1031: Use the same JSRuntime for both user SMJS and
scripts on web pages, to work around SpiderMonkey bug 378918.
* bug 1013: Don't assume errno values are between 0 and 100000.
2008-07-27 11:23:42 -04:00
* bug 1022: Add connection.ssl.trusted_ca_file setting for GnuTLS.
Before this, ELinks did not trust any certificate authorities when
it used GnuTLS, so certificate verification always failed if you
enabled it at connection.ssl.cert_verify.
* bug 1040: Blacklist servers that don't support TLS. This reduces
SSL errors especially in HTTP POST requests using GnuTLS.
* bugs 1007, 1041: Display unrecognized lines in FTP directory
listings, instead of annoying the user with error messages.
* Hurd bug 22861: Work around select() falsely reporting exceptions
in pipes.
* minor bug 951: SpiderMonkey scripting objects used to prevent ELinks
2008-07-27 11:23:42 -04:00
from removing files from the memory cache.
* build bug 1044: Check whether -rdynamic works with libraries.
With Sun Studio 11 on Solaris 9, it reportedly doesn't.
Bugs that should be removed from NEWS before the 0.12.0 release:
* critical: Fix crash after a tab was opened during reload. This was
triggered by the bug 620 fix in ELinks 0.12pre1.
* critical bug 1018: Avoid an assertion failure when selecting a value
from a pop-up menu for an input field in a tab that is no longer
current, e.g. because another tab was opened with elinks -remote.
This bug was first released in ELinks 0.12pre1.
* major bug 1026 in user SMJS: Protect the callback of elinks.load_uri
from the garbage collector. The elinks.load_uri method was added in
ELinks 0.12pre1.
* bug 955: Reset buttons no longer run FORM/@onsubmit, and
``harmless'' buttons no longer submit the form. ELinks 0.12pre1
was the first release that had these bugs.
2008-07-16 10:15:12 -04:00
* bug 1033: Fix memory leak in ECMAScript window.open. ELinks 0.12pre1
was the first release that had this bug.
2008-07-20 07:30:18 -04:00
* bug 1034: ``Content-Encoding: deflate'' allows a zlib header as
specified in RFC 2616.
* Global ECMAScript functions alert, open, and setTimeout again work
with SEE. ELinks 0.12pre1 was the first release that supported SEE
at all.
2008-09-15 16:42:12 -04:00
* build bug 1045: Fix ``void function cannot return value'' in
never_for_this_site() of src/formhist/formhist.c. ELinks 0.12pre1
was the first release that had this bug.
2008-06-30 20:11:44 -04:00
ELinks 0.12pre1:
Released on 2008-07-01. This release also included the changes listed
under ``ELinks 0.11.4'' below.
Notable new features:
* enhancement 822: UTF-8 as terminal charset, not merely UTF-8 I/O
of a unibyte codepage as in previous versions. Double-cell (aka
2007-06-17 13:31:29 -04:00
fullwidth) and supplementary characters work too, but combining
characters and right-to-left text do not. The only multibyte
charset ELinks can decode is still UTF-8, so if the server outputs
e.g. Shift-JIS, you'd better recode with a proxy. See more notes
in features.conf.
* enhancement 844: SMB protocol using libsmbclient. This replaces
the smbclient-based code that was disabled in ELinks 0.11.2.
Unfortunately, Samba 3.2.0 and later seem GPLv2 incompatible.
* ECMAScript support is now disabled by default. It has known
bugs 548 and 771 with which malicious web pages can hang ELinks,
and its security goals are undocumented. If you must enable
ECMAScript support, it would be prudent to restrict the ELinks
process with a sandbox of some kind.
* ECMAScript support no longer works with SpiderMonkey versions
earlier than JS1.5 RC3a.
* Gzip decompression support now requires zlib or later.
* bugs 871, 752: The numbering of terminal.*.colors no longer depends
on config options. This change makes elinks.conf portable between
different configurations but unfortunately not between this and
previous versions.
