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sin debf9d2275 Include sys/time.h for timeval structure
Without this, it breaks on NetBSD.
2015-11-13 11:32:11 +00:00
sin 2366164de7 No need for semicolon after ARGEND
This is also the style used in Plan 9.
2015-11-01 10:18:55 +00:00
sin 1fa942a0ee Add TFTP client as specified by RFC 1350
This client does not support the netascii mode.  The default mode
is octet/binary and should be sufficient.

One thing left to do is to check the source port of the server
to make sure it doesn't change.  If it does, we should ignore the
packet and send an error back without disturbing an existing
2015-08-14 13:11:16 +01:00