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FRIGN 0d97bd3f57 Change the note in printf.1 on octal escapes 2016-02-21 08:52:48 +00:00
FRIGN bbe10559e6 Remove the octal note in printf.1 2016-02-21 08:52:48 +00:00
FRIGN e51a2e6d2f Use ISO-date-format in manpages
The one specified by mdoc is hard to read for non-native
speakers from countries which read the date day-first (like
Germany, Greece, North-Korea, Swamp,...).
This is also consistent with how we generally specify dates
2015-10-08 17:15:08 +02:00
FRIGN 57dc7b94b0 POSIX 2013 audit
Mostly manpage-shuffling according to the changes in the corrigendum,
wording changes and more idiomatic expressions.
All this is finished up by marking the POSIX 2013 conformant tools
.St -p1003.1-2013
which is not available in older mandoc builds or nroff, but which
reflects what we actually did, so who cares?

This is a huge step and it's not far until we can release sbase 0.1.
2015-03-27 17:25:22 +01:00
FRIGN bafd41e1cf Add printf(1)
This is a particularly interesting program.
I managed to implement everything according to POSIX except how
octal escapes are specified in the standard, which is yet another
format compared to the one demanded for tr(1).
This not only confuses people, it also adds unnecessary cruft
for no real gain.
So in order to be able to use unescape() easily and for consistency,
I used our initial format \o[oo] instead of \0[ooo].

Marked as optional is UTF-8 support for %c in the POSIX specification.
Given how well-developed libutf has become, doing this here was more
or less trivial, putting us yet again ahead of the competition.
2015-02-15 14:46:58 +01:00
Hiltjo Posthuma 57a19e3b86 add some mandoc pages and fix some warnings
- add .Os, it is mandatory.
- don't redeclare .Nm when it's not needed.
- fix some warnings (checked with mandoc -Tlint).
- remove some leftover old stuff.
2015-01-30 21:21:50 +01:00
sin 7c6f2f60e6 Add printf.1 2014-09-29 14:35:35 +01:00