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- Now Release Version 1.061 on my blog (http://www.hamskey.com)
- You can download and compiled hex file and uBITX Manager application on my blog (http://www.hamskey.com)
I received uBITX a month ago and found that many features are required, and began coding with the idea of implementing minimal functionality as a general hf transceiver rather than an experimental device.
Most of the basic functions of the HF transceiver I thought were implemented.
The minimum basic specification for uBITX to operate as a radio, I think it is finished.
So I will release the 0.27 version and if I do not see the bug anymore, I will try to change the version name to 1.0.
Now uBITX is an HF radio and will be able to join you in your happy hams life.
Based on this source, you can use it by adding functions.
- Now Release Version 1.08 on my blog (http://www.hamskey.com)
- You can download and compiled hex file and uBITX Manager application on release section (https://github.com/phdlee/ubitx/releases)
- For more information, see my blog (http://www.hamskey.com)
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Prepared or finished tasks for the next version
- Reduce Program size
- uBITX with RTL-SDR
- Nextion LCD
- Add TTS module
- Remote control on another MCU
- Direct control for Student
1.07 (Working...)
- Please do not download it yet. The code will continue to change for the time being.
- BetaVersion for Reduce program size
- Receive performance is improved compared to the original firmware or version 1.061
- ATT function has been added to reduce RF gain (Shift 45Mhz IF)
- Added the ability to connect SDR. (Low cost RTL-SDR available)
- Added a protocol to ADC Monitoring in CAT communications
- Various LCD support, 16x02 Parallel LCD - It is the LCD equipped with uBITX, 16x02 I2C LCD, 20x04 Parallel LCD, 20x04 I2C LCD, 16x02 I2C Dual LCD
- Added Extended Switch Support
- Support S Meter
- Added S-Meter setting assistant to uBITX Manager
- Add recovery mode (such as Factory Reset)
- There have been many other improvements and fixes. More information is available on the blog. (http://www.hamskey.com)
- 1.071, 1.073, 1.075 is Beta
- Features implemented in the beta version have been applied to Version 1.08 above.
- Added WSPR