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rkd77 deccaca6dc
Merge pull request #228 from aelmahmoudy/meson-doc
[doc] use join_paths method & datadir config for generating default doc_dir
2023-05-02 17:57:16 +02:00
Witold Filipczyk c8e0dd9e47 [remote] Now addBookmark takes two parameters URL and title. Refs #227
title must be passed without quotes. Example:
elinks --remote 'addBookmark(https://www.example.com/forum, Forum Example)'

Implementation note: uri->post was reused and is title here.
2023-04-30 20:14:33 +02:00
Witold Filipczyk fa38a617f3 [meson] Added boolean options apidoc, htmldoc and pdfdoc. Default enabled
If these options are false, the given part of documentation is not built.
On slower machines it takes some time to generate apidocs or manual.pdf.
2023-04-30 13:22:55 +02:00
أحمد المحمودي (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy) 6453d0dcea [doc] use join_paths method & datadir config for generating default doc_dir
This is more sane than hardcoding 'share/doc/elinks'
2023-04-30 01:10:42 +02:00
Witold Filipczyk e890b07584 [meson] Added docdir option. Refs #224
By default docdir is $prefix/share/doc/elinks
2023-04-23 13:37:36 +02:00
أحمد المحمودي (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy) dd4557e983 Install txt, pdf, html docs in $prefix/share/doc/elinks 2023-04-23 06:59:03 +02:00
Witold Filipczyk 060abde3d6 [config] Changed in more places ~/.elinks -> ~/.config/elinks 2023-01-26 12:41:46 +01:00
Witold Filipczyk 224b328ef0 [man] Changes in old elinks.1.in about ~/.config 2023-01-03 16:05:13 +01:00
Witold Filipczyk 7ea7cacade [.config] Read/write configuration from ~/.config/elinks . Refs #199
Note, configs and other files from ~/.elinks/ are not moved
to ~/.config/elinks/ automatically. You must do it yourself.

ELINKS_CONFDIR and HOME_ETC also are no longer supported.
2022-12-26 17:48:55 +01:00
Witold Filipczyk 59a0f20650 [doc] Notes about DGI 2022-07-16 15:25:24 +02:00
Unknown eff70d3807 [ win64 ] os dependent socket blocking 2022-04-25 08:55:57 +02:00
Unknown 292f2f9b63 [ doc ] debug elinks win64 on linux 2022-04-24 19:55:13 +02:00
Unknown 8fec8a0915 [ mingw ] build script and doc 2022-04-23 01:35:02 +02:00
Unknown 01319aafd2 [ win64 ] build_win64.sh, doc etc. 2022-04-22 21:47:52 +02:00
Witold Filipczyk e3992118c8 [configure.ac] Added --enable-reproducible and --with-source-date-epoch=TIME
Example of usage:
./configure ... \
--enable-reproducible \
--with-source-date-epoch=$(git log -1 --pretty=%ct)

make -C doc html
2022-03-28 21:06:54 +02:00
Witold Filipczyk 33e36dc1e8 [meson] added options: reproducible and source-date-epoch for reproducible builds
Usage example:
-Dreproducible=true \
-Dsource-date-epoch=$(git log -1 --pretty=%ct)
2022-03-25 14:13:03 +01:00
André Schröder b5379b4166 [doc] Update ECMAScript documentation
elinks supports SpiderMonkey 78 (from 2020) and not only 1.5 (from
2000). This is not documented yet.

Removed `js-1.5-rc6a+elinks.patch` because the Meson build script expect
SpiderMonkey 78 for which this patch is irrelevant. Also, you can build
elinks with the vanilla SpiderMonkey 78, that is without needing to
apply any patch.

Removed the documentation on building SpiderMonkey 1.5 because this is
not relevant anymore.

