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STRWarrior 0f6688fe9e Updated the android files 2014-03-29 12:24:26 +01:00
STRWarrior 6ad0da5ce0 Removed unneeded include. 2013-12-24 14:52:19 +01:00
STRWarrior b424877448 Fixed getting configure button going to port 0. 2013-12-24 14:44:24 +01:00
STRWarrior 155f1751ce Added the list_item.xml 2013-12-24 13:48:15 +01:00
STRWarrior 1bd1696ceb Just a quick update for the files you need to compile for Android. 2013-12-23 16:56:21 +01:00
Alexander Harkness 53e22b1185 Changed everyting to Unix line endings. 2013-07-29 12:13:03 +01:00
faketruth cec6bba19f git-svn-id: http://mc-server.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@1377 0a769ca7-a7f5-676a-18bf-c427514a06d6 2013-04-09 20:28:57 +00:00
faketruth 6aa243a953 Android: Added an installer class that lets the user select default plugins to install and it will install the example.ini files.
Android: Added menu option to retry the MCServer install routine

git-svn-id: http://mc-server.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@1050 0a769ca7-a7f5-676a-18bf-c427514a06d6
2012-11-16 22:19:12 +00:00
faketruth ba2a9b6b2c Added falling block entities. Sand and gravel now properly fall down
Implemented the PACKET_SPAWN_OBJECT packet
Made some things use BLOCKTYPE instead of char

Android: Requests WebAdmin port when pressing the configure button

git-svn-id: http://mc-server.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@915 0a769ca7-a7f5-676a-18bf-c427514a06d6
2012-09-30 16:37:44 +00:00
faketruth fe61687b97 Made beds placeable
Android: Updated some stuff and set default view distance lower

git-svn-id: http://mc-server.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@900 0a769ca7-a7f5-676a-18bf-c427514a06d6
2012-09-29 13:41:47 +00:00
faketruth 987b6ac123 Fixed a bug in the inventory system where it would de-sync when dragging items with non-default metadata/health
Android: Updated VS2008 project to point to correct Android files
Android: Updated makefiles to compile CryptoPP
Android: Modified CryptoPP config.h and misc.cpp so it compiles for Android
Android: Added pretty MCServer icons

git-svn-id: http://mc-server.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@893 0a769ca7-a7f5-676a-18bf-c427514a06d6
2012-09-26 14:36:08 +00:00
faketruth 8560ceeef5 Android: Welcome back gen folder :P
git-svn-id: http://mc-server.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@759 0a769ca7-a7f5-676a-18bf-c427514a06d6
2012-08-19 16:50:31 +00:00
faketruth 01a4ab7726 Android: Moved Android stuff to the ~/trunk/Android/ folder!
git-svn-id: http://mc-server.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@758 0a769ca7-a7f5-676a-18bf-c427514a06d6
2012-08-19 16:43:47 +00:00