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" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" File: gruvbox.vim
" Description: Retro groove color scheme for Vim
" Author: morhetz <>
" Source:
" Last Modified: 12 Aug 2017
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" Supporting code -------------------------------------------------------------
" Initialisation: {{{
if version > 580
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let g:colors_name='gruvbox'
if !(has('termguicolors') && &termguicolors) && !has('gui_running') && &t_Co != 256
" }}}
" Global Settings: {{{
if !exists('g:gruvbox_bold')
let g:gruvbox_bold=1
if !exists('g:gruvbox_italic')
if has('gui_running') || $TERM_ITALICS == 'true'
let g:gruvbox_italic=1
let g:gruvbox_italic=0
if !exists('g:gruvbox_undercurl')
let g:gruvbox_undercurl=1
if !exists('g:gruvbox_underline')
let g:gruvbox_underline=1
if !exists('g:gruvbox_inverse')
let g:gruvbox_inverse=1
if !exists('g:gruvbox_guisp_fallback') || index(['fg', 'bg'], g:gruvbox_guisp_fallback) == -1
let g:gruvbox_guisp_fallback='NONE'
if !exists('g:gruvbox_improved_strings')
let g:gruvbox_improved_strings=0
if !exists('g:gruvbox_improved_warnings')
let g:gruvbox_improved_warnings=0
if !exists('g:gruvbox_termcolors')
let g:gruvbox_termcolors=256
if !exists('g:gruvbox_invert_indent_guides')
let g:gruvbox_invert_indent_guides=0
if exists('g:gruvbox_contrast')
echo 'g:gruvbox_contrast is deprecated; use g:gruvbox_contrast_light and g:gruvbox_contrast_dark instead'
if !exists('g:gruvbox_contrast_dark')
let g:gruvbox_contrast_dark='medium'
if !exists('g:gruvbox_contrast_light')
let g:gruvbox_contrast_light='medium'
let s:is_dark=(&background == 'dark')
" }}}
" Palette: {{{
" setup palette dictionary
let s:gb = {}
" fill it with absolute colors
let s:gb.dark0_hard = ['#1d2021', 234] " 29-32-33
let s:gb.dark0 = ['#282828', 235] " 40-40-40
let s:gb.dark0_soft = ['#32302f', 236] " 50-48-47
let s:gb.dark1 = ['#3c3836', 237] " 60-56-54
let s:gb.dark2 = ['#504945', 239] " 80-73-69
let s:gb.dark3 = ['#665c54', 241] " 102-92-84
let s:gb.dark4 = ['#7c6f64', 243] " 124-111-100
let s:gb.dark4_256 = ['#7c6f64', 243] " 124-111-100
let s:gb.gray_245 = ['#928374', 245] " 146-131-116
let s:gb.gray_244 = ['#928374', 244] " 146-131-116
let s:gb.light0_hard = ['#f9f5d7', 230] " 249-245-215
let s:gb.light0 = ['#fbf1c7', 229] " 253-244-193
let s:gb.light0_soft = ['#f2e5bc', 228] " 242-229-188
let s:gb.light1 = ['#ebdbb2', 223] " 235-219-178
let s:gb.light2 = ['#d5c4a1', 250] " 213-196-161
let s:gb.light3 = ['#bdae93', 248] " 189-174-147
let s:gb.light4 = ['#a89984', 246] " 168-153-132
let s:gb.light4_256 = ['#a89984', 246] " 168-153-132
let s:gb.bright_red = ['#fb4934', 167] " 251-73-52
let s:gb.bright_green = ['#b8bb26', 142] " 184-187-38
let s:gb.bright_yellow = ['#fabd2f', 214] " 250-189-47
let s:gb.bright_blue = ['#83a598', 109] " 131-165-152
let s:gb.bright_purple = ['#d3869b', 175] " 211-134-155
let s:gb.bright_aqua = ['#8ec07c', 108] " 142-192-124
let s:gb.bright_orange = ['#fe8019', 208] " 254-128-25
let s:gb.neutral_red = ['#cc241d', 124] " 204-36-29
let s:gb.neutral_green = ['#98971a', 106] " 152-151-26
let s:gb.neutral_yellow = ['#d79921', 172] " 215-153-33
let s:gb.neutral_blue = ['#458588', 66] " 69-133-136
let s:gb.neutral_purple = ['#b16286', 132] " 177-98-134
let s:gb.neutral_aqua = ['#689d6a', 72] " 104-157-106
let s:gb.neutral_orange = ['#d65d0e', 166] " 214-93-14
let s:gb.faded_red = ['#9d0006', 88] " 157-0-6
let s:gb.faded_green = ['#79740e', 100] " 121-116-14
let s:gb.faded_yellow = ['#b57614', 136] " 181-118-20
let s:gb.faded_blue = ['#076678', 24] " 7-102-120
let s:gb.faded_purple = ['#8f3f71', 96] " 143-63-113
let s:gb.faded_aqua = ['#427b58', 66] " 66-123-88
let s:gb.faded_orange = ['#af3a03', 130] " 175-58-3
" }}}
" Setup Emphasis: {{{
let s:bold = 'bold,'
if g:gruvbox_bold == 0
let s:bold = ''
let s:italic = 'italic,'
if g:gruvbox_italic == 0
let s:italic = ''
let s:underline = 'underline,'
if g:gruvbox_underline == 0
let s:underline = ''
let s:undercurl = 'undercurl,'
if g:gruvbox_undercurl == 0
let s:undercurl = ''
let s:inverse = 'inverse,'
if g:gruvbox_inverse == 0
let s:inverse = ''
" }}}
" Setup Colors: {{{
let s:vim_bg = ['bg', 'bg']
let s:vim_fg = ['fg', 'fg']
