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use strict;
use warnings;
use utf8;
#add my user perl library path, this is particular to each person's setup
#use lib qw( /usr/pkg/lib/perl5/5.24.0 /meta/p/peteyboy/perl5/lib/perl5 );
#make request for all of the following
use CGI::Tiny;
use Mojo::Template;
use Mojo::Loader 'data_section';
use Readonly;
#use List::Util qw(first);
use URI;
use experimental 'smartmatch';
# MAKE SURE ORIGIN PAGE MATCHES FILENAME (especially if you are testing changes)!
my $ORIGIN_PAGE = "/cgi-bin/wordle-life.cgi";
my $defaulttext = "Paste your wordle share here (replace this text)";
my $PATH_PARAM = "path_info";
my $WORDLE_INPUT_PARAM = "wordle-result";
my $SHARENOTE_PARAM = "share-note";
cgi {
#error handler from the CGI:Tiny cookbook
my $cgi = $_;
$cgi->set_error_handler(sub {
my ($cgi, $error, $rendered) = @_;
warn $error;
unless ($rendered) {
if ($cgi->response_status_code == 413) {
$cgi->render(json => {error => 'Request body limit exceeded'});
}elsif ($cgi->response_status_code == 400) {
$cgi->render(json => {error => 'Bad request'});
} else {
$cgi->render(json => {error => 'Internal server error'});
my $wordle;
my $method = $cgi->method;
my $rle = "";
my $isshare = 0; #flag for sharing, default false
my $sharenote = ""; #a note someone can tack onto their share
my $navigate = 0; #flag to go to different page, default false
#Simple switch: make a one page app, and always go back to the same page.
#GET or HEAD loads the page blank, POST runs the Life file maker
if ($method eq 'HEAD') {
$wordle = $defaulttext;
} elsif ($method eq 'GET') {
#Check path_info to see if we are navigating (ignoring sharing query params if there?)
#if (first { $_ eq $PATH_PARAM } @{$cgi->query_param_names} ){
if ( $PATH_PARAM ~~ @{$cgi->query_param_names} ){
$navigate = mock_path_info($cgi->query_param($PATH_PARAM)); #true and populated
#if there are sharing query parameters put them in $wordle and activate share page logic
elsif ($WORDLE_INPUT_PARAM ~~ @{$cgi->query_param_names} ){
$wordle = $cgi->query_param($WORDLE_INPUT_PARAM);
$isshare = 1; #true
$sharenote = $cgi->query_param($SHARENOTE_PARAM);
$wordle = $defaulttext;
} elsif ($method eq 'POST') {
#textarea name, pull the value from POST and reload into textarea
$wordle = $cgi->body_param($WORDLE_INPUT_PARAM);
#if input textarea not changed from default text, do nothing
unless ($wordle =~ /\Q$defaulttext\E/ or $wordle eq '') {
#[Cc] /){ #cheat, if they put in something that looks like an RLE, pass output through
if ($wordle =~ /^#[Cc] /){
$rle = $wordle;
#if none of that, do the thing: generate RLE
$rle = generate_rle($wordle);
#$output = $mt->render($template, { WORDLE_INPUT_PARAM => $WORDLE_INPUT_PARAM, ORIGIN_PAGE => $ORIGIN_PAGE, defaulttext => $defaulttext, wordle => $wordle, rle => $rle, sharenote => $sharenote });
} else { #some other request? PUT, DELETE?
#die "Invalid wordle parameter" unless length $wordle;
#Load template from DATA section and output
#my $mt = Mojo::Template->new(auto_escape => 1, vars => 1);
my $mt = Mojo::Template->new(vars => 1);
my $template;
my $output;
#TODO: this is ugly; clean up
if ($method eq 'GET' && $navigate ) {
my $template_name = template_from_path_info ($navigate);
#TODO: Check against a list of valid templates!
#if ( grep ( /^$template_name$/, ('index.html.ep', 'about.html.ep') )) {
if ( $template_name ~~ ['index.html.ep', 'about.html.ep'] ) {
$template = data_section __PACKAGE__, $template_name;
$output = $mt->render($template, { ORIGIN_PAGE => $ORIGIN_PAGE }); #this isn't general purpose, what template needs what variables?
}else{ #TODO: fix so as not to need copied code from the else below?
