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Quang Thang ea57c7a788 Hỗ trợ Katex, dịch một số thuật ngữ và một số cái khác :v 2020-12-30 16:38:01 +07:00
Quang Thắng 7f364836c0
Fix condition body 2020-12-15 20:31:46 +07:00
Quang Thắng 2187762d71
CF Analytics is now optional 2020-12-15 20:30:52 +07:00
Quang Thắng cbeac1900f
Add Cloudflare Analytics 2020-12-15 20:04:44 +07:00
Patrick Marsceill bd1f741d6d
Merge pull request #334 from CodeSandwich/custom_header_footer
Add custom header and footer include files
2020-10-12 12:57:25 -04:00
PLanCompS 09ab1c3131 List children also when excluded from main navigation
- Limit the effect of `nav_exclude: true` to the main navigation.
- Include links to excluded pages in auto-generating lists of child pages
and in breadcrumbs.
- Refactor implementation by moving assignment of `first_level_url` and `second_level_url` from `_includes/nav.html` to `_layouts/default.html`.
- Clarify the effect of `nav_exclude` in the documentation.
2020-09-28 17:06:06 +02:00
Igor Żuk b89ab93a88
Merge branch 'master' into custom_header_footer 2020-09-15 00:09:50 +02:00
Peter Mosses 000da77ba2
Update _includes/nav.html
Correction needed for use of collections.

Co-authored-by: Kevin Lin <>
2020-09-12 08:55:53 +02:00
PLanCompS 02763e69d9 Merge branch 'master' into nav-sorting 2020-09-11 18:49:44 +02:00
Patrick Marsceill db32b66ce9
Merge pull request #375 from pdmosses/linenos
Support for the linenos option on highlighted code
2020-09-11 10:59:13 -04:00
PLanCompS cfbdee1168 Update nav.html
Fixed conversion of numeric titles to strings.
2020-08-13 16:47:58 +02:00
PLanCompS e4759daecf Update nav.html
Indentation adjusted
2020-08-11 18:31:54 +02:00
PLanCompS a7be52df3b Update nav.html 2020-08-11 18:26:34 +02:00
PLanCompS 4fc59a578f Separate sorting of numbers and strings for navigation order
The values of `title` and `nav_order` can be numbers or strings.
Jekyll gives build failures when sorting on mixtures of different types,
so numbers and strings need to be sorted separately.

Here, numbers are sorted by their values, and come before all strings.
An omitted `nav_order` value is equivalent to the page's `title` value
(except that a numerical `title` value is treated as a string).

The case-sensitivity of string sorting is determined by `site.nav_sort`.
2020-08-11 18:25:58 +02:00
Patrick Marsceill 101dd2efdc
Merge pull request #399 from pdmosses/anchor-headings-1.0.7
Update anchor_headings.html
2020-08-10 10:46:17 -04:00
Patrick Marsceill 6be8a2e38a
Merge pull request #379 from SgtSilvio/feature/doc-collections
Feature/doc collections
2020-08-10 10:42:30 -04:00
PLanCompS 83ec553348 Ensure pages with nav_exclude are ignored by navigation
Pages with `nav_exclude: true` were included when sorting on `title` or `nav_order`. That could cause build failures when the type of value of the field differs from that on other pages, as reported in

Pages with `nav_exclude: true` or no `title` are never displayed in the navigation, so removing them from `pages_list` cannot break existing sites. This change also allows the removal of some tests in the code. (The indentation of the code should now be adjusted, but that has been deferred, to restrict the size of the diff for review.)

For testing, the title of `404.html` has been changed to the number `404`,  the page `docs/`  has been added, and `nav_sort_order` has been set to `case_sensitive`. Those updates give build failures with the current version of `_includes/nav.html`, but not after the suggested changes.

It will still be possible for build failures to occur due to sorting fields of *non-excluded* pages with differing types of values (e.g., `nav_order`a mixture of numbers and strings). To make the code completely safe will require relatively complicated changes,.
2020-08-10 15:58:42 +02:00
CodeSandwich d2d3609dea Improve default footer contrast
This improves Google Lighthouse accessibility score. As a human I agree that it was too faint.
2020-08-04 12:33:25 +02:00
PLanCompS 5258835588 Update anchor_headings.html
Fixes a bug where content after headings in header elements disappeared.
Header elements are not currently used in JtD, but could make the HTML more semantic.
2020-08-02 12:59:05 +02:00
CodeSandwich cd192aa4e2 Add custom header and footer include files 2020-07-26 00:35:58 +02:00
Patrick Marsceill 96fffcc59d
Merge pull request #359 from totaldebug/fix_https
Fix https
2020-07-20 17:31:19 -04:00
Silvio Giebl 93f93f48a7 Added doc collections and categories 2020-07-09 21:07:24 +02:00
Peter Mosses 305bed7cd5
Merge branch 'master' into linenos 2020-07-06 17:24:41 +02:00
PLanCompS b73300595b Simplified the use of fix_linenos
Now using an include parameter.
Enhanced to support Markdown with code fences.
2020-07-06 15:07:53 +02:00
Mike Coutermarsh bf31b8b9a0
Improve accessibility by adding label to Anchor links.
I ran Lighthouse on just-the-docs and noticed the anchor links
were missing a "discernible name".

