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Machine Learning 1

Updated 2021-09-26 20:15:56 +00:00 - translates strings used in all kind of Microsoft products

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I got tired of having to update my gophermap files when I moved files around or made new phlog entries. This repository holds a few scripts to help make gopher a little easier.

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Nebula is an IRC client originally written by Riccardo Mottola. This is my fork of it; goals are to eliminate any implementation-specific code, add TLS support, and generally add a layer of polish.

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Small python scrip to switch between the Nouveau Driver and Nvidia Driver at boot. Tested on Fedora 32. Use at your own risk.

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A mirror of the OpenDiablo2 project

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A shitty discord bot. It does things.

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A set of POSIX* shell scripts designed for personal use. No guarantees when it comes to quality, as these are also used for various minor experiments of mine.

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A story about a sorcerer who risked everything to live the life she wished she'd wished for.

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Possibly data analysis to predict stuff

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A Queue system for Runway Fashion in Tacoma Washington

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Spamassasin personal rules

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Breast augmentation is a type of cosmetic surgical procedure that is performed to enhance the structure of a woman’s breasts delivering a saline-filled implant with a silicone shell under the breast.

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Speech Timing Server for things like Toastmaster Speeches

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