$template = data_section __PACKAGE__, 'index.html.ep';
$output = $mt->render($template, { WORDLE_INPUT_PARAM => $WORDLE_INPUT_PARAM, ORIGIN_PAGE => $ORIGIN_PAGE, defaulttext => $defaulttext, wordle => $wordle, rle => $rle, isshare => $isshare, sharenote => $sharenote });
$template = data_section __PACKAGE__, 'index.html.ep';
$output = $mt->render($template, { WORDLE_INPUT_PARAM => $WORDLE_INPUT_PARAM, ORIGIN_PAGE => $ORIGIN_PAGE, defaulttext => $defaulttext, wordle => $wordle, rle => $rle, isshare => $isshare, sharenote => $sharenote });
$cgi->render(html => $output );
#Try to Generate the RLE. Makes a lot of assumptions
sub generate_rle (\$) {
my $headline = "";
my $rleline = "";
my $rowcount;
my $myline;
Readonly my $headline_prefix => "#C "; #Part of RLE spec https://conwaylife.com/wiki/Run_Length_Encoded
Readonly my $row_prefix => "x = 5"; #for wordle always 5
Readonly my $col_prefix => ",y = ";
Readonly my $lifeviewer_settings => "\n[[\n GPS 3\n ZOOM 23\n COLOR ALIVE LIME\n COLOR BACKGROUND MIDNIGHTBLUE\n STOP 100\n GRID\n]]"; #Part of Viewer Spec
#Readonly my $lifeviewer_settings => "\n[[\n GPS 3\n ZOOM 23\n THEME INVERSE\n STOP 100\n GRID\n]]"; #Part of Viewer Spec
my $wordle = shift; # this is how you get variables in your function call!
$rowcount = 0;
my @lines = split /^/, $wordle;
foreach $myline (@lines) {
if ($headline eq "" && $myline =~ /Wordle/){
$headline = $headline_prefix . $myline;
#remove all line endings with magic perl identifier R
$myline =~ s/\R//;
$myline =~ s/^(.*)$/$1\$/;
#these replaces are logicless, so they need to be done in this order!
#in case of text mode (Discord)
$myline =~ s/:yellow_square:/o/g;
$myline =~ s/:green_square:/o/g;
$myline =~ s/:blue_square:/o/g; #HC equiv yellow
$myline =~ s/:orange_square:/o/g; #HC equiv green
$myline =~ s/:red_square:/o/g; #wordum red fails
$myline =~ s/:[a-z_]*square:/b/g;
# for normal unicode
$myline =~ s/\N{U+1f7e8}/o/g; #yellow hit
$myline =~ s/\N{U+1f7e9}/o/g; #green hit
$myline =~ s/\N{U+1F7E6}/o/g; #blue
$myline =~ s/\N{U+1F7E7}/o/g; #orange
$myline =~ s/\N{U+1F7E5}/o/g; #red
$myline =~ s/\N{U+2B1B}/b/g; #black
$myline =~ s/\N{U+2B1C}/b/g; #white
#broken copy/paste text
$myline =~ s/black_large_square/b/g;
$myline =~ s/white_large_square/b/g;
$myline =~ s/yellow_square/o/g;
$myline =~ s/green_square/o/g;
$myline =~ s/blue_square/o/g;
$myline =~ s/orange_square/o/g;
$myline =~ s/red_square/o/g; #wordum red fails
#skip blank lines, count rows added
if(length($myline) > 1){
$rowcount += 1;
$rleline= $rleline . $myline;
#this is the format with b,o, and $. Done lazily because I don't compress the repeated b or o.
$rleline =~ s/\$$/\!/; #Correct termination of last line of RLE is !, not $, so replace it.