let s:none = ['NONE', 'NONE']
" determine relative colors
if s:is_dark
let s:bg0 = s:gb.dark0
if g:gruvbox_contrast_dark == 'soft'
let s:bg0 = s:gb.dark0_soft
elseif g:gruvbox_contrast_dark == 'hard'
let s:bg0 = s:gb.dark0_hard
let s:bg1 = s:gb.dark1
let s:bg2 = s:gb.dark2
let s:bg3 = s:gb.dark3
let s:bg4 = s:gb.dark4
let s:gray = s:gb.gray_245
let s:fg0 = s:gb.light0
let s:fg1 = s:gb.light1
let s:fg2 = s:gb.light2
let s:fg3 = s:gb.light3
let s:fg4 = s:gb.light4
let s:fg4_256 = s:gb.light4_256
let s:red = s:gb.bright_red
let s:green = s:gb.bright_green
let s:yellow = s:gb.bright_yellow
let s:blue = s:gb.bright_blue
let s:purple = s:gb.bright_purple
let s:aqua = s:gb.bright_aqua
let s:orange = s:gb.bright_orange
let s:bg0 = s:gb.light0
if g:gruvbox_contrast_light == 'soft'
let s:bg0 = s:gb.light0_soft
elseif g:gruvbox_contrast_light == 'hard'
let s:bg0 = s:gb.light0_hard
let s:bg1 = s:gb.light1
let s:bg2 = s:gb.light2
let s:bg3 = s:gb.light3
let s:bg4 = s:gb.light4
let s:gray = s:gb.gray_244
let s:fg0 = s:gb.dark0
let s:fg1 = s:gb.dark1
let s:fg2 = s:gb.dark2
let s:fg3 = s:gb.dark3
let s:fg4 = s:gb.dark4
let s:fg4_256 = s:gb.dark4_256
let s:red = s:gb.faded_red
let s:green = s:gb.faded_green
let s:yellow = s:gb.faded_yellow
let s:blue = s:gb.faded_blue
let s:purple = s:gb.faded_purple
let s:aqua = s:gb.faded_aqua
let s:orange = s:gb.faded_orange
" reset to 16 colors fallback
if g:gruvbox_termcolors == 16
let s:bg0[1] = 0
let s:fg4[1] = 7
let s:gray[1] = 8
let s:red[1] = 9
let s:green[1] = 10
let s:yellow[1] = 11
let s:blue[1] = 12
let s:purple[1] = 13
let s:aqua[1] = 14
let s:fg1[1] = 15
" save current relative colors back to palette dictionary
let s:gb.bg0 = s:bg0
let s:gb.bg1 = s:bg1
let s:gb.bg2 = s:bg2
let s:gb.bg3 = s:bg3
let s:gb.bg4 = s:bg4
let s:gb.gray = s:gray
let s:gb.fg0 = s:fg0
let s:gb.fg1 = s:fg1
let s:gb.fg2 = s:fg2
let s:gb.fg3 = s:fg3
let s:gb.fg4 = s:fg4
let s:gb.fg4_256 = s:fg4_256
let = s:red
let = s:green
let s:gb.yellow = s:yellow
let = s:blue
let s:gb.purple = s:purple
let s:gb.aqua = s:aqua
let = s:orange
" }}}
" Setup Terminal Colors For Neovim: {{{
if has('nvim')
let g:terminal_color_0 = s:bg0[0]
let g:terminal_color_8 = s:gray[0]
let g:terminal_color_1 = s:gb.neutral_red[0]
let g:terminal_color_9 = s:red[0]
let g:terminal_color_2 = s:gb.neutral_green[0]
let g:terminal_color_10 = s:green[0]
let g:terminal_color_3 = s:gb.neutral_yellow[0]
let g:terminal_color_11 = s:yellow[0]
let g:terminal_color_4 = s:gb.neutral_blue[0]
let g:terminal_color_12 = s:blue[0]
let g:terminal_color_5 = s:gb.neutral_purple[0]
let g:terminal_color_13 = s:purple[0]
let g:terminal_color_6 = s:gb.neutral_aqua[0]
let g:terminal_color_14 = s:aqua[0]
let g:terminal_color_7 = s:fg4[0]
let g:terminal_color_15 = s:fg1[0]
" }}}
" Overload Setting: {{{
let s:hls_cursor = s:orange
if exists('g:gruvbox_hls_cursor')
let s:hls_cursor = get(s:gb, g:gruvbox_hls_cursor)
let s:number_column = s:none
if exists('g:gruvbox_number_column')
let s:number_column = get(s:gb, g:gruvbox_number_column)
let s:sign_column = s:bg1
if exists('g:gitgutter_override_sign_column_highlight') &&
\ g:gitgutter_override_sign_column_highlight == 1
let s:sign_column = s:number_column
let g:gitgutter_override_sign_column_highlight = 0
if exists('g:gruvbox_sign_column')
let s:sign_column = get(s:gb, g:gruvbox_sign_column)
let s:color_column = s:bg1
if exists('g:gruvbox_color_column')
let s:color_column = get(s:gb, g:gruvbox_color_column)
let s:vert_split = s:bg0
if exists('g:gruvbox_vert_split')
let s:vert_split = get(s:gb, g:gruvbox_vert_split)
let s:invert_signs = ''
if exists('g:gruvbox_invert_signs')
if g:gruvbox_invert_signs == 1
let s:invert_signs = s:inverse
let s:invert_selection = s:inverse
if exists('g:gruvbox_invert_selection')
if g:gruvbox_invert_selection == 0
let s:invert_selection = ''
let s:invert_tabline = ''
if exists('g:gruvbox_invert_tabline')
if g:gruvbox_invert_tabline == 1
let s:invert_tabline = s:inverse
let s:italicize_comments = s:italic
if exists('g:gruvbox_italicize_comments')
if g:gruvbox_italicize_comments == 0
let s:italicize_comments = ''
let s:italicize_strings = ''
if exists('g:gruvbox_italicize_strings')
if g:gruvbox_italicize_strings == 1
let s:italicize_strings = s:italic
" }}}
" Highlighting Function: {{{
function! s:HL(group, fg, ...)