* Changed Python goto_url_hook(current) to goto_url_hook(new). The
hook can call the new function elinks.current_url() if desired.
The Python scripting back-end is much more featureful than in
previous releases, but it is still considered experimental.
* Guile scripting reads hooks.scm rather than internal-hooks.scm.
(It still reads user-hooks.scm, too.)
2007-07-29 07:06:34 -04:00
* critical bug 723: fix dangling pointer crash when following a link
in a frame
2007-05-06 12:55:36 -04:00
* critical bug 756: ``assertion (cached)->object.refcount >= 0 failed''
after HTTP proxy was changed
2007-07-29 07:06:34 -04:00
* critical bug 869: long mailcap entry buffer overflow (non-security)
when downloading
* tabs opened by -remote now go behind existing dialogs
2008-02-17 13:44:47 -05:00
* major bug 534, enhancement 517: fix HTTP gzip and bzip2
2008-02-24 13:32:43 -05:00
decompression, and add deflate and LZMA (requires LZMA Utils)
2008-02-03 13:44:06 -05:00
* major bug 503: various fixes in parsing and updating of elinks.conf
* Debian bug 257762: turn terminal transparency off by default
* bug 770: when the user chooses to resume an HTTP download, abort the
automatically started one and start a new one with the right range
* bug 724: better parsing of escape sequences and control
sequences from the terminal
* bug 948: fix wrong UTF-8 output after the charset menu was used
* bug 816: convert entity references in input/@value only once
* bug 916: if a mailcap entry has no %s, provide the file as stdin
2007-07-19 10:18:54 -04:00
* bug 744: don't change ``//'' to ``/'' in URIs
2007-07-15 16:41:17 -04:00
* bug 766: speed up CSS
2007-05-06 12:55:36 -04:00
* bug 355: add documents displayed via ``What to do'' dialog to the
global history
* encode and decode filenames in FSP URLs
* don't use a busy cache entry if it has expired or should be
reloaded. See elinks-users mail from 28 Oct 2005.
* several accesskey fixes
* in Lua: don't write to the string returned by lua_tostring
* minor bug 972: preserve the background color and underlining in
spaces when justifying
* minor bug 284: render closing bracket for HTML element SUB in the
same line; don't let it fall to the next
* minor: show quote characters for HTML element Q, rather than italics
* trivial bug 387: treat &#013; inside <pre>...</pre> as a newline
* trivial bug 930: refresh status bar when key prefix is eaten
2007-05-06 12:55:36 -04:00
* trivial bug 776: ``elinks -remote http://elinks.cz/'' no longer clears
the screen
* enhancement 790: If-Modified-Since and If-None-Match
* enhancement: HTTP negotiate-auth using GSSAPI
* enhancement: FSP progress indicator and password prompt
* enhancement: autocreate directories needed to download a file
2007-05-06 12:55:36 -04:00
* enhancement: ``Add server'' button in the cookie manager
* enhancement 887: ``Save'' in the cookie manager now saves cookies
even if unmodified
* enhancement 145: internal clipboard support
* enhancement: new main actions move-cursor-line-start,
move-link-down-line, move-link-left-line, move-link-right-line,
* enhancement: new edit actions kill-word-back, move-backward-word,
* enhancements 687, 688: options ui.tabs.top, ui.show_menu_bar_always
* enhancement: highlight links as one enters link prefixes
* enhancement: backspace backs out the last digit of the prefix
* enhancement: in text type-ahead searching, don't follow current link
on enter
* enhancement: add support for parsing space separated CSS class
attribute values
* enhancement: make meta refresh content attribute parsing more tolerant
* enhancement: recognize meta http-equiv="cache-control" even if no
* enhancement: mouse wheel support over GPM (contrib/gpm-wheel.patch),
and on BSD via moused -z 4
* enhancement: 24-bit truecolor mode
* enhancement 622: -dump-color-mode
* enhancement 994: treat only termios.c_cc[VERASE] as "Backspace"
* enhancement: support Ctrl+Alt+letter key combinations
* enhancement 381: reduce memory consumption of codepages and some
other arrays
* enhancement in user SMJS: new properties/functions elinks.action,
elinks.execute, elinks.globhist, elinks.load_uri, elinks.vs
Build system and compile-time errors (ignore if you don't build ELinks):
2008-02-17 14:49:09 -05:00
* serious Debian bug 464384: fix warnings in alignof, ssl_connect, and
printing of off_t values
* bug 725: fix version checking for Ruby in 'configure'
* enhancement: if make -k was used and a sub-Make fails, build the
rest before propagating
* enhancement: make uninstall
* experimental enhancements: --with-python=DIRECTORY, --with-gc=DIRECTORY
2007-07-17 17:45:32 -04:00
* experimental enhancement: Win32 port (build with MinGW MSYS)
Changes in the experimental ECMAScript support:
2007-05-06 12:55:36 -04:00
* disabled by default, as mentioned under ``Incompatibilities'' above
2007-06-17 13:31:29 -04:00
* execute event-handler scripts as function bodies, so ``return''
statements work as intended
* fix error ``forms.namedItem is not a function''
* enhancement: SEE ECMAScript backend, an alternative to SpiderMonkey
* enhancement: handling onsubmit
* workaround: window.open remembers the last few URLs and doesn't
reopen them when incremental rendering reruns the onload script
* enhancement: better handling of form.action assignments
2007-05-06 12:55:36 -04:00
* enhancement: form[x] looks up controls also by 'id', not only 'name'
* enhancement: added document.location.href, input.selectedIndex,
window.setTimeout, window.status
Changes in the experimental NNTP client:
* HTML escape header field values
* Add support for handling RFC2047 encoded words
* Improve listing of articles for groups
Changes in the experimental SGML/DOM implementation:
* enhancement: minimalistic RSS renderer
* enhancement: source highlighting also recognizes
application/xhtml+xml and application/docbook+xml. It doesn't yet
support arbitrary XML though.
* enhancement: make it possible to use more CSS properties with the
source highlighting
* enhancement: handle <base href=""> for HTML source rendering
* enhancement: add support for scanning comment endings such as
'--!>' correctly
* enhancement: incremental parsing
* and more.
2012-11-03 15:45:32 -04:00
ELinks 0.11.7:
2009-05-10 01:58:14 -04:00
2012-11-03 15:45:32 -04:00
Released on 2009-08-22.
2009-05-10 01:58:14 -04:00
* critical bug 1077: fix crash opening a ``javascript:'' link in a new
2012-11-03 15:45:32 -04:00
* major bug 764: remove int/long/pointer type punning in union
option_value, especially harmful on sparc64
2009-05-10 01:58:14 -04:00
2009-03-21 18:48:49 -04:00
ELinks 0.11.6:
2009-03-21 18:48:49 -04:00
Released on 2009-03-21.
* critical: fix double-free crash if EOF immediately follows </MAP>
* critical bug 1053: fix crash if a download finishes after ELinks has
closed the terminal from which the download was started
* major bug 1004: ignore locales when comparing HTML element names and
similar strings, so e.g. ``title'' matches ``TITLE'' even in the
Turkish locale
* minor: clicking a link with the mouse activates that link, rather
than the one selected with move-cursor-* actions
2009-03-21 18:48:49 -04:00
* build bug 1047: attempt to make inline functions satisfy C99 6.7.4p3
so that ELinks can be built on OpenSolaris
2008-09-21 03:41:23 -04:00
ELinks 0.11.5:
Released on 2008-09-21.
* critical bug 1027 in user SMJS: make elinks.keymaps treat null and
"none" as equivalent actions, avoiding a segfault
* critical bug 1030: an assertion used to fail in the search dialog
on systems that lack a usable <regex.h>
* major bug 503: various fixes in parsing and updating of elinks.conf
2008-07-26 05:33:48 -04:00
* bug 698: Attach controls to the intended form even if it is
incorrectly nested in a table. (Was broken in 0.11.4.)
* build bug 1021: fixed uninitialized variable in http_got_header
* build: don't use libgnutls-openssl, which is no longer GPLv2
compatible in GnuTLS 2.2.0
ELinks 0.11.4:
Released on 2008-06-20.
2007-07-02 16:56:25 -04:00
* critical bug 755: fix crashes due to dangling pointers to struct
2007-07-10 10:01:09 -04:00
* critical bugs 613, 714, 961: ``assertion list_empty(form_controls)
* critical bug 945: don't crash if a Lua script calls e.g. error(nil)
* critical bug 1003: don't crash if a smart URI rewrite template gets
too few parameters
* critical bug 1016: avoid JSFunctionSpec for better compatibility
across versions of SpiderMonkey
* critical bugs 674, 956: don't reuse pointers to SpiderMonkey objects
that may have been collected as garbage. This fix causes bug 954.
* CVE-2007-2027: check if the program path contains "src/" before
using ../po files
2012-11-03 15:45:32 -04:00
* important Debian bug 380347, CVE-2008-7224: prevent a buffer
overflow in entity_cache and a possible subsequent crash
2007-06-17 13:31:29 -04:00
* major bug 788: don't read STRLEN n_a, which isn't initialized by
POPpx of Perl v5.8.8 and later
* fix query parsing in file: URIs for local CGI (was broken in 0.11.3)
* bug 691: don't look up bogus IPv4 addresses based on characters of a
2007-05-06 12:55:36 -04:00
* bug 712: GnuTLS works on https://www-s.uiuc.edu/[]
* fix active and passive FTP over IPv6
* bug 938: elinks -remote no longer needs a controlling tty
* bug 939: fix FSP directory listing (some compiler options left it empty)
* bug 978: Python's webbrowser.open_new_tab(URL) works since now
* bug 1012: compile with -fno-strict-overflow or -fwrapv if available
* bug 1014: fix incompatible pointer type in Perl_sys_init3 call
* minor bug 54, Debian bug 338402: don't force the terminal to 8 bits
2008-02-17 14:49:09 -05:00
with no parity, and don't disable XON/XOFF flow control either
2007-07-02 16:56:25 -04:00
* minor bug 951 in user SMJS: garbage-collect SMJS objects on 'File ->
Flush all caches' to work around their holding cache entries busy
* minor bug 396: never show empty filename in the what-to-do dialog
2007-06-17 13:31:29 -04:00
* minor bug 461: ensure contrast in blank areas, to keep the cursor visible
* minor bug 928: properly display no-break spaces in a UTF-8 document
if the terminal uses some other charset
2008-02-17 14:49:09 -05:00
* minor bug 987: English spelling and grammar corrections
* minor bug 1000: preserve any query and fragment when converting a
file name to a file:// URL
* minor: don't assume sizeof(int)==4 in bittorrent
2007-06-17 13:31:29 -04:00
* trivial bug 947: document.html.wrap_nbsp also affects text in tables
* trivial bug 997: fix unlikely stack corruption in active FTP
* build bug 1002: fix ``comparison is always true due to limited range
of data type'' warning on PowerPC and s390
2007-05-23 18:05:13 -04:00
* build bug 950: fix ``config/install-sh: No such file or directory''
on SunOS
2007-07-02 16:56:25 -04:00
* build bug 936: fix errors about undefined off_t (autoheader
2007-07-10 10:01:09 -04:00
* build bug 959: test in configure whether -lX11 works
2007-06-17 13:31:29 -04:00
* build: update SpiderMonkey configure check Debian compatibility
* build: use $(CPPFLAGS) rather than $(AM_CFLAGS)
2007-11-11 03:56:54 -05:00
* build: disable GCC 4.2 warning about builtin_modules
* build: move debian/ to contrib/debian/
* minor build bug 989: AsciiDoc 8.2.2 compatibility
* minor build bug 960: fix errors in loadmsgcat.c if mmap() exists but
munmap() doesn't
2007-04-16 12:52:53 -04:00
ELinks 0.11.3:
2007-04-16 12:52:53 -04:00
Released on 2007-04-15.
* critical bugs 846, 870: fix crashes in web ECMAScripts and SMJS user
* critical bug 927: fix null pointer crash if META Refresh is in a
table cell
2007-04-11 18:05:31 -04:00
* critical bug 941: fix assertion failure or memory corruption if FTP
server responds to PASV with status 200
2007-04-09 05:35:55 -04:00
* critical bug 729 in experimental BitTorrent: fix crashes with
various bogus BitTorrent URLs
2007-04-11 18:05:31 -04:00
* critical bug 868: fix segfault in check_timers
* critical bugs 897, 919: fix crashes on operating systems lacking
* critical: fix null pointer crash if XBEL bookmark has no title
* critical bug 760: fix crash when moving bookmarks out of a folder
* critical: fix crash in an empty file-extensions menu
2007-04-11 18:05:31 -04:00
* critical bug 715: fix null pointer crash caused by malformed proxy
* critical: fix SMJS null pointer crash on exit
* critical bug 880 in experimental Python scripting: fix null pointer
crash with -no-home
* major Gentoo bug 121247: fix segfaults in Ruby user scripting
* major bug 908: don't write to freed memory when the user pushes a
radio button
2007-11-11 03:56:54 -05:00
* major bug 937, CVE-2007-5034: don't send the entire HTTPS request to
a CONNECT proxy
* bug 899, Debian bug 403139: recognize >2GB files in FTP directory
listing, if off_t is large enough
* bug 942: encode/decode file names in FTP URLs, so they can contain
* bug 741: don't recognize HTML comments inside STYLE elements
* bug 769: fix MD5 computation/formatting in HTTP digest
* fix POST to local CGI
2007-04-06 17:01:56 -04:00
* remove a garbage character from the end of the authentication prompt
* bugs 872, 886: editing or deleting cookies in the cookie manager
should cause a save
2007-05-06 12:55:36 -04:00
* secure file saving: restore umask after *all* failure conditions
2007-04-09 05:35:55 -04:00
* decode the fragment identifier extracted from the URI when looking
it up
2007-04-03 18:02:23 -04:00
* bug 768 in experimental Python scripting: link with e.g. -lpython2.4
rather than -lpython
* minor bugs 830, 831: changes in parsing of -remote arguments
* minor Debian bug 313696 and other translation updates
* enhancement 24: fix searching past unselectable elements in menus
* enhancement: recognize function keys and backspace/delete on FreeBSD
* enhancement 772: recognize Shift-Tab on XTerm
* enhancement: place cursor on listbox rather than button, to help
screen readers
* enhancements in text wrapping
* enhancement 767: recognize URL in META Refresh even without "URL="
* enhancement 396: search for "<html>" if the server doesn't specify a
ELinks 0.11.2:
Released on 2006-11-19.
* critical bug 841, CVE-2006-5925: prevent enabling the SMB protocol
* critical bug 786: fix crash when following a link in frames
* print off_t with custom OFF_T_FORMAT instead of PRId64
* build: Minix3 compatibility
ELinks 0.11.1:
Released on 2006-01-29.
* work around null pointer crashes in HTTP digest authentication
* fix assertion failure with document.plain.display_links and
uppercase URIs
* fix Gopher crashes
* enhancement 630: native FSP protocol support (replaces CGI program
in contrib/cgi/)
* SMJS user scripting: check for hooks.js before trying to load it
* SMJS user scripting: the elinks.preformat_html hook gets a second
argument: a view_state object with .uri and .plain properties
2007-04-03 18:02:23 -04:00
* bug 921 in Lua scripting: fix current_document_formatted
* if given "a?b" in the command line, try to guess whether the
question mark is part of the file name or indicates a query part
* updated character entity list from unicode.org
* build: use asciidoc -unsafe for AsciiDoc 7.0.4 compatibility
2007-04-09 05:35:55 -04:00
* build bug 738: fix "/config.charset" error triggered by building in
the source directory
2006-01-01 11:36:29 -05:00
ELinks 0.11.0 (Elated):
Released on 2006-01-01.