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@ -24,6 +24,27 @@ Prepared or finished tasks for the next version
- Support Nextion LCD, TJC LCD
- Read & Backup uBITX, ADC Monitoring, ATT, IF-Shift and more on Nextion LCD (TJC LCD)
- Factory Reset (Both Character LCD and Nextion LCD are applicable)
- Support Signal Meter using ADC (A7 Port)
- Supoort I2C Signal Meter
- Spectrum
- Band Scan
- Memory Control on Nextion LCD (TJC LCD)
- Speed Change CW-Option on Nextion LCD
- Fixed Band Change Bug (Both Character LCD and Nextion LCD are applicable)
- uBITX Manager removed the Encode and Decode buttons. The procedure has become a bit easier.
- I2C Device Scan on uBITX Manager ( Both Character LCD and Nextion LCD are applicable)
- Si5351 I2C Address can be changed
- Recovery using QR-Code Data from Server
- Nextion LCD and TJC LCD can display Spectrum and CW Decode (using Stand alone S-Meter)
- Other Minor Bugs
1.09 (Beta)
- include 1.094 beta, 1.095 beta, 1.097 beta
- Receive performance is improved compared to the original firmware or version 1.061
- ATT function has been added to reduce RF gain (Shift 45Mhz IF)