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Ben Balter 6 years ago
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# Tag and push a release.
set -e
# Make sure we're in the project root.
cd $(dirname "$0")/..
# Make sure the darn thing works
bundle update
# Build a new gem archive.
rm -rf jekyll-theme-hacker-*.gem
gem build -q jekyll-theme-hacker.gemspec
# Make sure we're on the master branch.
(git branch | grep -q 'master') || {
echo "Only release from the master branch."
exit 1
# Figure out what version we're releasing.
tag=v`ls jekyll-theme-hacker-*.gem | sed 's/^jekyll-theme-hacker-\(.*\)\.gem$/\1/'`
# Make sure we haven't released this version before.
git fetch -t origin
(git tag -l | grep -q "$tag") && {
echo "Whoops, there's already a '${tag}' tag."
exit 1
# Tag it and bag it.
gem push jekyll-theme-hacker-*.gem && git tag "$tag" &&
git push origin master && git push origin "$tag"