" Arguments: group, guifg, guibg, gui, guisp
" foreground
let fg = a:fg
" background
if a:0 >= 1
let bg = a:1
let bg = s:none
" emphasis
if a:0 >= 2 && strlen(a:2)
let emstr = a:2
let emstr = 'NONE,'
" special fallback
if a:0 >= 3
if g:gruvbox_guisp_fallback != 'NONE'
let fg = a:3
" bg fallback mode should invert higlighting
if g:gruvbox_guisp_fallback == 'bg'
let emstr .= 'inverse,'
let histring = [ 'hi', a:group,
\ 'guifg=' . fg[0], 'ctermfg=' . fg[1],
\ 'guibg=' . bg[0], 'ctermbg=' . bg[1],
\ 'gui=' . emstr[:-2], 'cterm=' . emstr[:-2]
\ ]
" special
if a:0 >= 3
call add(histring, 'guisp=' . a:3[0])
execute join(histring, ' ')
" }}}
" Gruvbox Hi Groups: {{{
" memoize common hi groups
call s:HL('GruvboxFg0', s:fg0)
call s:HL('GruvboxFg1', s:fg1)
call s:HL('GruvboxFg2', s:fg2)
call s:HL('GruvboxFg3', s:fg3)
call s:HL('GruvboxFg4', s:fg4)
call s:HL('GruvboxGray', s:gray)
call s:HL('GruvboxBg0', s:bg0)
call s:HL('GruvboxBg1', s:bg1)
call s:HL('GruvboxBg2', s:bg2)
call s:HL('GruvboxBg3', s:bg3)
call s:HL('GruvboxBg4', s:bg4)
call s:HL('GruvboxRed', s:red)
call s:HL('GruvboxRedBold', s:red, s:none, s:bold)
call s:HL('GruvboxGreen', s:green)
call s:HL('GruvboxGreenBold', s:green, s:none, s:bold)
call s:HL('GruvboxYellow', s:yellow)
call s:HL('GruvboxYellowBold', s:yellow, s:none, s:bold)
call s:HL('GruvboxBlue', s:blue)
call s:HL('GruvboxBlueBold', s:blue, s:none, s:bold)
call s:HL('GruvboxPurple', s:purple)
call s:HL('GruvboxPurpleBold', s:purple, s:none, s:bold)
call s:HL('GruvboxAqua', s:aqua)
call s:HL('GruvboxAquaBold', s:aqua, s:none, s:bold)
call s:HL('GruvboxOrange', s:orange)
call s:HL('GruvboxOrangeBold', s:orange, s:none, s:bold)
call s:HL('GruvboxRedSign', s:red, s:sign_column, s:invert_signs)
call s:HL('GruvboxGreenSign', s:green, s:sign_column, s:invert_signs)
call s:HL('GruvboxYellowSign', s:yellow, s:sign_column, s:invert_signs)
call s:HL('GruvboxBlueSign', s:blue, s:sign_column, s:invert_signs)
call s:HL('GruvboxPurpleSign', s:purple, s:sign_column, s:invert_signs)
call s:HL('GruvboxAquaSign', s:aqua, s:sign_column, s:invert_signs)
call s:HL('GruvboxOrangeSign', s:orange, s:sign_column, s:invert_signs)
" }}}
" Vanilla colorscheme ---------------------------------------------------------
" General UI: {{{
" Normal text
call s:HL('Normal', s:fg1, s:bg0)
" Correct background (see issue #7):
" --- Problem with changing between dark and light on 256 color terminal
" ---
if s:is_dark
set background=dark
set background=light
if version >= 700
" Screen line that the cursor is
call s:HL('CursorLine', s:none, s:bg1)
" Screen column that the cursor is
hi! link CursorColumn CursorLine
" Tab pages line filler
call s:HL('TabLineFill', s:bg4, s:bg1, s:invert_tabline)
" Active tab page label
call s:HL('TabLineSel', s:green, s:bg1, s:invert_tabline)
" Not active tab page label
hi! link TabLine TabLineFill
" Match paired bracket under the cursor
call s:HL('MatchParen', s:none, s:bg3, s:bold)
if version >= 703
" Highlighted screen columns
call s:HL('ColorColumn', s:none, s:color_column)
" Concealed element: \lambda → λ
call s:HL('Conceal', s:blue, s:none)
" Line number of CursorLine
call s:HL('CursorLineNr', s:yellow, s:bg1)
hi! link NonText GruvboxBg2
hi! link SpecialKey GruvboxBg2
call s:HL('Visual', s:none, s:bg3, s:invert_selection)
hi! link VisualNOS Visual
call s:HL('Search', s:yellow, s:bg0, s:inverse)
call s:HL('IncSearch', s:hls_cursor, s:bg0, s:inverse)
call s:HL('Underlined', s:blue, s:none, s:underline)
call s:HL('StatusLine', s:bg2, s:fg1, s:inverse)
call s:HL('StatusLineNC', s:bg1, s:fg4, s:inverse)
" The column separating vertically split windows
call s:HL('VertSplit', s:bg3, s:vert_split)
" Current match in wildmenu completion
call s:HL('WildMenu', s:blue, s:bg2, s:bold)
" Directory names, special names in listing
hi! link Directory GruvboxGreenBold
" Titles for output from :set all, :autocmd, etc.
hi! link Title GruvboxGreenBold
" Error messages on the command line
call s:HL('ErrorMsg', s:bg0, s:red, s:bold)
" More prompt: -- More --
hi! link MoreMsg GruvboxYellowBold
" Current mode message: -- INSERT --
hi! link ModeMsg GruvboxYellowBold
" 'Press enter' prompt and yes/no questions
hi! link Question GruvboxOrangeBold
" Warning messages
hi! link WarningMsg GruvboxRedBold
" }}}
" Gutter: {{{
" Line number for :number and :# commands
call s:HL('LineNr', s:bg4, s:number_column)
" Column where signs are displayed
call s:HL('SignColumn', s:none, s:sign_column)
" Line used for closed folds
call s:HL('Folded', s:gray, s:bg1, s:italic)
" Column where folds are displayed
call s:HL('FoldColumn', s:gray, s:bg1)
" }}}
" Cursor: {{{
" Character under cursor
call s:HL('Cursor', s:none, s:none, s:inverse)
" Visual mode cursor, selection
hi! link vCursor Cursor
" Input moder cursor
hi! link iCursor Cursor
" Language mapping cursor
hi! link lCursor Cursor
" }}}
" Syntax Highlighting: {{{
if g:gruvbox_improved_strings == 0
hi! link Special GruvboxOrange
call s:HL('Special', s:orange, s:bg1, s:italicize_strings)
call s:HL('Comment', s:gray, s:none, s:italicize_comments)
call s:HL('Todo', s:vim_fg, s:vim_bg, s:bold . s:italic)
call s:HL('Error', s:red, s:vim_bg, s:bold . s:inverse)
" Generic statement
hi! link Statement GruvboxRed
" if, then, else, endif, swicth, etc.
hi! link Conditional GruvboxRed
" for, do, while, etc.
hi! link Repeat GruvboxRed
" case, default, etc.
hi! link Label GruvboxRed
" try, catch, throw
hi! link Exception GruvboxRed
" sizeof, "+", "*", etc.
hi! link Operator Normal
" Any other keyword
hi! link Keyword GruvboxRed
" Variable name
hi! link Identifier GruvboxBlue
" Function name
hi! link Function GruvboxGreenBold
" Generic preprocessor
hi! link PreProc GruvboxAqua
" Preprocessor #include
hi! link Include GruvboxAqua
" Preprocessor #define
hi! link Define GruvboxAqua
" Same as Define
hi! link Macro GruvboxAqua
" Preprocessor #if, #else, #endif, etc.
hi! link PreCondit GruvboxAqua
" Generic constant
hi! link Constant GruvboxPurple
" Character constant: 'c', '/n'
hi! link Character GruvboxPurple
" String constant: "this is a string"
if g:gruvbox_improved_strings == 0
call s:HL('String', s:green, s:none, s:italicize_strings)
call s:HL('String', s:fg1, s:bg1, s:italicize_strings)
" Boolean constant: TRUE, false
hi! link Boolean GruvboxPurple
" Number constant: 234, 0xff
hi! link Number GruvboxPurple
" Floating point constant: 2.3e10
hi! link Float GruvboxPurple
" Generic type
hi! link Type GruvboxYellow
" static, register, volatile, etc
hi! link StorageClass GruvboxOrange
" struct, union, enum, etc.
hi! link Structure GruvboxAqua
" typedef
hi! link Typedef GruvboxYellow
" }}}
" Completion Menu: {{{
if version >= 700
" Popup menu: normal item
call s:HL('Pmenu', s:fg1, s:bg2)
" Popup menu: selected item
call s:HL('PmenuSel', s:bg2, s:blue, s:bold)
" Popup menu: scrollbar
call s:HL('PmenuSbar', s:none, s:bg2)
" Popup menu: scrollbar thumb
call s:HL('PmenuThumb', s:none, s:bg4)
" }}}
" Diffs: {{{
call s:HL('DiffDelete', s:red, s:bg0, s:inverse)
call s:HL('DiffAdd', s:green, s:bg0, s:inverse)
"call s:HL('DiffChange', s:bg0, s:blue)
"call s:HL('DiffText', s:bg0, s:yellow)
" Alternative setting
call s:HL('DiffChange', s:aqua, s:bg0, s:inverse)
call s:HL('DiffText', s:yellow, s:bg0, s:inverse)
" }}}
" Spelling: {{{
if has("spell")
" Not capitalised word, or compile warnings
if g:gruvbox_improved_warnings == 0
call s:HL('SpellCap', s:none, s:none, s:undercurl, s:red)
call s:HL('SpellCap', s:green, s:none, s:bold . s:italic)
" Not recognized word
call s:HL('SpellBad', s:none, s:none, s:undercurl, s:blue)
" Wrong spelling for selected region
call s:HL('SpellLocal', s:none, s:none, s:undercurl, s:aqua)
" Rare word
call s:HL('SpellRare', s:none, s:none, s:undercurl, s:purple)
" }}}
" Plugin specific -------------------------------------------------------------
" EasyMotion: {{{
hi! link EasyMotionTarget Search
hi! link EasyMotionShade Comment
" }}}
" Sneak: {{{
hi! link Sneak Search
hi! link SneakLabel Search
" }}}
" Indent Guides: {{{
if !exists('g:indent_guides_auto_colors')
let g:indent_guides_auto_colors = 0
if g:indent_guides_auto_colors == 0
if g:gruvbox_invert_indent_guides == 0
call s:HL('IndentGuidesOdd', s:vim_bg, s:bg2)
call s:HL('IndentGuidesEven', s:vim_bg, s:bg1)
call s:HL('IndentGuidesOdd', s:vim_bg, s:bg2, s:inverse)
call s:HL('IndentGuidesEven', s:vim_bg, s:bg3, s:inverse)
" }}}
" IndentLine: {{{
if !exists('g:indentLine_color_term')
let g:indentLine_color_term = s:bg2[1]
if !exists('g:indentLine_color_gui')
let g:indentLine_color_gui = s:bg2[0]
" }}}
" Rainbow Parentheses: {{{
if !exists('g:rbpt_colorpairs')
let g:rbpt_colorpairs =
\ [
\ ['blue', '#458588'], ['magenta', '#b16286'],
\ ['red', '#cc241d'], ['166', '#d65d0e']
\ ]
let g:rainbow_guifgs = [ '#d65d0e', '#cc241d', '#b16286', '#458588' ]
let g:rainbow_ctermfgs = [ '166', 'red', 'magenta', 'blue' ]
if !exists('g:rainbow_conf')
let g:rainbow_conf = {}
if !has_key(g:rainbow_conf, 'guifgs')
let g:rainbow_conf['guifgs'] = g:rainbow_guifgs
if !has_key(g:rainbow_conf, 'ctermfgs')
let g:rainbow_conf['ctermfgs'] = g:rainbow_ctermfgs
let g:niji_dark_colours = g:rbpt_colorpairs
let g:niji_light_colours = g:rbpt_colorpairs
" GitGutter: {{{
hi! link GitGutterAdd GruvboxGreenSign
hi! link GitGutterChange GruvboxAquaSign
hi! link GitGutterDelete GruvboxRedSign
hi! link GitGutterChangeDelete GruvboxAquaSign
" }}}
" GitCommit: "{{{
hi! link gitcommitSelectedFile GruvboxGreen
hi! link gitcommitDiscardedFile GruvboxRed
" }}}
" Signify: {{{
hi! link SignifySignAdd GruvboxGreenSign
hi! link SignifySignChange GruvboxAquaSign
hi! link SignifySignDelete GruvboxRedSign
" }}}
" Syntastic: {{{
call s:HL('SyntasticError', s:none, s:none, s:undercurl, s:red)
call s:HL('SyntasticWarning', s:none, s:none, s:undercurl, s:yellow)
hi! link SyntasticErrorSign GruvboxRedSign
hi! link SyntasticWarningSign GruvboxYellowSign
" }}}
" Signature: {{{
hi! link SignatureMarkText GruvboxBlueSign
hi! link SignatureMarkerText GruvboxPurpleSign