return "$headline\n$row_prefix$col_prefix$rowcount\n$rleline\n$lifeviewer_settings";
#Because SDF's nginx config is broken, we have to use query params to *navigate*
sub mock_path_info {
my $uri = URI->new (shift);
return $uri->path;
sub template_from_path_info {
my $template='';
my $path = shift;
if ($path =~ /^\//){
$template = $path;
$template =~ s/^.//;
$template =~ tr/\//./;
$template = $template . ".html.ep";
return $template;
@@ index.html.ep
<title>Play Conway's Life with your Wordle Score</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://unpkg.com/some-nice-basic-css/global.css" />
<meta name="LifeViewer" content="viewer textarea"> <!--required tag-->
<script src="/lv-plugin.js"></script>
<p align= right> <a href="<%=$ORIGIN_PAGE%>?path_info=/about">about</a>
% if ($isshare) {
<h3> Hey, someone wants to share their Wordle->Life score with you!</h3>
%if ($sharenote){
<p>They said:<em><%= $sharenote %></em></p>
<p><strong>Skip to step 2 of the instructions below and see the shared wordle-life happen!</strong></p>
<p><em>Play your Wordle Share score in <a href=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway%27s_Game_of_Life> Conway's Life!</a></em></p>
% };
<p> Hey, nerds, isn't it funny how the Wordle Scores can look like a glider in that old computer programming exercise, Conway's Life?</p> <img src="https://conwaylife.com/w/images/e/e2/Lwss.png" alt="Glider image from Conwaylife.org, it looks like an 8-bit staple gun" align= float />
<p> Paste your wordle share below and submit to convert it to a Conway's Life file so you can run it (to learn more about Conway's Life, read <a href=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway%27s_Game_of_Life> this)</a>.</p>
<form id="wordle-form" name="wordle-form" action="<%== $ORIGIN_PAGE %>" method="POST" class="flow">
<label for="wordle">Wordle Share Chart:</label>
<textarea id="wordle" name="wordle-result" rows="12" cols="50" placeholder="<%== $defaulttext %>" style="vertical-align: middle" class="lv-rle" class="flow">
<%== $wordle %></textarea>
<p>Click "Submit" and an RLE format file made for Conway's Game of Life will appear in the box below and get loaded into the Life Viewer.</p>
<input type="submit" value="Submit">
<p>Watch your Wordle score play LIFE!</p>
<!--viewer container-->
<div class="viewer" class="flow">
<label for="wordle">
<p>If the conversion is successful, you should see your Wordle converted to a Run Length Encoded Conway Life file in this box:</p>
<textarea id="life" name="life-file" rows="9" cols="50" style="vertical-align: middle" class="lv-rle" class="flow">
<%== $rle %></textarea>
<p>If the RLE is correct, it should be loaded in the Life Viewer, and so you are ready to go!</p>
<li><p>For best results with the Life Viewer, you may adjust the default Zoom and the playback speed, then press the Play button:</p>
<canvas height=400 width=400></canvas></li>
<li><p>Press "[Pause]" when it seems stable. </p>
<!--end viewer container-->
<p> This should work with the share/copy button in wordle, or copy/pasting your friends' wordles out of Discord or wherever as well. See whose Wordle Score runs the coolest!
% if ($rle ne ""){
<p><strong> Share your wordle-life!</strong></p>
<p> You can copy/paste the RLE into your favorite social media post or email</p>
<p> Click this button to go to a share page where you can copy/paste the url to someone</p>
<form id="life-share" name="life-share" action="<%== $ORIGIN_PAGE %>" method="GET" class="flow">
<textarea id="share-rle" name="<%= $WORDLE_INPUT_PARAM %>" rows="9" cols="50" style="display:none;">
<%=$rle %>
<input type="submit" value="Go to sharing page">
<input id="share-note" type="text" name="share-note" placeholder="Add a note if you'd like" style="vertical-align: bottom">
% };
<strong>If it doesn't seem to be working:</strong>
<li><p> If there is extra text or lines in your paste, you might not get a valid file in the box above, so look and make sure it looks like a proper RLE file, for example:
<pre code>
#C Wordle 235 3/6
x = 5,y = 3
STOP 100
</pre code>
<p>(the main thing that needs to be right are the first 3 lines. If the 3rd line has any colon <strong> :</strong> symbols, just try deleting them. The stuff between double brackets aren't part of the RLE but are comments that set some defaults for the Life Viewer)</p>
<p>For details about the Life RLE file format above, read <a href=https://conwaylife.com/wiki/Run_Length_Encoded>this</a>.</p>
<li>You can also copy the contents of the Conway Life box above and try it somewhere else:
<li>go to a Conway's Life site, such as <a href= https://copy.sh/life/> this one at copy.sh</a> or <a href="https://lazyslug.com/lifeviewer/">this one at lazyslug.com</a> and load and run your file.</li>
<li> specifically for the one at copy.sh:</li>
<li> Press the [Import] button at the top</li>
<li> paste in your Life file contents in the box and press [Import]</li>
<li> It will put up a box telling you it loaded your Wordle, press [OK]</li>
<li> Press the [Run] button and watch your Wordle score play LIFE!</li>
@@ about.html.ep
<title>About Wordle-Life</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://unpkg.com/some-nice-basic-css/global.css" />
<!-- <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://peteyboy.freeshell.org/air.css"> -->
% my $home_path= "$ORIGIN_PAGE";
% my $current_path = "$home_path?path_info=/about";
<p> This is an about page. </p>
<p> Click <a href=<%== $home_path %> >here</a> to go Home </p>
<p> Click <a href=<%== $current_path %> >here</a> to stay put </p>
<hr 100%>
<em>Disclaimer: I made this! People and/or corporations may own their marks or copyrights, etc, on words mentioned on this page I don't claim to</em>
Thanks to <a href="https://github.com/hankchizljaw/some-nice-basic-css"> hankchizljaw</a> for making his basic css publicly available
<p> Made in February 2022
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