Love is the Game, the game is Death
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Welcome to Evennia!

This is your game directory, set up to let you start with your new game right away. An overview of this directory is found here:

You can delete this readme file when you've read it and you can re-arrange things in this game-directory to suit your own sense of organisation (the only exception is the directory structure of the server/ directory, which Evennia expects). If you change the structure you must however also edit/add to your settings file to tell Evennia where to look for things.

Your game's main configuration file is found in server/conf/ (but you don't need to change it to get started). If you just created this directory (which means you'll already have a virtualenv running if you followed the default instructions), cd to this directory then initialize a new database using

evennia migrate

To start the server, stand in this directory and run

evennia start

This will start the server, logging output to the console. Make sure to create a superuser when asked. By default you can now connect to your new game using a MUD client on localhost, port 4000. You can also log into the web client by pointing a browser to http://localhost:4001.

Getting started

From here on you might want to look at one of the beginner tutorials:

Evennia's documentation is here: