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" Disable compatibility with vi which can cause unexpected issues.
set nocompatible
" Enable type file detection. Vim will be able to try to detect the type of file in use.
filetype on
" Enable plugins and load plugin for the detected file type.
filetype plugin on
" Load an indent file for the detected file type.
filetype indent on
" Turn on syntax hilighting.
syntax on
" Add numbers to each line on the left-hand side.
set number
" Hilite cursor line
set cursorline
" Set shift width to 4 spaces.
set shiftwidth=4
" Set tab width to 4 columns.
set tabstop=4
" Use space characters instead of tabs.
set expandtab
" Do not save backup files.
" set nobackup
" Do not let cursor scroll below or above N number of lines when scrolling.
" set scrolloff=10
" Do not wrap lines. Allow long lines to extend as far as the line goes.
" set nowrap
" While searching though a file incrementally highlight matching characters
" as you type.
" set incsearch
" Ignore capital letters during search.
set ignorecase
" Override the ignorecase option if searching for capital letters.
" This will allow you to search specifically for capital letters.
set smartcase
" Show partial command you type in the last line of the screen.
set showcmd
" Show the mode you are on the last line.
set showmode
" Show matching words during a search.
set showmatch
" Use highlighting when doing a search.
set hlsearch
" Set the commands to save in history default number is 20.
set history=1000
" Set the color scheme
set background=dark
colo gruvbox
" STATUS LINE ------------------------------------------------------------ {{{
" Clear status line when vimrc is reloaded.
set statusline=
" Status line left side.
set statusline+=\ %F\ %M\ %Y\ %R
" Use a divider to separate the left side from the right side.
set statusline+=%=
" Status line right side.
set statusline+=\ ascii:\ %b\ hex:\ 0x%B\ row:\ %l\ col:\ %c\ percent:\ %p%%
" Show the status on the second to last line.
set laststatus=2
" }}}