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peteyboy 7ce4aab610 removed parts where SDF didn't have Text::Markdown installed, because they do now. 7 months ago
Pete Dussin f220748dd4 Updated the function render_md_files_lowdown() because lowdown apparently changed its flags (copied the
changes from 'ssg6' from https://rgz.ee/bin/ssg6).
Updated README.md because rgz's old website address no longer works, and changed text because Markdown.pl
should be installed now on SDF.

 Changes to be committed:
	modified:   README.md
	modified:   ssg5
2 years ago
peteyboy d62b5b6387 Update perl module loading steps,
thought first step was not required. It is.
3 years ago
peteyboy 9271704bd4 fixed up format 3 years ago
peteyboy 19351e8fc1 preview takes forever. 3 years ago
peteyboy 72bbeb3c33 more formatting 3 years ago
peteyboy 40cf3bab23 learn markdown, fix code block 3 years ago
peteyboy 91fef41c4b added actual cpanm steps for non-root @ SDF 3 years ago
peteyboy 68bfa010ec fixed up format 3 years ago
peteyboy 5b25cfb458 added explanantory text 3 years ago
peteyboy 1f5c677f47 Initial commit 3 years ago