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! We're doing to be using the C preprocessor even though that's technically
! abuse... sorry X.Org guys.
!*Font: -slavfox-cozette-medium-r-normal--13-120-75-75-m-60-iso10646-1
!*Font: xft:Cozette:pixelsize=14
*Pixmap: ~/Workspace/xosview/themes/clover.xpm
! This first chunk defines "general" colors.
*customization: -color
#define TEXTBG snow
#define PANELBG #D8D8D8
#define DARKBG gray50
#define TEST red
#define TEST2 blue
#define TEST3 yellow
#define TEST4 magenta
#define TEST5 cyan
#define TEST6 orange
#define TEST7 green
! This next chunk defines how to assign colors to widgets.
*Box.background: PANELBG
*Dialog.background: PANELBG
*Form.background: PANELBG
*Label.background: PANELBG
*Paned.background: PANELBG
*Panner.background: PANELBG
*SimpleMenu.background: PANELBG
*Command.background: BUTTONBG
*MenuButton.background: BUTTONBG
*Repeater.background: BUTTONBG
*Toggle.background: BUTTONBG
*Scrollbar.background: BUTTONBG
*AsciiSink.background: TEXTBG
*FontGrid.background: TEXTBG
*Ghostview.background: TEXTBG
*List.background: TEXTBG
*Panner.foreground: TEXTBG
*Porthole.background: TEXTBG
*RgbSink.background: TEXTBG
*RgbText.background: TEXTBG
*ScrollByLine.background: TEXTBG
*Text.background: TEXTBG
*Tree.background: TEXTBG
*Viewport.background: TEXTBG
! Now we define the general look and feel of our widgets.
*shapeStyle: Rectangle
*beNiceToColormap: False
*topShadowContrast: 10
*bottomShadowContrast: 10
*shadowWidth: 2
*borderWidth: 1
*highlightThickness: 1
*Label.shadowWidth: 0
*Label.borderWidth: 0

dummy 100644
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xcalc 100644
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XCalc*shapeStyle: Rectangle

xcalendar 100644
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!! Cosmetics
! Focus and resize the calendar to sit beside my shelf.
XCalendar*geometry: 228x237-137-0
!! Functionality.

xman 100644
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@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
!! Cosmetics.
! Colors.
xman*Command.background: #BEBEBE
! Misc.
xman*title: Manual
xman*pagesize: 500x600
!! Functionality.
! Prevent the smaller box from appearing.
xman*topBox: false
! Organize the manual listing vertically.
xman*verticalList: true

xmh 100644
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@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
!! Cosmetics
! Please dont take up half of my display...
!xmh*geometry: 500x500

xosview 100644
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@ -0,0 +1,59 @@
xosview*title: Monitors
xosview*labels: False
xosview*captions: False
xosview*meterLabelColor: black
xosview*font: fixed
xosview*foreground: black
xosview*load: False
xosview*loadProcColor: black
xosview*loadWarnColor: yellow
xosview*loadCritColor: red
xosview*loadIdleColor: gray
xosview*cpu: True
xosview*cpuFormat: single
xosview*background: gray
xosview*swap: False
xosview*page: False
xosview*cpuFields: USED
xosview*cpuUserColor: #00FFFF
xosview*cpuGraph: False
xosview*cpuDecay: False
xosview*cpuFreeColor: #BCBCBC
xosview*memUsedColor: #15C4B0
xosview*memFreeColor: #BCBCBC
xosview*memDecay: False
xosview*memUsedFormat: autoscale
xosview*memBufferColor: #05C4B0
xosview*memCacheColor: #15C4B0
xosview*memSharedColor: #15C4B0
xosview*memKernelColor: #15C4B0
xosview*memOtherColor: #15C4B0
xosview*memSlabColor: #15C4B0
xosview*net: True
xosview*netInColor: #0000CC
xosview*netOutColor: #CC0000
xosview*netBackground: #BCBCBC
xosview*netBandwidth: 30000
xosview*netPriority: 1
xosview*netDecay: False
xosview*netGraph: False
xosview*netUsedFormat: autoscale
xosview*battery: True
xosview*netIface: wlp2s0
xosview*batteryLeftColor: #F6F8B0
xosview*batteryChargeColor: #B0F800
xosview*batteryUsedColor: #BCBCBC
xosview*batteryFullColor: #00FF00
xosview*batteryLowColor: #CC7722
xosview*batteryCritColor: #FF0000
xosview*batteryNoneColor: #BCBCBC
xosview*batteryUsedFormat: percent
xosview*wireless: False
xosview*disk: True
xosview*diskWriteColor: #A98C40
xosview*diskReadColor: #CBAE62
xosview*diskIdleColor: #BCBCBC
xosview*diskPriority: 1
xosview*diskDecay: False
xosview*diskGraph: False

xrn 100644
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@ -0,0 +1,21 @@
!! Cosmetics
! Please dont take up most of my display...
XRn.geometry: 500x500
! Put buttons on top of the area they affect, like most programs.
XRn*buttonsOnTop: true
!! Functionality
! Set the editor command
XRn*editorCommand: xterm -display %D -e tine %s
! Ask for the NNTP password on startup
xrn*authenticateOnConnect: true
! Use a cache to improve performance.
XRn*cacheActive: true
! Set the NNTP server

xterm 100644
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@ -0,0 +1,28 @@
!! Cosmetics.
! Fonts.
xterm*faceName: Cozette
xterm*faceSize: 12
! Widgets.
xterm*ScrollBar: true
xterm*toolBar: true
xterm*backGround: ghostwhite
! Misc.
xterm*title: Terminal
!! Functionality.
! Save X number of lines.
xterm*savelines: 20000
! Allow double-click to hilight URIs.
xterm*charClass: 33:48,36-47:48,58-59:48,61:48,63-64:48,95:48,126:48
! Stop scrolling on output.
xterm*scrollTtyOutput: false
! Set a framerate cap (yes, its ridiculous, I know)
xterm*buffered: true
xterm*bufferedFPS: 60