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FRIGN e51a2e6d2f Use ISO-date-format in manpages
The one specified by mdoc is hard to read for non-native
speakers from countries which read the date day-first (like
Germany, Greece, North-Korea, Swamp,...).
This is also consistent with how we generally specify dates
2015-10-08 17:15:08 +02:00
FRIGN 80a394139a Audit hostname(1)
1) Be strict about argc
2) Fix a small error in the manpage
2015-02-28 21:22:55 +01:00
Hiltjo Posthuma 22f4e05b5b man pages: improve consistency 2015-02-01 20:52:28 +01:00
FRIGN 01195fa7e5 Finish up hostname(1) 2015-02-01 00:03:03 +01:00
sin 0934e7f6ed Add .Os sbase and sed replace to .Os sbase $(VERSION) in make install 2015-01-31 19:37:03 +00:00
Hiltjo Posthuma 4a920a5960 remove sbase-VERSION from man page, fix sponge.1 date 2015-01-31 14:20:02 +01:00
Hiltjo Posthuma 1c93b03a85 hostname.1: convert to mandoc 2015-01-30 22:15:57 +01:00
sin 7be94fd3c8 Add hostname(1) 2013-10-05 14:58:55 +01:00