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12 Commits

Author SHA1 Message Date
marco ddca71d2ad Assimilate 3 drones
Assimilate conda     0.0.12-49-g60e14d1
Assimilate f        v0.20.0-118-g4f03d7b
Assimilate pythonic v0.2.0-10-g8250de0
2024-02-17 21:41:04 +01:00
marco 9fd31c7993 Update 27 drones
Update borg            to v3.3.1-132-g94b9be7
Update closql          to v1.2.1-39-g81f04f6
Update compat          to
Update consult         to  1.2-10-gde0ed45
Update consult-notes   to  d6e3400
Update corfu           to  1.2-6-gba38c4d
Update dash            to  2.19.1-40-g5df7605
Update denote          to  87518c2
Update ef-themes       to  1051538
Update emacsql         to  3.1.1-64-gfdcf447
Update embark          to  1.0-15-g60139db
Update epkg            to v3.3.3-90-g4a24534
Update evil            to  1.14.0-402-g5995f6f
Update evil-collection to  0.0.9-48-g29212d1
Update general         to  4b85055
Update git-modes       to  1.4.2-3-g3cc9497
Update haskell-mode    to v17.5-8-g43b4036
Update magit           to v3.3.0-878-g12c5a9dc
Update marginalia      to  1.5-4-gea356eb
Update no-littering    to v1.5.0-27-g6de0be8
Update orderless       to  1.0-34-g61aed3e
Update org             to release_9.6.16-1066-g78754cdcf
Update projectile      to v2.8.0-26-g0163b33
Update reformatter     to  0.7-16-g76315e3
Update transient       to v0.5.3-26-g85ecbc6
Update vertico         to  1.7-7-gc7ed431
Update with-editor     to v3.3.2-5-g5db5f0e
2024-02-17 21:14:29 +01:00
marco 57786327c2 CHANGE 31 drones
Update auto-compile    to  1.8.2-4-gc4a267d
Assimilate beframe          1709059
Update borg            to v3.3.1-131-g4666dd7
Update buttercup       to v1.33-1-g24d43b2
Update closql          to v1.2.1-31-g6bc90e8
Update compat          to
Update consult         to  1.1-4-ge903d06
Update consult-notes   to  12c8ca7
Update corfu           to  1.1-15-g3f01b49
Update denote          to  8ae30d4
Update ef-themes       to  0a2f007
Update emacsql         to  3.1.1-48-ge2b2df5
Update embark          to  1.0-1-gb9f2b3b
Update epkg            to v3.3.3-88-g3858c49
Update evil            to  1.14.0-397-g2bd0cea
Update evil-collection to  0.0.9-43-gcf1a119
Update git-modes       to  1.4.2-2-g4a61a9b
Assimilate haskell-mode    v17.5-2-g79eaf44
Update libgit          to  373defa
Update llama           to v0.3.1-7-g05c14ca
Update magit           to v3.3.0-858-g5c652a08
Update marginalia      to  1.5-3-g5d79150
Update no-littering    to v1.5.0-24-g775f06c
Update ob-restclient   to  8183f8a
Update orderless       to  1.0-23-gb247480
Update projectile      to v2.8.0-4-ge0fc464
Assimilate reformatter      0.7-14-g8040d6b
Update sqlite3         to v0.18
Update transient       to v0.5.3-2-g6872fb8
Update vertico         to  1.6-9-g20c9214
Update with-editor     to v3.3.2-4-gd43db3c
2024-01-02 21:28:46 +01:00
marco 242a8df3cf Update 12 drones
Update buttercup       to v1.32
Update compat          to
Update consult         to  0.35-39-ge5406f2
Update corfu           to  0.38-15-g1300980
Update embark          to  0.23-13-gb22bcc4
Update epkg            to v3.3.3-83-g2a002fb
Update evil-collection to  0.0.9-36-g877cc09
Update magit           to v3.3.0-794-g139f603c
Update marginalia      to  1.3-8-g4e14bc0
Update projectile      to v2.7.0-32-gf34d524
Update restclient      to  e2a2b13
Update vertico         to  1.4-30-g3baad81
2023-10-11 16:36:38 +02:00
marco 0fa1f728a2 CHANGE 24 drones
Update auto-compile    to  1.8.2-2-gf72fe7f
Update borg            to v3.3.1-116-g2b38da4
Update buttercup       to v1.31-1-g9cbbc99
Update closql          to v1.2.1-28-g909752e
Update compat          to
Update consult         to  0.35-27-g4338004
Assimilate corfu-terminal  v0.7
Update denote          to  3061a73
Update ef-themes       to  d72b391
Update emacsql         to  3.1.1-43-g59de83a
Update embark          to  0.23-2-g03fa41a
Update epkg            to v3.3.3-82-gbfcceba
Update evil            to  1.14.0-389-gd28206c
Update evil-collection to  0.0.9-33-g0f558f3
Update git-modes       to  1.4.1-1-g3889534
Update magit           to v3.3.0-779-gae7f5e9f
Update marginalia      to  1.3-7-gf173437
Update orderless       to  1.0-14-gd6b402a
Update org             to release_9.6.8-785-g72bbf8928
Assimilate popon           v0.13
Update projectile      to v2.7.0-30-g4247ac7
Update transient       to v0.4.3-10-g04f87b4
Update vertico         to  1.4-25-g81bec39
Update with-editor     to v3.3.2-1-gfcd186d
2023-09-21 00:56:17 +02:00
marco 5c967dca79 CHANGE 22 drones
Update auto-compile       to  1.8.2-1-g945f4eb
Update compat             to
Update consult            to  0.35-13-g40607fb
Update consult-notes      to  006b209
Update corfu              to  0.38-7-gcc244c5
Update denote             to  5a9645b
Update ef-themes          to  559de2d
Update embark             to  0.21-165-g46fb2f8
Update epkg               to v3.3.3-81-gb22da65
Update evil               to  1.14.0-387-gd6d2e5d
Update evil-collection    to  0.0.9-32-g8be4b75
Update llama              to v0.3.1-1-ga938ac0
Update magit              to v3.3.0-742-ga3b9b007
Assimilate ob-restclient       ded3b7e
Update org                to release_9.6.8-746-g234650af2
Assimilate puppet-mode         0.4-13-g71bcd38
Update rainbow-delimiters to  2.1.5-3-gf40ece5
Assimilate restclient          0ba7281
Update transient          to v0.4.3-5-g361d8ac
Update vertico            to  1.4-21-g5780fac
Update which-key          to v3.6.0-20-g4d20bc8
Update with-editor        to v3.3.2
2023-09-05 23:51:40 +02:00
marco 59ba867d51 emacs: Keep file backups in separate directory 2023-08-13 23:08:21 +02:00
marco 90dfa3bdf8 emacs: Confirm before quitting 2023-08-13 22:59:06 +02:00
marco 81ed117d8b general: Improve key bindings 2023-08-13 22:57:44 +02:00
marco 56a12186ef Update 12 drones
Update closql     to v1.2.1-27-gea49aa1
Update consult    to  0.35-3-gc971f8d
Update corfu      to  0.37-7-g42b1ddc
Update dash       to  2.19.1-36-g6db80c7
Update denote     to  1a2bc83
Update ef-themes  to  39f8ab3
Update embark     to  0.21-154-gd8bf793
Update epkg       to v3.3.3-79-gdfb6685
Update evil       to  1.14.0-358-gfa41a49
Update marginalia to  1.3-6-g17fffc6
Update orderless  to  1.0-10-g6936fe4
Update vertico    to  1.4-8-gc87e73e
2023-08-07 11:21:10 +02:00
marco 5136719d68 borg: Rename default branch 2023-08-07 10:56:09 +02:00
marco d280c413be Initial commit 2023-08-06 09:27:57 +02:00