" }}}
" ShowMarks: {{{
hi! link ShowMarksHLl GruvboxBlueSign
hi! link ShowMarksHLu GruvboxBlueSign
hi! link ShowMarksHLo GruvboxBlueSign
hi! link ShowMarksHLm GruvboxBlueSign
" }}}
" CtrlP: {{{
hi! link CtrlPMatch GruvboxYellow
hi! link CtrlPNoEntries GruvboxRed
hi! link CtrlPPrtBase GruvboxBg2
hi! link CtrlPPrtCursor GruvboxBlue
hi! link CtrlPLinePre GruvboxBg2
call s:HL('CtrlPMode1', s:blue, s:bg2, s:bold)
call s:HL('CtrlPMode2', s:bg0, s:blue, s:bold)
call s:HL('CtrlPStats', s:fg4, s:bg2, s:bold)
" }}}
" Startify: {{{
hi! link StartifyBracket GruvboxFg3
hi! link StartifyFile GruvboxFg1
hi! link StartifyNumber GruvboxBlue
hi! link StartifyPath GruvboxGray
hi! link StartifySlash GruvboxGray
hi! link StartifySection GruvboxYellow
hi! link StartifySpecial GruvboxBg2
hi! link StartifyHeader GruvboxOrange
hi! link StartifyFooter GruvboxBg2
" }}}
" Vimshell: {{{
let g:vimshell_escape_colors = [
\ s:bg4[0], s:red[0], s:green[0], s:yellow[0],
\ s:blue[0], s:purple[0], s:aqua[0], s:fg4[0],
\ s:bg0[0], s:red[0], s:green[0], s:orange[0],
\ s:blue[0], s:purple[0], s:aqua[0], s:fg0[0]
\ ]
" }}}
" BufTabLine: {{{
call s:HL('BufTabLineCurrent', s:bg0, s:fg4)
call s:HL('BufTabLineActive', s:fg4, s:bg2)
call s:HL('BufTabLineHidden', s:bg4, s:bg1)
call s:HL('BufTabLineFill', s:bg0, s:bg0)
" }}}
" Asynchronous Lint Engine: {{{
call s:HL('ALEError', s:none, s:none, s:undercurl, s:red)
call s:HL('ALEWarning', s:none, s:none, s:undercurl, s:yellow)
call s:HL('ALEInfo', s:none, s:none, s:undercurl, s:blue)
hi! link ALEErrorSign GruvboxRedSign
hi! link ALEWarningSign GruvboxYellowSign
hi! link ALEInfoSign GruvboxBlueSign
" }}}
" Dirvish: {{{
hi! link DirvishPathTail GruvboxAqua
hi! link DirvishArg GruvboxYellow
" }}}
" Netrw: {{{
hi! link netrwDir GruvboxAqua
hi! link netrwClassify GruvboxAqua
hi! link netrwLink GruvboxGray
hi! link netrwSymLink GruvboxFg1
hi! link netrwExe GruvboxYellow
hi! link netrwComment GruvboxGray
hi! link netrwList GruvboxBlue
hi! link netrwHelpCmd GruvboxAqua
hi! link netrwCmdSep GruvboxFg3
hi! link netrwVersion GruvboxGreen
" }}}
" NERDTree: {{{
hi! link NERDTreeDir GruvboxAqua
hi! link NERDTreeDirSlash GruvboxAqua
hi! link NERDTreeOpenable GruvboxOrange
hi! link NERDTreeClosable GruvboxOrange
hi! link NERDTreeFile GruvboxFg1
hi! link NERDTreeExecFile GruvboxYellow
hi! link NERDTreeUp GruvboxGray
hi! link NERDTreeCWD GruvboxGreen
hi! link NERDTreeHelp GruvboxFg1
hi! link NERDTreeToggleOn GruvboxGreen
hi! link NERDTreeToggleOff GruvboxRed
" }}}
" Vim Multiple Cursors: {{{
call s:HL('multiple_cursors_cursor', s:none, s:none, s:inverse)
call s:HL('multiple_cursors_visual', s:none, s:bg2)
" }}}
" coc.nvim: {{{
hi! link CocErrorSign GruvboxRedSign
hi! link CocWarningSign GruvboxOrangeSign
hi! link CocInfoSign GruvboxYellowSign
hi! link CocHintSign GruvboxBlueSign
hi! link CocErrorFloat GruvboxRed
hi! link CocWarningFloat GruvboxOrange
hi! link CocInfoFloat GruvboxYellow
hi! link CocHintFloat GruvboxBlue
hi! link CocDiagnosticsError GruvboxRed
hi! link CocDiagnosticsWarning GruvboxOrange
hi! link CocDiagnosticsInfo GruvboxYellow
hi! link CocDiagnosticsHint GruvboxBlue
hi! link CocSelectedText GruvboxRed
hi! link CocCodeLens GruvboxGray
call s:HL('CocErrorHighlight', s:none, s:none, s:undercurl, s:red)
call s:HL('CocWarningHighlight', s:none, s:none, s:undercurl, s:orange)
call s:HL('CocInfoHighlight', s:none, s:none, s:undercurl, s:yellow)
call s:HL('CocHintHighlight', s:none, s:none, s:undercurl, s:blue)
" }}}
" Filetype specific -----------------------------------------------------------
" Diff: {{{
hi! link diffAdded GruvboxGreen
hi! link diffRemoved GruvboxRed
hi! link diffChanged GruvboxAqua
hi! link diffFile GruvboxOrange
hi! link diffNewFile GruvboxYellow
hi! link diffLine GruvboxBlue
" }}}
" Html: {{{
hi! link htmlTag GruvboxBlue
hi! link htmlEndTag GruvboxBlue
hi! link htmlTagName GruvboxAquaBold
hi! link htmlArg GruvboxAqua
hi! link htmlScriptTag GruvboxPurple
hi! link htmlTagN GruvboxFg1
hi! link htmlSpecialTagName GruvboxAquaBold
call s:HL('htmlLink', s:fg4, s:none, s:underline)
hi! link htmlSpecialChar GruvboxOrange
call s:HL('htmlBold', s:vim_fg, s:vim_bg, s:bold)
call s:HL('htmlBoldUnderline', s:vim_fg, s:vim_bg, s:bold . s:underline)
call s:HL('htmlBoldItalic', s:vim_fg, s:vim_bg, s:bold . s:italic)
call s:HL('htmlBoldUnderlineItalic', s:vim_fg, s:vim_bg, s:bold . s:underline . s:italic)
call s:HL('htmlUnderline', s:vim_fg, s:vim_bg, s:underline)
call s:HL('htmlUnderlineItalic', s:vim_fg, s:vim_bg, s:underline . s:italic)
call s:HL('htmlItalic', s:vim_fg, s:vim_bg, s:italic)
" }}}
" Xml: {{{
hi! link xmlTag GruvboxBlue
hi! link xmlEndTag GruvboxBlue
hi! link xmlTagName GruvboxBlue
