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!! NOTE: In Mwm 1.1.1 and newer, the resources 'buttonBindings' and
!! 'keyBindings' should not be defined in the Mwm app-defaults file.
!! The defaults are set internally in Mwm to 'DefaultButtonBindings' and
!! 'DefaultKeyBindings' respectively.
!! Users and system admin need only define the default button and key
!! bindings in the appropriate mwm config file (ie. .mwmrc or
!! system.mwmrc).
!! The 'windowMenu' resource defaults to 'DefaultWindowMenu', and
!! in Mwm 1.2 there is a default root menu that is defined as
!! 'DefaultRootMenu'.
!Mwm*moveThreshold: 3
!! NOTE: In Mwm 1.2, the resources 'resizeBorderWidth' and 'frameBorderWidth'
!! are calculated dynamically depending on the size and resolution of
!! the screen. In general, you should not have to set these resources
!! in the Mwm app-defaults file.
!! Xft fonts
Mwm*renderTable: variable
Mwm*renderTable.variable.fontType: FONT_IS_XFT
Mwm*renderTable.variable.fontName: Clear Sans
Mwm*renderTable.variable.fontSize: 13
!! Title bar style
Mwm*title.renderTable: title
Mwm*renderTable.title.fontType: FONT_IS_XFT
Mwm*renderTable.title.fontName: Clear Sans Medium
Mwm*renderTable.title.fontSize: 13
Mwm*renderTable.title.fontStyle: Bold
Mwm*titleLeft: True
!! Icon label font style
Mwm*icon.renderTable: icon
Mwm*renderTable.icon.fontType: FONT_IS_XFT
Mwm*renderTable.icon.fontName: Clear Sans Light
Mwm*renderTable.icon.fontSize: 11
Mwm*renderTable.icon.fontStyle: Bold Italic
!! Client decorations for common clients
Mwm*lemonbar*clientDecoration: none
Mwm*stalonetray*clientDecoration: none
Mwm*XClock*clientDecoration: border
Mwm*XLoad*clientDecoration: border