An I/O Processor (IOP) for the uBITX V5... a Teensy 3.2 microcontroller with Audio Adapter Shield, housed within the uBITX enclosure, to provide TX and RX Digital Signal Processing (as well as a single USB interface to the computer).
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2 years ago
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ubitx_iop Late add. Note that I have not used the uBITX IOP in a while due to a hardware malfunction. 2 years ago Added 2 years ago

NOTE: This project is no longer maintained. I do not have a uBITX configured to use this code, and so am unable to provide any assistance regarding use of the code. I will note that this code is intended for use with a Teensy 3.2 microcontroller, although there are probably good things to be had for other microcontrollers as well. Also, at the point where this project left off, it might or might not have been functional... a hardware failure precluded further testing.

This project implements an additional processor in the uBITX V5 transceiver, which was used to implement the following functions:

  • Wide, medium, and narrow audio filters for each mode (SSB, CW, digital)
  • A new CW keyer based on the NanoIO codebase (I think... would have to double check the source markings)
  • A single USB interface providing both serial CAT control as well as digital audio I/O

Communication between the Teensy and the Raduino occurs over serial (UART) communication.

This Teensy code depends on a modified version of the KD8CEC firmware for the Raduino; reference the ubitx-v5d repository.