hi! link xmlEqual GruvboxBlue
hi! link docbkKeyword GruvboxAquaBold
hi! link xmlDocTypeDecl GruvboxGray
hi! link xmlDocTypeKeyword GruvboxPurple
hi! link xmlCdataStart GruvboxGray
hi! link xmlCdataCdata GruvboxPurple
hi! link dtdFunction GruvboxGray
hi! link dtdTagName GruvboxPurple
hi! link xmlAttrib GruvboxAqua
hi! link xmlProcessingDelim GruvboxGray
hi! link dtdParamEntityPunct GruvboxGray
hi! link dtdParamEntityDPunct GruvboxGray
hi! link xmlAttribPunct GruvboxGray
hi! link xmlEntity GruvboxOrange
hi! link xmlEntityPunct GruvboxOrange
" }}}
" Vim: {{{
call s:HL('vimCommentTitle', s:fg4_256, s:none, s:bold . s:italicize_comments)
hi! link vimNotation GruvboxOrange
hi! link vimBracket GruvboxOrange
hi! link vimMapModKey GruvboxOrange
hi! link vimFuncSID GruvboxFg3
hi! link vimSetSep GruvboxFg3
hi! link vimSep GruvboxFg3
hi! link vimContinue GruvboxFg3
" }}}
" Clojure: {{{
hi! link clojureKeyword GruvboxBlue
hi! link clojureCond GruvboxOrange
hi! link clojureSpecial GruvboxOrange
hi! link clojureDefine GruvboxOrange
hi! link clojureFunc GruvboxYellow
hi! link clojureRepeat GruvboxYellow
hi! link clojureCharacter GruvboxAqua
hi! link clojureStringEscape GruvboxAqua
hi! link clojureException GruvboxRed
hi! link clojureRegexp GruvboxAqua
hi! link clojureRegexpEscape GruvboxAqua
call s:HL('clojureRegexpCharClass', s:fg3, s:none, s:bold)
hi! link clojureRegexpMod clojureRegexpCharClass
hi! link clojureRegexpQuantifier clojureRegexpCharClass
hi! link clojureParen GruvboxFg3
hi! link clojureAnonArg GruvboxYellow
hi! link clojureVariable GruvboxBlue
hi! link clojureMacro GruvboxOrange
hi! link clojureMeta GruvboxYellow
hi! link clojureDeref GruvboxYellow
hi! link clojureQuote GruvboxYellow
hi! link clojureUnquote GruvboxYellow
" }}}
" C: {{{
hi! link cOperator GruvboxPurple
hi! link cStructure GruvboxOrange
" }}}
" Python: {{{
hi! link pythonBuiltin GruvboxOrange
hi! link pythonBuiltinObj GruvboxOrange
hi! link pythonBuiltinFunc GruvboxOrange
hi! link pythonFunction GruvboxAqua
hi! link pythonDecorator GruvboxRed
hi! link pythonInclude GruvboxBlue
hi! link pythonImport GruvboxBlue
hi! link pythonRun GruvboxBlue
hi! link pythonCoding GruvboxBlue
hi! link pythonOperator GruvboxRed
hi! link pythonException GruvboxRed
hi! link pythonExceptions GruvboxPurple
hi! link pythonBoolean GruvboxPurple
hi! link pythonDot GruvboxFg3
hi! link pythonConditional GruvboxRed
hi! link pythonRepeat GruvboxRed
hi! link pythonDottedName GruvboxGreenBold
" }}}
" CSS: {{{
hi! link cssBraces GruvboxBlue
hi! link cssFunctionName GruvboxYellow
hi! link cssIdentifier GruvboxOrange
hi! link cssClassName GruvboxGreen
hi! link cssColor GruvboxBlue
hi! link cssSelectorOp GruvboxBlue
hi! link cssSelectorOp2 GruvboxBlue
hi! link cssImportant GruvboxGreen
hi! link cssVendor GruvboxFg1
hi! link cssTextProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssAnimationProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssUIProp GruvboxYellow
hi! link cssTransformProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssTransitionProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssPrintProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssPositioningProp GruvboxYellow
hi! link cssBoxProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssFontDescriptorProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssFlexibleBoxProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssBorderOutlineProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssBackgroundProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssMarginProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssListProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssTableProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssFontProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssPaddingProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssDimensionProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssRenderProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssColorProp GruvboxAqua
hi! link cssGeneratedContentProp GruvboxAqua
" }}}
" JavaScript: {{{
hi! link javaScriptBraces GruvboxFg1
hi! link javaScriptFunction GruvboxAqua
hi! link javaScriptIdentifier GruvboxRed
hi! link javaScriptMember GruvboxBlue
hi! link javaScriptNumber GruvboxPurple
hi! link javaScriptNull GruvboxPurple
hi! link javaScriptParens GruvboxFg3
" }}}
" YAJS: {{{
hi! link javascriptImport GruvboxAqua
hi! link javascriptExport GruvboxAqua
hi! link javascriptClassKeyword GruvboxAqua
hi! link javascriptClassExtends GruvboxAqua
hi! link javascriptDefault GruvboxAqua
hi! link javascriptClassName GruvboxYellow
hi! link javascriptClassSuperName GruvboxYellow
hi! link javascriptGlobal GruvboxYellow
