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#KC4UPR update
NOTE: This project is no longer maintained. I do not have a uBITX configured to use this code, and so am unable to provide any assistance regarding use of the code. This code is intended for the Raduino (Arduino microcontroller) in the uBITX, and communicates with an additional Teensy 3.2 microcontroller added to the transceiver; without this combination, the code is unlikely to do what you expect. Also, at the point where this project left off, it might or might not have been functional… a hardware failure precluded further testing.
Some notes about how this works:
- Requires the ubitx-iop code in the Teensy.
- Teensy and Raduino talk via serial (UART).
- Teensy provides the CW keyer.
- Teensy passes through CAT commands; CAT-handling logic is modified in the Raduino, with a prefix byte to describe whether it's actually CAT data, or other information from the Teensy.
- Additional modes are implemented (namely, digimodes and two-tone test).
Here's the original README.md info from the KD8CEC firmware:
- Now Release Version 1.20 on my blog (http://www.hamskey.com)