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Hacker is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages.

You can preview the theme at


This theme was ported from the GitHub Automatic Page Generator to a Jekyll v3.3 theme gem.

To use it on a Pages site, add theme: jekyll-theme-hacker to your _config.yml.

theme: jekyll-theme-hacker
title: Custom title
description: Custom description.
show_downloads: true
  • To override the repository name or description from GitHub used in the header, set a title or description.
  • Set show_downloads to false to hide the download buttons in the header.
  • Set google_analytics to your tracking ID to enable pageview tracking.

This theme includes a single default layout. Markdown files should be prefixed with the following frontmatter.

layout: default


For CSS customization, create your own /assets/css/styles.scss in your project to replace the one from this theme, and override selected stylesheet properties.


@import "rouge-base16-dark";
@import 'hacker';

Syntax Highlighting

Rouge is the default highlighter in Jekyll 3. This theme includes the base16.dark stylesheet from Rouge.

To switch syntax highlighting colors to say monokai, install the rouge gem and run the following on the command line.

mkdir _scss
rougify style monokai > _scss/rouge-monokai.scss

Then replace rouge-base16-dark with rouge-monokai in /assets/css/styles.scss

Other pygments highlighter themes should work as well.