hi! link javascriptEndColons GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptFuncArg GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptGlobalMethod GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptNodeGlobal GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptBOMWindowProp GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptArrayMethod GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptArrayStaticMethod GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptCacheMethod GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptDateMethod GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptMathStaticMethod GruvboxFg1
" hi! link javascriptProp GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptURLUtilsProp GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptBOMNavigatorProp GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptDOMDocMethod GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptDOMDocProp GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptBOMLocationMethod GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptBOMWindowMethod GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptStringMethod GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptVariable GruvboxOrange
" hi! link javascriptVariable GruvboxRed
" hi! link javascriptIdentifier GruvboxOrange
" hi! link javascriptClassSuper GruvboxOrange
hi! link javascriptIdentifier GruvboxOrange
hi! link javascriptClassSuper GruvboxOrange
" hi! link javascriptFuncKeyword GruvboxOrange
" hi! link javascriptAsyncFunc GruvboxOrange
hi! link javascriptFuncKeyword GruvboxAqua
hi! link javascriptAsyncFunc GruvboxAqua
hi! link javascriptClassStatic GruvboxOrange
hi! link javascriptOperator GruvboxRed
hi! link javascriptForOperator GruvboxRed
hi! link javascriptYield GruvboxRed
hi! link javascriptExceptions GruvboxRed
hi! link javascriptMessage GruvboxRed
hi! link javascriptTemplateSB GruvboxAqua
hi! link javascriptTemplateSubstitution GruvboxFg1
" hi! link javascriptLabel GruvboxBlue
" hi! link javascriptObjectLabel GruvboxBlue
" hi! link javascriptPropertyName GruvboxBlue
hi! link javascriptLabel GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptObjectLabel GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptPropertyName GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptLogicSymbols GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptArrowFunc GruvboxYellow
hi! link javascriptDocParamName GruvboxFg4
hi! link javascriptDocTags GruvboxFg4
hi! link javascriptDocNotation GruvboxFg4
hi! link javascriptDocParamType GruvboxFg4
hi! link javascriptDocNamedParamType GruvboxFg4
hi! link javascriptBrackets GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptDOMElemAttrs GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptDOMEventMethod GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptDOMNodeMethod GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptDOMStorageMethod GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptHeadersMethod GruvboxFg1
hi! link javascriptAsyncFuncKeyword GruvboxRed
hi! link javascriptAwaitFuncKeyword GruvboxRed
" }}}
" PanglossJS: {{{
hi! link jsClassKeyword GruvboxAqua
hi! link jsExtendsKeyword GruvboxAqua
hi! link jsExportDefault GruvboxAqua
hi! link jsTemplateBraces GruvboxAqua
hi! link jsGlobalNodeObjects GruvboxFg1
hi! link jsGlobalObjects GruvboxFg1
hi! link jsFunction GruvboxAqua
hi! link jsFuncParens GruvboxFg3
hi! link jsParens GruvboxFg3
hi! link jsNull GruvboxPurple
hi! link jsUndefined GruvboxPurple
hi! link jsClassDefinition GruvboxYellow
" }}}
" TypeScript: {{{
hi! link typeScriptReserved GruvboxAqua
hi! link typeScriptLabel GruvboxAqua
hi! link typeScriptFuncKeyword GruvboxAqua
hi! link typeScriptIdentifier GruvboxOrange
hi! link typeScriptBraces GruvboxFg1
hi! link typeScriptEndColons GruvboxFg1
hi! link typeScriptDOMObjects GruvboxFg1
hi! link typeScriptAjaxMethods GruvboxFg1
hi! link typeScriptLogicSymbols GruvboxFg1
hi! link typeScriptDocSeeTag Comment
hi! link typeScriptDocParam Comment
hi! link typeScriptDocTags vimCommentTitle
hi! link typeScriptGlobalObjects GruvboxFg1
hi! link typeScriptParens GruvboxFg3
hi! link typeScriptOpSymbols GruvboxFg3
hi! link typeScriptHtmlElemProperties GruvboxFg1
hi! link typeScriptNull GruvboxPurple
hi! link typeScriptInterpolationDelimiter GruvboxAqua
" }}}
" PureScript: {{{
hi! link purescriptModuleKeyword GruvboxAqua
hi! link purescriptModuleName GruvboxFg1
hi! link purescriptWhere GruvboxAqua
hi! link purescriptDelimiter GruvboxFg4
hi! link purescriptType GruvboxFg1
hi! link purescriptImportKeyword GruvboxAqua
hi! link purescriptHidingKeyword GruvboxAqua
hi! link purescriptAsKeyword GruvboxAqua