Updated the documentation to use `meson build` instead of `autogen.sh`.
I think the autogen.sh doesn't yet support new SpiderMonkey versions.
2022-03-15 12:47:21 +01:00
Witold Filipczyk c3e5e70cd7 [doc] Note about HOME_ETC 2021-12-16 13:25:36 +01:00
Witold Filipczyk e47de997d5 [meson] install manuals 2021-12-09 19:12:43 +01:00
Witold Filipczyk 4a2f105738 [doc] Fixes related to meson. meson-0.57.0 or higher required 2021-07-21 15:50:00 +02:00
sgerwk 0343c1f2a6 update documentation of the lua tmpfile() function 2021-04-17 10:37:35 +02:00
sgerwk 9d6e13b2d0 document the option for running an external program in the foreground 2021-03-30 19:37:20 +02:00
Witold Filipczyk 0c337dd30a [meson] Added elinks as the first dependency to make sure dependencies are not empty 2020-09-30 19:58:13 +02:00
Witold Filipczyk a0d136051d [meson] build api using doxygen 2020-09-23 18:05:08 +02:00
Witold Filipczyk 76fe703cba [meson] Build manual.html-chunked 2020-09-23 17:31:57 +02:00
Witold Filipczyk ea35e1f3e6 [meson] build man pages 2020-09-23 17:23:06 +02:00
Witold Filipczyk 211f79807e [meson] build manual.pdf 2020-09-22 19:54:22 +02:00
Witold Filipczyk cbbd6e5bd2 [meson] html target in doc 2020-09-21 21:54:35 +02:00
Witold Filipczyk 0f59f669ac [meson] doc/perl.html and doc/perl-hooks.html custom targets 2020-09-21 17:57:40 +02:00
Felix Janda 9e08ea995a docs: generate pdfs using dblatex 2020-09-03 12:44:43 -04:00
sgerwk 153ea907a8 also pass the uri as %u to external handlers 2020-07-25 13:29:47 +02:00
Guido Cella 2294fedc03 Document ui.mouse_disable and ui.show_ip 2020-06-26 22:19:17 +02:00
Guido Cella a26c5956f4 [ssl] Let requests default to https 2020-06-25 10:40:59 +02:00
sgerwk 5b88e3ac9c document the -remote search(string) function 2020-05-03 16:31:44 +02:00
Witold Filipczyk 4416e3be8d [python3] one time conversion of asciidoc to Python3. Refs #38
Likely it will fail on Cygwin.
2020-01-04 20:15:28 +01:00
sgerwk abc7a8f20a document '-remote reload()' 2019-09-30 17:43:06 +02:00
Witold Filipczyk e78d2b5096 manual depends on txt. Try to fix #28 2019-01-25 22:20:14 +01:00
أحمد المحمودي (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy) dbab898f38 Fix spelling mistakes 2019-01-14 04:51:10 +01:00
Felix Janda 06832623ad Rename configure.in to configure.ac
Avoids aclocal warning
2017-11-22 17:01:48 -05:00
Fabienne Ducroquet 5a34763b39 elinks.conf.5, elinkskeys.5: Document undocumented features
I should have done that when I added them, mea culpa.

Signed-off-by: Fabienne Ducroquet <fabiduc@gmail.com>
2013-12-18 15:33:27 +01:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 7072b537a3 elinks.1: Link to GPL 2.0, not GPL 3.0.
(cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit cc5012db6b)
2012-11-03 23:01:28 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 78e5dd9f0d elinks.conf.5: Refer to manual for MIME options
(cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit 04388f4b48)
2012-11-03 23:01:28 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 6f4c95cc7f Bug 943: Refuse user JS actions in unfocused tabs
(cherry picked from elinks-0.12 commit 51dc3beee7)

	NEWS: Both 0.12pre5.GIT and 0.13.GIT had inserted a new section.
	src/terminal/window.c: Both had inserted a new function.
2012-11-03 22:10:27 +02:00
witekfl fe83703714 Deleted remainders of SEE. 2011-05-14 13:45:08 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 0f49fe1c38 configure: Find SpiderMonkey with pkg-config only
Don't search for SpiderMonkey in hardcoded directories
(/usr /usr/local /opt/spidermonkey /opt/js), and don't support
--with-spidermonkey=DIR (which I think was documented in elinks-users
only).  Instead, ask pkg-config for mozjs185 or mozilla-js.
Everyone who installed SpiderMonkey in an unusual place must set
PKG_CONFIG_PATH appropriately.

This commit also includes a few minor changes in the SpiderMonkey
section of the configure script:
* Update the SpiderMonkey version number in "checking" messages
  from 1.5 RC3a to 1.8.5, which matches the actual checks.
* Wrap the option documentation with AS_HELP_STRING.
* Use the Autoconf-generated $with_spidermonkey variable directly,
  instead of copying $withval.
* Quote the arguments of macros more consistently.
* Warn if SpiderMonkey was requested but not found.
2011-05-01 21:21:49 +03:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 2648123e8f doc: TRE 0.8.0 required 2009-12-17 10:13:28 +02:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 1208a8dd2a bug 15, doc: Option manager doesn't support domain-specific
Mention in elinks.conf.5 that there's one reason to edit elinks.conf:
the option manager doesn't yet support domain-specific options,
so any set_domain statements have to be added with an editor.
2009-08-23 04:12:19 +03:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo ef548e5728 Merge branch 'elinks-0.12'
2009-07-24 18:32:25 +03:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo e6344340dd Doxyfile: Expand OBJECT_HEAD as defined
To stop Doxygen from parsing its uses as member functions.
2009-07-19 21:15:40 +03:00
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo 49a8be75bb Doxyfile: Expand ACTION_ as defined
This lets Doxygen generate links for ACT_MAIN_SAVE_AS and others.
2009-07-19 02:32:41 +03:00