This adds aria-labelledby to the header element to improve these for
2020-07-04 14:28:52 -07:00
PLanCompS b41f28dade Support for the linenos option on highlighted code
The added examples in `docs/` extend the previous examplees of highlighting, documenting the required inout.
2020-07-04 19:21:49 +02:00
marksie1988 d3d17c0460 fix conflicts 2020-06-27 10:02:36 +01:00
marksie1988 e181626b66 merge upstream 2020-06-26 11:50:56 +01:00
marksie1988 d7050b3f04 change to relative_url 2020-06-26 10:08:11 +01:00
Silvio Giebl 51f15965f2 Merge branch 'feature/search-sections' into improvement/navigation-new
# Conflicts:
#	_includes/nav.html
#	_layouts/default.html
#	assets/js/search-data.json
#	docs/
#	lib/tasks/search.rake
2020-06-15 22:06:16 +02:00
Silvio Giebl c7466e88a8 Merge branch 'improvement/navigation' into improvement/navigation-new
# Conflicts:
#	_includes/nav.html
#	_layouts/default.html
2020-06-15 21:23:03 +02:00
Silvio Giebl d7e57de985
Exclude pages without title from nav (e.g. redirects) 2020-04-29 14:44:51 -04:00
Patrick Marsceill 484563b297
Merge pull request #239 from KasparEtter/fix-duplicates-in-nav
Fix duplicate entries in nav.html and default.html
2020-04-28 17:52:35 -04:00
Peter Mosses e97b718f5d
Update nav.html
Changed `site.html_pages` to `pages_list`, to repeat the nav order of the grandchildren in the nav panel.
2020-04-28 18:07:50 +02:00
Peter Mosses 73ad860f8e
Update _includes/nav.html
Co-Authored-By: Patrick Marsceill <>
2020-04-28 17:08:53 +02:00
Patrick Marsceill b7fe6e0318
Merge branch 'v0.2.9' into fix-duplicates-in-nav 2020-04-27 13:29:52 -04:00
Patrick Marsceill fad434bc74
Merge branch 'v0.2.9' into default-nav-order 2020-04-27 11:05:46 -04:00
PLanCompS c46ccd3484 Made case-insenstive sorting the default
Added a configuration option to determine whether the sort order is case-sensitive.
The default is case-insensitive.

To test:
- open `/just-the-docs/docs/utilities/` in the browser,
  and check that the navigation links in `Utilities` are sorted alphabetically;
- in `docs/utilities/', change the preamble to `title: layout`,
  and check that the  links in `Utilities` are still sorted alphabetically;
- add `nav_sort: case_sensitive` in the configuration file,
  and check that the link to `layout` is now listed last under `Utilities`.
2020-04-25 14:53:45 +02:00
Patrick Marsceill 59d4802ce3
Merge branch 'improvement/custom-themes' of git:// into SgtSilvio-improvement/custom-themes 2020-04-24 15:39:44 -04:00
Patrick Marsceill 0716ea77d6
Merge pull request #250 from Labs64/pr-anonymize_ip
Enable IP anonymization in Google Analytics (GDPR)
2020-04-24 14:47:21 -04:00
R.Brown 17cf72bd33
Update _includes/head.html
Co-Authored-By: Patrick Marsceill <>
2020-04-24 19:44:25 +02:00
Patrick Marsceill 8d54896986
Merge pull request #282 from blawqchain/patch-1
Update nav.html for handling nav_exclude
2020-04-23 22:26:55 -04:00
Serge aa8ca74883
Fix duplicated title and description tags
Currently just-the-docs renders two title and description tags
when used with jekyll-seo-tag. This patch fixes plugin detection
2020-03-22 22:51:37 -04:00
Scott V Kissinger 6f2065aa57
Update nav.html for handling nav_exclude
It appears nav_exclude only works on top level navigation items. I needed it to work at the child level as well. I believe these changes accomplish that for the child and grand_child levels.

Love this theme. I've used it a few times. Apologies if this pull request is not according to convention. This is the first time I've done it on someone else's code. Thanks!
2020-02-19 16:01:50 +08:00
Silvio Giebl 672de29f2e Exclude pages without title from nav (e.g. redirects) 2020-02-02 20:54:02 +01:00
Silvio Giebl 5d87f3a9df Prefixed svg ids to not clash with normal ids 2019-12-01 15:51:48 +01:00
Silvio Giebl fd91140923 Merge branch 'master2' into improvement/navigation-merged
# Conflicts:
#	_layouts/default.html
2019-11-26 23:30:46 +01:00
Silvio Giebl bb0e5222ca Merge branch 'master2' into improvement-custom-themes-merged 2019-11-26 23:27:33 +01:00
Alexey Averikhin 25331a5ffa Enable IP anonymization in Google Analytics (GDPR)
- Introduced "ga_tracking_anonymize_ip" parameter to enable/disable Google Analytics IP anonymization (to comply with GDPR).

(cherry picked from commit ce530f36fa0549c78ffe53ea6077f44f6f0b330f) (+1 squashed commit)
Squashed commits:
[69b7718] - enable GA anonymize_ip

(cherry picked from commit f2b67c632af72b61dd634b9a337200781519691e)
2019-11-12 10:27:01 +01:00
Kaspar Etter 102d74c782
Fix duplicate entries in nav.html
This commit resolves #207.
2019-10-16 17:42:30 +02:00