Migration to the SDF git

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Poor Man's CAT for Alinco DX70

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Thoughts a la md about tech stuff.

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tutorials, examples, and manual pages

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Breaks down a deny list into individual IPs, makes sure that none of those IPs are part of the scope file. Additionally it can add all the deny IPs to iptables to deny outbound traffic, you specify a rule-set name (it's really a comment on iptables) and you can also later remove those rules when you're done. 🧹

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A Pico-8 port of the Atari Game "Fall Down"

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Love is the Game, the game is Death

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The Generic Window Manager - a classic, revitalized. Lightweight, written primarily in C, it takes a similar approach to EMACS - a custom Lisp kernel that exposes all low-level events to the end user.

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Fanfic: Gideon the Ninth Roman Gladiator AU / Hyborea/ Conan Exiles (video game).

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A daycare child/parent and attendence management system developed for Great Home Childcare in Kent, WA.

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A remote control appclication for the Hardrock-50 for use with the HR50-API

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Ham Radio related RSS feeds in OPML format

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The Jargon File - a modern version

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If you have missing teeth that you are currently using bridges or dentures to replace, you may be interested in upgrading your mouth

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A question that justifies some serious consideration prior to making the decision between products. With metal braces impact on self-esteem can be negative,

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Generic Cialis is one of the most known treatments for male erectile dysfunction, With Generic Cialis you can treat erectile dysfunction.

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Short Lua Programs/Experiments

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