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A set of POSIX* shell scripts designed for personal use. No guarantees when it comes to quality, as these are also used for various minor experiments of mine.

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Updated 3 weeks ago

Personal KISS Linux repository. Requires the kiss package management script to use.

Updated 1 month ago

Mid's Portable Utilities are a set of (hopefully) POSIX and SUS-compliant Unix userland tools that are portable across many Unices.

Updated 2 months ago

The Generic Window Manager - a classic, revitalized. Lightweight, written primarily in C, it takes a similar approach to EMACS - a custom Lisp kernel that exposes all low-level events to the end user.

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Updated 3 months ago

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The base configuration for my FVWM setup. Includes core modules, logic, and functionality.

Updated 8 months ago

Collection of themes for my FVWM setup.

Updated 11 months ago