hi! link purescriptStructure GruvboxAqua
hi! link purescriptOperator GruvboxBlue
hi! link purescriptTypeVar GruvboxFg1
hi! link purescriptConstructor GruvboxFg1
hi! link purescriptFunction GruvboxFg1
hi! link purescriptConditional GruvboxOrange
hi! link purescriptBacktick GruvboxOrange
" }}}
" CoffeeScript: {{{
hi! link coffeeExtendedOp GruvboxFg3
hi! link coffeeSpecialOp GruvboxFg3
hi! link coffeeCurly GruvboxOrange
hi! link coffeeParen GruvboxFg3
hi! link coffeeBracket GruvboxOrange
" }}}
" Ruby: {{{
hi! link rubyStringDelimiter GruvboxGreen
hi! link rubyInterpolationDelimiter GruvboxAqua
" }}}
" ObjectiveC: {{{
hi! link objcTypeModifier GruvboxRed
hi! link objcDirective GruvboxBlue
" }}}
" Go: {{{
hi! link goDirective GruvboxAqua
hi! link goConstants GruvboxPurple
hi! link goDeclaration GruvboxRed
hi! link goDeclType GruvboxBlue
hi! link goBuiltins GruvboxOrange
" }}}
" Lua: {{{
hi! link luaIn GruvboxRed
hi! link luaFunction GruvboxAqua
hi! link luaTable GruvboxOrange
" }}}
" MoonScript: {{{
hi! link moonSpecialOp GruvboxFg3
hi! link moonExtendedOp GruvboxFg3
hi! link moonFunction GruvboxFg3
hi! link moonObject GruvboxYellow
" }}}
" Java: {{{
hi! link javaAnnotation GruvboxBlue
hi! link javaDocTags GruvboxAqua
hi! link javaCommentTitle vimCommentTitle
hi! link javaParen GruvboxFg3
hi! link javaParen1 GruvboxFg3
hi! link javaParen2 GruvboxFg3
hi! link javaParen3 GruvboxFg3
hi! link javaParen4 GruvboxFg3
hi! link javaParen5 GruvboxFg3
hi! link javaOperator GruvboxOrange
hi! link javaVarArg GruvboxGreen
" }}}
" Elixir: {{{
hi! link elixirDocString Comment
hi! link elixirStringDelimiter GruvboxGreen
hi! link elixirInterpolationDelimiter GruvboxAqua
hi! link elixirModuleDeclaration GruvboxYellow
" }}}
" Scala: {{{
" NB: scala vim syntax file is kinda horrible
hi! link scalaNameDefinition GruvboxFg1
hi! link scalaCaseFollowing GruvboxFg1
hi! link scalaCapitalWord GruvboxFg1
hi! link scalaTypeExtension GruvboxFg1
hi! link scalaKeyword GruvboxRed
hi! link scalaKeywordModifier GruvboxRed
hi! link scalaSpecial GruvboxAqua
hi! link scalaOperator GruvboxFg1
hi! link scalaTypeDeclaration GruvboxYellow
hi! link scalaTypeTypePostDeclaration GruvboxYellow
hi! link scalaInstanceDeclaration GruvboxFg1
hi! link scalaInterpolation GruvboxAqua
" }}}
" Markdown: {{{
call s:HL('markdownItalic', s:fg3, s:none, s:italic)
hi! link markdownH1 GruvboxGreenBold
hi! link markdownH2 GruvboxGreenBold
hi! link markdownH3 GruvboxYellowBold
hi! link markdownH4 GruvboxYellowBold
hi! link markdownH5 GruvboxYellow
hi! link markdownH6 GruvboxYellow
hi! link markdownCode GruvboxAqua
hi! link markdownCodeBlock GruvboxAqua
hi! link markdownCodeDelimiter GruvboxAqua
hi! link markdownBlockquote GruvboxGray
hi! link markdownListMarker GruvboxGray
hi! link markdownOrderedListMarker GruvboxGray
hi! link markdownRule GruvboxGray
hi! link markdownHeadingRule GruvboxGray
hi! link markdownUrlDelimiter GruvboxFg3
hi! link markdownLinkDelimiter GruvboxFg3
hi! link markdownLinkTextDelimiter GruvboxFg3
hi! link markdownHeadingDelimiter GruvboxOrange
hi! link markdownUrl GruvboxPurple
hi! link markdownUrlTitleDelimiter GruvboxGreen
call s:HL('markdownLinkText', s:gray, s:none, s:underline)
hi! link markdownIdDeclaration markdownLinkText
" }}}
" Haskell: {{{
" hi! link haskellType GruvboxYellow
" hi! link haskellOperators GruvboxOrange
" hi! link haskellConditional GruvboxAqua
" hi! link haskellLet GruvboxOrange
hi! link haskellType GruvboxFg1
hi! link haskellIdentifier GruvboxFg1
hi! link haskellSeparator GruvboxFg1
hi! link haskellDelimiter GruvboxFg4
hi! link haskellOperators GruvboxBlue
hi! link haskellBacktick GruvboxOrange
hi! link haskellStatement GruvboxOrange
hi! link haskellConditional GruvboxOrange
hi! link haskellLet GruvboxAqua
hi! link haskellDefault GruvboxAqua
hi! link haskellWhere GruvboxAqua
hi! link haskellBottom GruvboxAqua
hi! link haskellBlockKeywords GruvboxAqua
hi! link haskellImportKeywords GruvboxAqua
hi! link haskellDeclKeyword GruvboxAqua
hi! link haskellDeriving GruvboxAqua
hi! link haskellAssocType GruvboxAqua
hi! link haskellNumber GruvboxPurple
hi! link haskellPragma GruvboxPurple
hi! link haskellString GruvboxGreen
hi! link haskellChar GruvboxGreen
" }}}
" Json: {{{
hi! link jsonKeyword GruvboxGreen
hi! link jsonQuote GruvboxGreen
hi! link jsonBraces GruvboxFg1
hi! link jsonString GruvboxFg1
" }}}
" Functions -------------------------------------------------------------------
" Search Highlighting Cursor {{{
function! GruvboxHlsShowCursor()
call s:HL('Cursor', s:bg0, s:hls_cursor)
function! GruvboxHlsHideCursor()
call s:HL('Cursor', s:none, s:none, s:inverse)
" }}}
" vim: set sw=2 ts=2 sts=2 et tw=80 ft=vim fdm=marker: