Fixed some Gemini defects

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Scott C. MacCallum 2023-03-16 22:11:31 +00:00
parent fd44b29fa1
commit 6d5e08e76b
1 changed files with 5 additions and 8 deletions

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@ -79,10 +79,10 @@ finger()
# Write the appended data from the footer file to dotplan
cat /sdf/arpa/$letter_range/$letter/$USER/finger/footer >> /sdf/arpa/$letter_range/$letter/$USER/finger/dotplan
# Write the .plan file to the Cluster from dotplan
# Write the .plan file to the SDF cluster from dotplan
cp /sdf/arpa/$letter_range/$letter/$USER/finger/dotplan /sdf/arpa/$letter_range/$letter/$USER/.plan
# Write the .plan file to the Meta Array from dotplan
# Write the .plan file to the SDF meta array from dotplan
scp /sdf/arpa/$letter_range/$letter/$USER/finger/dotplan $$letter/$USER/.plan
@ -125,6 +125,7 @@ gopher()
# From the $month-e02 file write the $month
cp /sdf/arpa/$letter_range/$letter/$USER/gopher-prep/$month-e02 /ftp/pub/users/$USER/posts/$year/$month
# Set the correct permissions on the Gopher directory and files
chmod -R 754 /ftp/pub/users/$USER
@ -162,12 +163,8 @@ gemini()
# Remove the extra blank lines above and below the posts year
sed -i "9d;12d" /sdf/arpa/$letter_range/$letter/$USER/gemini/index-e02
# Substitute the posts year with a Gemini link to the posts
sed -i "s/$year/=> gemini\:\/\/\/$USER\/posts\/$year\/$month.gmi $year/" /sdf/arpa/$letter_range/$letter/$USER/gemini/index-e02
# Substitute the Gopher text with a Gopher Gemini link
sed -i "s/Gopher e.g. gopher gopher\:\/\/\:70\/1\/users\/$USER\/./=> gopher\:\/\/\:70\/1\/users\/$USER\/ Gopher/" /sdf/arpa/$letter_range/$letter/$USER/gemini/index-e02
# Write a blank line between the source and copyright information
# Write the index.gmi file to the Meta Array from index-e02
scp /sdf/arpa/$letter_range/$letter/$USER/gemini/index-e02 $$USER/index.gmi