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2016-10-07 11:54:12 -04:00
# `jekyll-theme-hacker`
2016-10-06 19:01:49 -04:00
Hacker is a Jekyll theme for [GitHub Pages](
2016-10-06 19:25:50 -04:00
You can preview the theme at
2016-10-06 19:01:49 -04:00
### Usage
This theme was ported from the GitHub Automatic Page Generator to a Jekyll v3.3 theme gem.
To use it on a Pages site, add `theme: jekyll-theme-hacker` to your `_config.yml`.
theme: jekyll-theme-hacker
title: Custom title
description: Custom description.
show_downloads: true
- To override the repository name or description from GitHub used in the header, set a `title` or `description`.
- Set `show_downloads` to `false` to hide the download buttons in the header.
- Set `google_analytics` to your tracking ID to enable pageview tracking.
This theme includes a single `default` layout. Markdown files should be prefixed with the following frontmatter.
layout: default
#### CSS
For CSS customization, create your own `/assets/css/styles.scss` in your project to replace the one from this theme, and override selected stylesheet properties.
@import "rouge-base16-dark";
@import 'hacker';
#### Syntax Highlighting
[Rouge]( is the default highlighter in Jekyll 3. This theme includes the `base16.dark` stylesheet from Rouge.
To switch syntax highlighting colors to say `monokai`, install the `rouge` gem and run the following on the command line.
mkdir _scss
rougify style monokai > _scss/rouge-monokai.scss
Then replace `rouge-base16-dark` with `rouge-monokai` in `/assets/css/styles.scss`
Other pygments highlighter themes should work as well.