We were given a graphing calculator for Math 12, for some reason.
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Neil ec36c977e5 Readme. 2 years ago
ARITHSER.83P Git. 2 years ago
ARITHTRM.83P Git. 2 years ago
CUBIC.83P Git. 2 years ago
DISTANCE.83P Git. 2 years ago
DIVPOLYN.83P Git. 2 years ago
FACTOR.83P Git. 2 years ago
GEOSEQ.83P Git. 2 years ago
MIDPOINT.83P Git. 2 years ago
PERCDIFF.83P Git. 2 years ago
RECURSE.83P Git. 2 years ago
SEQNSERI.83P Git. 2 years ago
SOLVETRI.83P Git. 2 years ago
STDQUAD.83P Git. 2 years ago
Z3D.83P Git. 2 years ago
readme.md Readme. 2 years ago


We were given a graphing calculator. I don't know why. I programmed these and, when I finished, in the context of Math 12, here's my ratings.

ARITHSER.83PArithmetic SeriesSlightly useful.
ARITHTRM.83PArithmetic TermSlightly useful.
CUBIC.83PCubic PolynomialForget what it does.
DISTANCE.83PDistanceFairly useful.
DIVPOLYN.83PDivide PolynomialsSlightly useful.
FACTOR.83PFactor PolynomialsVery useful.
GEOSEQ.83PGeometric SequencesSlightly useful.
MIDPOINT.83PMidpointFairly useful.
PERCDIFF.83PPercentage DifferenceFairly useful.
RECURSE.83PRecursive SeriesSlightly useful.
SEQNSERI.83PSequences and SeriesSlightly useful.
Solve a TriangleVery useful.
STDQUAD.83PStandard Form QuadraticsVery useful.
Z3D.83PZ3dUseless 3d graphics engine.