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.Dd 2015-10-08
.Dt GREP 1
.Os sbase
.Nm grep
.Nd search files for patterns
.Op Fl EFHchilnqsvx
.Op Fl e Ar pattern
.Op Fl f Ar file
.Op Ar pattern
.Op Ar file ...
searches the input files for lines that match the
.Ar pattern ,
a regular expression as defined in
.Xr regex 7 .
By default each matching line is printed to stdout.
If no
.Ar file
is given
reads from stdin.
.Bl -tag -width Ds
.It Fl E
Match using extended regex.
.It Fl F
Match using fixed strings.
Treat each pattern specified as a string instead of a regular
.It Fl H
Prefix each matching line with its filename in the output.
This is the default when there is more than one file specified.
.It Fl c
Print only a count of matching lines.
.It Fl e Ar pattern
Specify a pattern used during the search of the input: an input
line is selected if it matches any of the specified patterns.
This option is most useful when multiple -e options are used to
specify multiple patterns, or when a pattern begins with a dash.
.It Fl f Ar file
Read one or more patterns from the file named by the pathname file.
Patterns in file shall be terminated by a <newline>.
A null pattern can be specified by an empty line in pattern_file.
Unless the -E or -F option is also specified, each pattern shall be
treated as a BRE.
.It Fl h
Do not prefix each line with 'filename:' prefix.
.It Fl i
Match lines case insensitively.
.It Fl l
Print only the names of files with matching lines.
.It Fl n
Prefix each matching line with its line number in the input.
.It Fl q
Print nothing, only return status.
.It Fl s
Suppress the error messages ordinarily written for nonexistent or unreadable
.It Fl v
Select lines which do
.Sy not
match the pattern.
.It Fl w
The expression is searched for as a word (as if surrounded by '\\<' and '\\>').
.It Fl x
Consider only input lines that use all characters in the line excluding the
terminating <newline> to match an entire fixed string or regular expression to
be matching lines.
.Bl -tag -width Ds
.It 0
One or more lines were matched.
.It 1
No lines were matched.
.It > 1
An error occurred.
.Xr sed 1 ,
.Xr regex 7
utility is compliant with the
.St -p1003.1-2013
.Op Fl Hhw
flags are an extension to that specification.