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bug 15, doc: Option manager doesn't support domain-specific

Mention in elinks.conf.5 that there's one reason to edit elinks.conf:
the option manager doesn't yet support domain-specific options,
so any set_domain statements have to be added with an editor.
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@ -24,8 +24,9 @@ protocol behaviour, keybindings, colors used for rendering and for the user
It is read at startup and saved only when requested. All options described in
this document can be fully configured from within ELinks so no editing of
elinks.conf is needed.
this document can be configured from within ELinks. Editing of elinks.conf is
needed only if you want to override the values of some options in individual
domains (`set_domain`).
Note that MIME-related options used for specifying handlers of various MIME
types are NOT described in this document. Documentation for these options can