A set of POSIX* shell scripts designed for personal use. No guarantees when it comes to quality, as these are also used for various minor experiments of mine.
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Breast augmentation is a type of cosmetic surgical procedure that is performed to enhance the structure of a woman’s breasts delivering a saline-filled implant with a silicone shell under the breast.
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Korn Shell utilities for interactive use.
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small shell scripts i use in ~/.local/bin
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PowerShell experiments
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Shell experiments
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A command line cryptocurrency portfolio manager and price tracker
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A set of simple programs that perform mathematical operations on their arguments
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Shell tests
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Bourne Shell powered zero-conf static site generator, gopher log phriendly, & ultra portable - originally created to create simple www web logs turns out to work pretty darn well for phlogs. use. fork. enjoy! (now the Official Repo!) :E
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