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#include "Palette"
XTerm*background: S_base03
XTerm*foreground: S_base0
XTerm*fading: 40
XTerm*fadeColor: S_base03
XTerm*cursorColor: S_base1
XTerm*pointerColorBackground: S_base01
XTerm*pointerColorForeground: S_base1
XTerm*color0: S_base02
XTerm*color1: S_red
XTerm*color2: S_green
XTerm*color3: S_yellow
XTerm*color4: S_blue
XTerm*color5: S_magenta
XTerm*color6: S_cyan
XTerm*color7: S_base2
XTerm*color8: S_orange
XTerm*color9: S_base03
XTerm*color10: S_base01
XTerm*color11: S_base00
XTerm*color12: S_base0
XTerm*color13: S_violet
XTerm*color14: S_base1
XTerm*color15: S_base3