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sbase - suckless unix tools
sbase is a collection of unix tools that are inherently portable
across UNIX and UNIX-like systems.
The following programs are currently implemented:
basename cal cat chgrp chmod chown chroot cksum cmp comm cp cut
date dirname du echo env expand false fold grep head hostname id
kill ln ls mc md5sum mkdir mkfifo mktemp mv nice nl nohup paste
printenv pwd readlink renice rm rmdir sleep setsid sort split
sponge strings sync tail tar tee test touch tr true tty uudecode
uuencode uname uniq unlink seq sha1sum sha256sum sha512sum wc who
xargs yes
sbase is mostly following POSIX but we deviate wherever we think it is
The complement of sbase is ubase[1] which is Linux specific and
provides all the non-portable tools. Together they are intended to
form a base system similar to busybox but much smaller and suckless.
To build sbase, simply type make. You may have to fiddle with depending on your system.
You can also build sbase-box, which generates a single binary
containing all the required tools. You can then symlink the
individual tools to sbase-box.
Ideally you will want to statically link sbase. If you are on Linux
we recommend using musl-libc[2].
sbase has been compiled on a variety of different operating systems,
including Linux, *BSD, OSX, Haiku, Solaris, SCO OpenServer and others.
Various combinations of operating systems and architectures have also
been built.
You can build sbase with gcc, clang, tcc, nwcc and pcc.