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/* See LICENSE file for copyright and license details. */
struct procstat {
int pid;
char comm[PATH_MAX + 2]; /* + 2 for '(' and ')' */
unsigned char state;
int ppid;
int pgrp;
int sid;
int tty_nr;
int tpgid;
unsigned flags;
unsigned long minflt;
unsigned long cminflt;
unsigned long majflt;
unsigned long cmajflt;
unsigned long utime;
unsigned long stime;
long cutime;
long cstime;
long priority;
long nice;
long num_threads;
long itrealvalue;
unsigned long long starttime;
unsigned long vsize;
long rss;
long rsslim;
struct procstatus {
uid_t uid;
uid_t euid;
gid_t gid;
gid_t egid;
int parsecmdline(pid_t pid, char *buf, size_t siz);
int parsestat(pid_t pid, struct procstat *ps);
int parsestatus(pid_t pid, struct procstatus *pstatus);
int proceuid(pid_t pid, uid_t *euid);
int procuid(pid_t pid, uid_t *euid);
int pidfile(const char *file);