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2022-06-01 10:19:41 -04:00
#!/usr/bin/env python3
This script does the following:
* gets temperature and humidity from two connected DHT22 sensors
* gets the energy gain of a PV system via an intermediate Tasmota smart plug
* sends an APRS message containing the gathered information to APRS-IS
import requests
import aprslib
import Adafruit_DHT
TASMOTA_IP = "" # change to IP address of Tasmota device
SENSOR_RACK = 27 # change to corresponding GIO Pin
SENSOR_OUTSIDE = 17 # change to corresponding GIO Pin
APRS_SYMBOL = "-" # pick your APRS symbol here
CALL = "XXXXX-15" # enter your call sign
PASSWORD = "12345" # generate a passcode for your call and enter it here
PORT = 14580 # should be okay
GPS_COORDINATES = "585.36N/04041.46W" # enter your coordinates here
def get_energy_data():
"""grabs data from the Tasmota smart plug via HTTP request"""
resp = requests.get(url="http://{}/cm?cmnd=STATUS+8".format(TASMOTA_IP))
data = resp.json()
energy = data["StatusSNS"]["ENERGY"]
# Balkonkraftwerke (certain small PV systems) only generate 600W...
if energy["Power"] > 600:
energy["Power"] = 600
energy["Total"] = str(format(energy["Total"], '.1f'))
energy["Yesterday"] = str(format(energy["Yesterday"], '.1f'))
energy["Today"] = str(format(energy["Today"], '.1f'))
return energy
def send_aprs(weather_data, energy_data):
"""sends the APRS message to APRS-IS"""
# a valid passcode for the callsign is required in order to send
ais = aprslib.IS(CALL, passwd=PASSWORD, port=PORT)
# send a single status message
msg = "PV Power:{} W, Today:{} kWh, Yesterday:{} kWh, Total:{} kWh - {}".format(\
energy_data["Power"], energy_data["Today"], energy_data["Yesterday"], \
energy_data["Total"], weather_data)
ais.sendall("DK1MI-15>APRS,TCPIP*:={}{} {}".format(GPS_COORDINATES, APRS_SYMBOL, msg))
def get_weather_data():
"""grabs temperature and humidity from the attached DHT22 sensors"""
humidity_rack, temperature_rack = Adafruit_DHT.read_retry(DHT_SENSOR, SENSOR_RACK)
humidity_outside, temperature_outside = Adafruit_DHT.read_retry(DHT_SENSOR, SENSOR_OUTSIDE)
ret_val = "WX: "
if humidity_rack is not None and temperature_rack is not None:
ret_val = ret_val + "Rack:{0:0.1f}C/{1:0.1f}%".format(\
temperature_rack, humidity_rack)
print("Failed to retrieve data from rack sensor")
if humidity_outside is not None and temperature_outside is not None:
ret_val = ret_val + " Outside:{0:0.1f}C/{1:0.1f}%".format(\
temperature_outside, humidity_outside)
print("Failed to retrieve data from outside sensor")
return ret_val
if __name__ == "__main__":
send_aprs(get_weather_data(), get_energy_data())