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(Johannes Winkelmann,
prt-get is a utility which is meant to be used with the pkgutils and
ports from crux ( It offers some simplification over
pure pkgmk, but might hide some interesting details about the install
Just install the crux port from
prt-get has to know where to look for ports. You can specify those in
/etc/prt-get.conf, one directory per line. Note that the order
matters, when the same port is in multiple direcories
(e.g. /usr/ports/contrib/mutt and /usr/ports/local/mutt), the one
found _first_ will be used.
Feel free to contact me in case of problems (
more information
See the man pages for prt-get(8), prt-get.conf(5) and prt-cache for more
information. There is also a user manual in the doc directory (as a
tex file). This document should also be available as PDF from
"it must be user error" (thinkgeek)
port directories may only contain ports, or else prt-get can fail (which
means that nothing is installed, your system takes no harm). The reason
for this is because the additional checking slows down the application
too much